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Postgame WR Victor Cruz - 10/28

On his interception play: "I didn't even know I touched him to be honest. I got hit pretty hard. I was just praying it wasn't an interception. As soon as I saw him get up and run, I just kind of stuck my foot out I guess and tried to get a hand on him. I guess they declared him down."

On being 6-2: "It was huge for us to get 6-2 and keep going on this win streak that we've got going. More importantly, we're 2-2 in division and keep our momentum going forward. It was a tough game here today. Not by any means are we taking anything away from the Cowboys, because they are a good team. We fought tooth and nail here like we always do. It's good to come out victorious."

On close games: "It speaks about our resiliency. We understand how to play these games. We've been in a bunch of them. We understand that it's never over until it's over. We've just got to keep plugging away, keep trying to get first downs and keep staying focused on what we're doing…"

On missed opportunities: "We had a few, some on myself as well. There are little things we've got to correct. We had our opportunities where we could have taken advantage but we didn't. It is what it is. I'm happy to come out with a victory."

On winning at Cowboys Stadium: "I think we understand that when we're here, we've got to play up and we've got to play big in any circumstance. We understand that. I think just coming here brings the best out of us and I think that shows every time we are here."


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