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Postgame WR Victor Cruz Q/A


Q: On the interception, when you stuck out that one hand, did you think you had it?

A: I thought I gripped it, but as soon as I went to grip it in I got hit and it got bobbled up in the air and I knew it was all downhill from there because there were two guys. I knew one of them was going to pick it off.


Q: Does it erase your big highlight earlier in the day?

A: Kind of because that was for the game. There was about a minute and some change left, maybe less. We were driving, we were in there, we potentially could have won the game on that play. It kind of erases it. You always want to win the game, but whenever you do something to negate that it always wipes the good and you see the bad.


Q: How tough is this loss?

A: It's very tough. Especially when you have a good game and you want to see yourself get the win and get the victory and lift your teammates up. You're at home. Get the crowd behind you. It's tough, but it happens in this league and we have to come back the next week and be ready to play.

Q: Did you slip coming out of your break and did that mess up your timing?

A: A little bit. I kind of got my feet out from under me a little bit, but I feel like I still had a chance to make a play. I still kind of had enough energy, enough body motion to get over there and make that play. I kind of tried to stick my hand out and as soon as I tried to reel it in I got hit. It was tough, but we had some opportunities to win the game. Like I said, we didn't capitalize. !

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