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QB Eli Manning

Q: How is everything feeling today?

A: Feeling great. Ready, excited about getting out to practice today and getting back into the action.

Q: Was it tough having to sit out the other night?
A: Yeah. It's no fun. It's no fun sitting out in our practices last week. Last week was a short week and I didn't miss too much. I like being out there for the games, and it's preseason so just trying to be smart and get it to healed up now where you have a little time so you don't have to keep dealing with it week after week.

Q: Did they give you a different helmet with different padding to make sure that nothing happens?
A: Well we'll work with it. We'll get a little plan. I haven't put a helmet on yet, but kind of plan to put the helmet on Wednesday. We'll figure out a best the plan to get it protected.

Q: Are you going into this week thinking that you will play some against Baltimore?
A: Yeah. I'll play on Saturday. So I'm excited about that.

Q: Twelve stitches in your head-is five days enough for that to close up and heal?
A: Yeah. I mean it feels fine. The stitches are out. I'm not wearing a helmet today for practice so I'll just be in a hat. It feels fine. It's not hurting. It's closed so as long as I don't get hit today I should be alright.

Q: Somebody that doesn't like to give up a snap let alone a day of snaps, what has this time been like for you?
A: It's not fun. I don't like missing practice. I don't like being out there-I like being with my teammates and going through everything with them. Like I said, I'm kind of happy last week was at least a short week and I didn't have to miss too much, but I'm excited about getting back out there today.

Q: As far as stitches, do you have to put a Band-Aid over it once they're out?
A: It really stayed open. I put a little Band-Aid on before I went out. The walk through, I'll have a little bandage on today just because I'm wearing my hat and don't want any rubbing or anything. But basically since Friday, it's been open and just letting it kind of heal on its own.

Q: Using the padding inside the helmet, would you choose to continue doing it the way it's strapped on?
A: We'll look at it. Just make sure all the straps are on tight and make sure that stays on.

Q: Usually that third preseason game is the one where the starters play into the second half. Is that what you're anticipating?
A: Yeah. I mean that's usually how it goes. So whatever coach Coughlin wants to do and whatever he thinks, but I know I'm playing and how long I play, I'll leave that up to the head coach.

Q: Is there some concern about the offense since you really haven't been able to play and practice with the whole group together. First it was the tight ends and the second game some offensive linemen and the first two quarterbacks.
A: I think today we're getting everybody back. 14 offensive linemen today for practice. We've got four tight ends today for practice. So it's good that everybody is getting back healthy. It's just something that happens at training camp. You get a few guys banged up, and if it's time to get everybody back, this is kind of the time you want everybody back when you're getting close to the start of the season, the third preseason game where a lot of starters play a good bit. We've got a long week, a full week between games. So I'm looking forward to a great week of practice and getting everybody kind of back healthy, back into sync of what we're doing.

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