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Punter Steve Weatherford


Q: How important was it to win over them last year?**A: I mean, obviously, I think everyone knows how important that was. That was kind of what started the avalanche of wins for us. I think there was the particular play, that 99-yard touchdown catch that Victor had, I think, after that play we really got a boost of confidence from that. We were able to parlay that into putting a lot of road wins together.

Q: Even though you're a punter, not a return guy, you see some of the problems our return guys have had here. How can you help them?  I know yesterday you were doing some higher kicks, wanted to get more reps out of them.  What do you do for them?A: I think it's giving them a little veteran advice. Those guys are both young. We've got Rueben Randle, Jayron Hosley, and JJ [Jerrel Jernigan]. So I think all of them are incredibly talented, but at this point it's just keeping your confidence. After having something like that where you fumble a punt, you can lose your confidence. Once you lose your confidence, it's hard to get it back. I think just staying positive with those guys and encouraging them and trying to get them as many reps as they can because that's huge for them right now.

Q: Obviously, if we have a team that sees they know that, does that puts even more pressure on them?A: Sure, I think that just about the best athlete on every team is going to be the guy that's returning kicks and punts. They're very talented, but I think it's more of a middle game at this point then it is at anything else. We just want to keep them positive, continue to encourage them and like I said, get them as many repetitions and as much practice as possible.

Q: I wasn't here, but I saw a picture and I heard about it, can you tell me how the proposal went yesterday?A: I thought it went great.  She said yes, but I don't know if I'll get invited to the wedding or not, but it was fun.  It was flattering to be requested to do that.  It was a lot of fun.
Q: How did he approach you?A: I think he contacted the PR group here, Peter John-Baptiste, and requested the craziest guy on the team help him out. I don't think he had to look too far down the roster. It was a lot of fun. Obviously, when you get to do something like that, it's flattering because it makes you realize how important you are to a lot of people. The guy hopefully, cross your fingers, is only going to get married once, and I was the one that helped him get engaged, so that was cool.

Q: Do you wish this were the third preseason game?  Is there any thought about that or it doesn't matter in the preseason?A: I've got some improving to do and adjusting to do. And the same thing for me, the more reps I can get in preseason, the more ready that I will be for the regular season. I'm ready to get out of training camp and go home and see my family, but I do need probably another two or three preseason games to get ready for the regular season.

Q: A couple of guys said that the real rivals for you guys are the NFC East, and the Jets are just the guys who are in the neighborhood.  Do you feel the same way?A: No, maybe that's because I used to wear that other jersey. They share the city with us and when you have bragging rights in your own city, especially in New York City, that's a pretty big deal. Although getting a win in our division is worth one and a half, beating the Jets is pretty sweet.

Q: Does it benefit you that they carry one punter and one kicker on this team, unlike other teams that have special team kickers?A: On this team in particular, I'm glad that it's only one because Tom Quinn does a good job making sure he doesn't over kick me. I only kick every other day and the days that I don't kick I work, pretty much the entire practice with Zak DeOssie on my holding to make sure were perfect for Lawrence Tynes. On other teams I've been on, we've punted every day, so it helps to have another guy in camp, but for the Giants, they do a good job of taking care of me.

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