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Punter Matt Dodge Transcript


Q: On his reception from the fans Monday night?

A: It was pretty brutal.

Q: You turned them around with the kick, though

A: I know, first they were booing and then they were like, 'Oh, he did a good job.' It was pretty interesting.

Q: Did it surprise you?

A: No, it didn't surprise me. I am getting kind of used to it. I just have to try to keep doing well and win them back over.

Q: Does the fans booing bother you?

A: I can't control that. I just try to punt it well and run off the field. That is about all I can do.

Q: How do you feel you have been doing halfway through the preseason?

A: I think I have been doing pretty good. I think last game I did alright. I didn't punt much throughout the game but I think in practice I have been getting better and better. I think it is pretty close and we are punting well. (Weatherford) punts well all the time so I have to step my game up just to be on the same field as him. I just have to keep working hard.

Q: Are you trying to directional kick this year?

A: I was trying. When you have a head coach telling you we need it by the sidelines before you punt it every time, you have to try. It comes with time and the more consistent ball you can hit, the better direction you are going to do it. Yes, I definitely tried it.

Q: Do you think you are much better at it?

A: Yes, absolutely. It is not really foreign to me anymore. Obviously, you want to get it to the sideline but if I can just hang it up there and get a quality punt, with our coverage, then that's what I will try to do.  

Q: How about holding?

A: I have been taking reps but obviously they need a guy to step right in and (Steve) has done it for many years so he is the guy.

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