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QB Eli Manning - 12/12

Q: How are you approaching their defense?
A: They're a great defense and obviously they can get pressure on the quarterback. As you said, two safeties that are very much in the mix and around the ball and two corners that are aggressive and that will jump things. So they do a good job in showing some different looks and creating turnovers on defense. So offensively we've got to make sure we're taking care of the ball as the quarterback knowing we've got to see where everybody is and see where their safeties are, see where those corners are before you make any throws and throw it confidently.Q: You have a big game on the road in December. What else is new?

A: These are fun. This is what it's about. Late in the season, these games are important and they're big and we've got to make sure we continue to play good football and making our strides and getting better each week and have great preparation and get excited for these opportunities.

Q: They've won 10 straight in the Georgia Dome. What makes them so tough there?
A: I think it just starts with just they're a good team and so they do a good job of making plays and being sharp and their offense seems like it does a lot of changing plays and getting into the right calls based on the defense and of course anytime they can be loud and show you different looks on the defensive side and make it difficult for the quarterback to change protection and those typed of things puts them in any advantage.Q: How much more confidence do you have in David Wilson after what he did against the Saints?
A: I think David has taken advantage of the opportunity. This last month or so, Ahmad hadn't been practicing much. So he's been getting tons of reps and has been seeing all the looks and all the blitzes and all the things that have been thrown at us and our preparation and he has responded well to that. So I think obviously getting all those quality reps, seeing the looks and he's got a great feel for what's going on. Obviously his running ability and being able to break the big play and do some of those things, that's great for him and we'll need him to continue to run the ball well for us.

Q: What's useful about the way Coach Coughlin presented the remainder of the season after the bye into that six-week season?
A: Just the mindset that whatever has happened before this doesn't matter. It's all what we do from now on and those six games are all that matters. The most important thing is let's stay focused and just concentrate on one game at a time going out there and trying to find wins.Q: Do you look at the competiveness of the NFC or do you just think about the Giants?
A: Obviously, you look at the big picture sometimes and see where everybody stands and what's going on, but all we can truly control is what we do. The way I look at it is we've got to go win some games and it starts this week. This is a big one. We've got to find a way to get a win.

Q: What do you think about Ahmad? Does Ahmad have the reputation of being tough in this locker room?
A: Yeah, definitely. He doesn't complain about anything. He just shows up and runs hard and whatever is going on he deals with it and so he's earned everybody's respect for just what he goes through and being out there on Sundays and the style that he plays… just a great toughness. Q: Do you like how your team is going into this tough three-game stretch?
A: Yeah. I think these last few weeks we've played good football and we've got to continue to do that and keep making strides. There's definitely room for improvement in a lot of areas and we'll continue to do that, but I think everybody has the right mindset and great confidence right now. But the mindset is we've got to work on some things. We've got to get better in practice and make sure we're well prepared for every game.Q: Do you remember the last time Ahmad was close to 100 percent?

A: You'd have to ask him. He's not a guy who talks about his injuries. You just have great confidence he's going to be out there and ready to go.

Q: If Wilson has to carry the load on Sunday, are you confident in him? A: I have all the confidence in the world in whoever is out there; you've got to be. So I think obviously he feels good about making some big runs and getting a bunch of carries and picking up some of the protections and seeing the blitzes and so I think he did a great job. We've got to build off of that. Usually late in the season those rookies… They've seen it all. They either watched the guys in front of them or they've seen it in practice, all the different looks, and he'll be able to step up in there and make some plays for us.Q: Would you like to see him stop the back flips?

A: No. That means he's scoring touchdowns. So that's fine by me.

Q: You're not worried about him hurting himself?
A: I am not.Q: Did you see the progression in David before last week in the game?

A: Yeah. I saw him in practices getting more comfortable with everything going on, obviously getting a lot of reps with Ahmad not practicing all the time and doing things correctly and more consistent and doing everything right. So it was exciting that he got his opportunity and took advantage of it.Q: What's it going to take to beat them?

A: Well, we're going to have to play our best football. There's no question we're going to have to protect the football and convert on third downs and score points. So we're going to have to play a smart game, but also play very well.


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