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QB Dominic Randolph

Q: Just talk about being back at it again.

RANDOLPH: It's great to be back here. It's a good experience, and I wasn't expecting a call yesterday. But I got one and I'm here now and I'm loving it.

Q: Tell me how all that happened. Were you just kind of sitting back and all of a sudden the phone rings?
RANDOLPH: I was actually going on vacation, and I got a call in the airport. I had a connecting flight in Newark so they picked me up in Newark.

Q: Where were you going?
RANDOLPH: I was going up to Nantucket to visit some friends.

Q: Where were you?
RANDOLPH: I was in Richmond on a connecting flight.

Q: Talk about the opportunity.
RANDOLPH: It's an unbelievable opportunity. I mean this is what I've been playing for in college and this is what everyone plays for—to get to the next level. It's a great experience. I'm trying to learn a lot, learn as much as I can for this weekend, game planning already. So it's great. Can't complain.

Q: What did you think about your first time with the Giants last spring?
RANDOLPH: I learned a lot. Minicamp went well. They threw a lot at us, and it's all coming back to me now.

Q: And since then what have you been doing?
RANDOLPH: Staying in shape because I've been told they call you whenever, and they proved me right.

Q: You got the call when?
RANDOLPH: Yesterday.

Q: How did that get to you, your agent I guess?
RANDOLPH: Correct. My agent called me first, and then they called me.

Q: Was this out of the blue or were you kind of following what was going on?
RANDOLPH: No. I knew Eli (Manning) got hurt, nicked up a little bit. But I had no idea what was going to happen so I was ready.

Q: What did you pack? Did you have anything? A bathing suit?
RANDOLPH: Didn't have football gear, put it that way.

Q: You were in Richmond going to Newark?
RANDOLPH: I was going to Newark for a connecting flight, yeah.

Q: And you just got off there?
RANDOLPH: Exactly.

Q: So what were your plans this year if football didn't…
RANDOLPH: I mean I've been staying in shape all summer and I've been wanting to play and get this opportunity for awhile and I was just kind of waiting around. I was working part-time construction back home and staying in shape.

Q: In Cincinnati?

Q: Did you talk to any other teams?
RANDOLPH: I was with Baltimore for a minicamp, and since then no I have not.

Q: You did say that he told you to keep working out. Was it hard to get up to do that?
RANDOLPH: I mean it's tough when you don't know where you're going to be and what's going to come next, but at the same time, I guess we're lucky to have an opportunity like this. Might as well stay in shape.

Q: Were you working out lifting weights or were you throwing balls?
RANDOLPH: Everything. The whole nine yards.

Q: Any idea of Saturday night?
RANDOLPH: I'm going to try and get ready. If something happens and I go in, I'll try to be as ready as I can be and do well out there.

Q: How anxious are you to be out there today?
RANDOPLH: I'm pretty anxious. It's been awhile with the team so I'm kind of excited to show them what I can do again and get out there and just have fun.

Q: Do you kind of have to temper, slow everything down a little bit because it's day one?
RANDOLPH: Yeah. A little bit. You try to just worry about the fundamentals and the little things that you can worry about and the game will come to you eventually.

Q: Were you at all thinking about moving on from football during the time that you were away.
RANDOPLH: I mean I always was wondering what's going to happen next, what am I going to want to do. The job search, I kind of wanted to delay it as long as possible for this. This is a great opportunity. I'm ready to go.

Q: How much realistically do you think you will play on Saturday?
RANDOLPH: I mean there's a shot, and if my number gets called hopefully I'm ready. I'll be ready to go.

Q: What time did you get up here?
RANDOLPH: About three o'clock.

Q: And then…
RANDOLPH: Went through a practice, watched from the sidelines and then physical and then meeting.

Q: Did you have to work out first or were they signing you?
RANDOLPH: No, I signed once I got cleared for everything.

Q: What time did they call you? How much time was it in between?
RANDOLPH: I got called about 10 a.m. and then I got up here at 3.

Q: So about five hours you got the call?
RANDOLPH: Correct. I was responsive.

Q: What did the friends say in Nantucket?
RANDOLPH: They were pumped. They weren't disappointed at all. So they were excited for me.

Q: How much time did you spend with the playbook last night?
RANDOLPH: As much time as I could. Barely got any sleep, but in this league you've got to do what you've got to do and I'm hopefully prepared today and ready to go.

Q: A lot of ticket requests now for Saturday?
RANDOLPH: No. I mean a bunch of my friends are coming up so I'll try to get as many as I can.

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