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QB Eli Manning

Q. You have had a chance to sleep on it and think about it this morning. How much doubt is there and how concerned are you right now?

A. No, I am not concerned. I don't have doubt. We have to play better football and that is what it comes down to, you know. There are some things that we did well. There are too many bad plays, two turnovers on my part. Just some mistakes, some things that we need to clean up and execute better on some things. We just need to play better football.

Q. Have you seen over this three-game losing streak some of the same mistakes popping up again?

A. No, not for the most part. Some things are different. Every game is different. It is just a matter of cleaning up everything and get it where we are playing better. Earlier in the season, we were making some mistakes, also, and maybe they were things that didn't cost us. Now, they are. Some of the mistakes are costing us. It is just cleaning up everything, it's just getting back to where we have a great confidence, a great energy and enthusiasm going out there and just playing better.

Q. It appeared every receiver and every pass was contested yesterday. Was that something you weren't expecting during the week?

A. They did a good job and they showed some different things. Not different things that we had never seen before, but we were expecting more pressure and different things. They played a lot of man and were aggressive and played well, so you have to give them credit. There is still room for us to play better than what we did. We had some chances for some plays that we didn't execute on. We just have to get back to where we are making some of those plays. There is no secret ingredient. There is no 'we have to change our philosophy.' There is none of that. We are not in panic mode right now. But we do need to get better and we do need to play better than what we are playing right now. This is going to be a big week for us, this week versus San Diego, and hopefully we get back on track.

Q. You realize that your fans are in panic mode though?

A. Fans can get in panic mode and that is alright. We can't have the players get in panic mode, and that is the most important thing.

Q. Is it bothering you planting on any throws?

A. No, I don't think so.

Q. When some of the balls sail high what is that indicative of?

A. It can be any reason; not stepping into it enough. Some of it is just trying to put it in tight positions. You are trying to throw a back shoulder throw to a guy who is covered and you are just trying to put it where he can catch it or no one else. It is one of those where you have to somewhat aim on the high side to get that in. If you go low, it is definitely intercepted. The one to Sinorice (Moss), I was just expecting something else and saw the defender and tried to float it above the defender and just floated it too much and the safety was there. So, it was just a bad decision on that one.

Q. Wasn't there one to Kevin (Boss) downfield, too?

A. Yeah, kind of the same thing. I was trying to throw a high back shoulder. Really on that one a safety tried to undercut him and I saw him late and if I had thrown it where I wanted it, he would have picked it off, so. They are playing some man and that's trying to fit some tight throws in there. There was little space for the ball. Had to be a perfect throw and I wasn't making the perfect throws.

Q. On that first interception, you have (Travis) Beckum versus Asante Samuel, was that one-on-one?

A. It was zone coverage; no, it wasn't man. He just read the route and jumped it. I just have to know, see that match-up and be smarter than that. See the throw and see it all the way in. It is a play that we run a lot and in zone we throw to that guy a bunch of times. We've never had that player intercept it on zone coverage, but he read the route and jumped it. I have to see the whole play develop and make a smarter decision knowing that he is a cheater on that side.

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