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Postgame WR Victor Cruz - 12/9


Q: Do you feel that the team has recaptured the elements needed to be successful?**A: I think so.  I think we found some of those elements today. I think all three phases were playing well, but we understand that we just have to continue that trend. We have to continue to keep playing that way, continue to keep putting it all together offensively, defensively, and on special teams. We feel like it's a good start for us going into these next three (games).

Q: What did you think of David Wilson's performance today?
A: He made some huge plays today when we needed it the most and some were unexpected.  We would watch him in practice just do amazing things, whether it be breaking plays or making some cuts that we only see guys that are Hall of Famers make. He's definitely the most athletic on the team and he made some big plays today.

Q: What kind of statement did you make to the league with this win today?
A: We just won a ballgame. We won one that we needed to win. We won one against a team that beat us up pretty good the last couple times and we got a much-needed victory. I think that's the biggest key, that was biggest point for us in this game and we just want to be able to be prepared and bring this same kind of intensity next week in Atlanta.

Q: Why were you successful in the red zone today as a team?
A: Just execution. We understand exactly what coverage we're getting from the quarterback all the way out to the offensive line and the receivers.  We understood exactly what we were getting and we were able to counter whatever they had for us. Eli made some great reads and he had a big day today as well.

Q: What do you think of the space that you had in the secondary today?
A: I was just reading what they gave me and they played me pretty honest. They had some coverages that we took advantage of today. I was just reading my plays, reading the defense that was put in front of me and trying to make the best play possible.

Q: Does a 1,000-yard season mean anything to you?
A: Individually, it does. All my life I dreamt about being a 1,000-yard receiver. You've seen all the greats that have 1,000 yards and to do it in back-to-back seasons is definitely one of my dreams come true, but it's all about this team. You have nothing to show for it if you don't make the playoffs or get where you want to go as a team, but obviously individually it's a great feat for me.

Q: How would you describe David Wilson's speed?
A: If you blink once or twice you might miss him because he's that fast and once he gets going, I don't think that there is anybody that can catch him. We need that every time he's out there on the field and he understands that. He's a smart kid. He's knows what he can do. He knows what type of talent he has every time he catches the football or has the ball in his hands.  He's just another added weapon out there for us.

Q: Can you talk about Eli's ability to keep everyone involved in the offense?
A: He's a great quarterback. He understands exactly who to get the ball to on specific coverages and who has the mismatch. He's just out there reading the coverages as well as he can and giving us the football exactly where we need it. The receivers did a good job catching the ball and making plays.

Q: Can you talk about the swing of emotion after they returned an interception for a touchdown and with David Wilson scoring on the ensuing kickoff?
A: There are some ups and downs but that's any football game. You have to face the ups and downs no matter how large they may be.  Obviously, this one came in the form of an interception for a touchdown but we understood that it was a long game. We just had to keep pushing forward and we just had to keep going, keep striving forward and Eli told us that on the sideline. He said that we had to keep going, keep fighting, and we did that and came away victorious. 


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