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Prince Amukamara Transcript


Q: Did you bring the sunflower seeds?

A: No, not yet. Terrell told me that they like David's so I am going to be working on those.

Q: Were you concerned about getting a contract signed?

A: Kind of just because it was my first rodeo but I trusted my agent. He knew that I wanted to be in camp as early as possible. Unfortunately that didn't happen but I am sure that the Giants and my agent came to a fair agreement and I am just happy to be here. I am just trying to be the best Giant that I can.

Q: How concerned are you about the fact that you missed a week of camp?

A: I am fully confident in my learning ability. I just have to put in the work and I can't take any days off when we do have days off and just continue to stay in the playbook and keep grinding.

Q: Did you feel lost at practice?

A: I was just trying to follow a veteran but they keep moving all over the place. I am just trying to get caught up to the tempo.

Q: How far do you think you are behind?

A: That is hard to say right now because being in Nebraska, our defense was pretty diverse and complex like it is here. I just tried to apply it to how it was there and I'm doing that right now. I am catching on pretty quickly.

Q: What kind of shape are you in?

A: I was still training while they were having practice. I wasn't on the field doing as much as they were doing but I was lifting and conditioning. I feel like I was in great shape. I wasn't cramping but I also didn't get as many reps as those other guys. I am sure, as practice goes along, I will be able to adapt.

Q: Did you fly in this morning?

A: Yes, I had a 5:30 flight from Nebraska.

Q: When your agent said it was done, what did you do?

A: I just smiled. It was a huge relief. The fans weren't being so nice to me on twitter but that comes with the job. I still love the New York fans and I am just excited to be here.

Q: Terrell Thomas said all summer he was sending you notes and stuff. Have your older teammates been hassling you these past five days?

A: I don't think I felt it yet. I felt pretty welcomed here by the coaches and the players, but I think the fun has not yet begun.

Q: When Jerry Reese, Tom Coughlin, and the coaching staff saw you, what was the reaction?

A: They just smiled. They teased me a little bit and said where [have] I been and stuff, with smiles. They're just ready to get down to business, just like I am.

Q: Are they saying take it easy, don't go full 100 per cent right away?

A: Yeah. They just want me to get back in the grove. Time's running out, so I'm sure they want to work me in pretty quickly.

Q: You said you trusted your agent, but you were the last first round pick to sign. Did you put any urgency on him at any point?

A: Not at all. He would give me updates and tell me where I am. But it's the business part of it and that's his field of play and I'm not going to step on his territory, just like he's not going to tell me what to do at the combine or anything like that on the field. I had to trust him and I do. I'm glad he did what he did.

Q: What was the holdup?

A: Jerry Reese said something about the language or something like that. But I really don't know too much of the details because I wasn't trying to get involved in the business part.

I mean language with minor details.

Q: Were your parents asking you, 'Prince what's up?'

A: Oh yeah. My parents are very concerned parents and they kept asking me and my dad just kept saying, 'These guys have signed, these guys have signed' and I kept telling him, 'Daddy, don't worry. Everything's going to work out.' He was the first person I called and they were very excited.

Q: Hazing?

A: Not yet, but it is going to come. I'm ready.

Q: What time did you get here?

A: Around 11 [a.m.]. Had to get a physical, eat lunch and then sign my contract.

Q: How does it feel to be back in New York?

A: It feels good. It's definitely a place I can consider to call home. It feels good to be part of a team and to be out with the guys.

Q: How's Nebraska going to do?

A: We're going to beat Iowa, Tyler Sash's team. Let him know that.  

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