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QB Coach Mike Sullivan

Q: So much has been said about the wind in the old stadium, have you had a chance to take them into the new stadium and learn the wind patterns or do anything in that regard?

A: We had our minicamp practice in there and, of course, it was a warm day and it's a lot different weather in May than you're going to find in December. I know that Coach is looking at a study of how the winds are going to be prevalent there in the New Meadowlands Stadium in August and, again, that's going to be different than they're going to be in December so there really is no way of knowing. We're just going to have to adjust as we go and certainly every opportunity that we can to practice in there would be great but time will tell. It's time to get an estimate on exactly how it's going to be. The old Giants Stadium, certainly, everybody knew about the swirling winds and you got a feel for it and how you've got to compensate for it but I think that at any times the winds could become a huge factor, that's all the more reason that it's critical that we are doing a great job in the run game. That's a huge emphasis for us this training camp.

Q: You know what Eli can do, is it a different approach to training camp when you have a new backup in Jim Sorgi?

A: Yes. Jim Sorgi is a guy that did a great job in the spring. He is a professional, he is a fast learner, he's really worked hard. You understand, he's been in that system for six years, and it's not just the system, but there may even be some carryover where some of the concepts are the same but the terminology is different, so for six years you've learned something as "hash browns." Well now it's a very similar concept and now it's "baked potato." So that's been the learning curve but he's really worked hard at it and he's improving and so I think this is going to be a critical time for him to use training camp and preseason camps to get himself to be prepared to step on the field in the event that he is needed.

Q: Is there anything with Eli that you want to improve on?

A: Yeah, as I mentioned earlier, he's constantly focused on self-improvement and he is always looking for the smallest of details and I think it comes down to the three big criteria that any successful quarterback has and that is his leadership, his decision making, and his accuracy, and those are our three areas within our scheme that I know he is committed to improving upon and being the best he can be. We just break down some plays that he has been familiar with for six years, he's taking to even higher levels to examine and find the minutiae that I think is going to make him be a very great player.

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