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QB Eli Manning

Q. Do you feel that the guys have gotten it right with four games to go?

A. Last week was a big game, but we've got four big ones left, no bigger than this one versus Philly. It is just a matter of going out there, expecting to play well, see if we can make some plays and play our best football and go out there and get a win.

Q. The last game against Philadelphia was an embarrassment. Is that a revenge factor or is the situation enough motivation?

A. Just the situation that we are fighting for the playoffs and it's a division game. It's Philly, that is big enough motivation. We just have to know that we are going to have to go in there and play well. They are playing great football and we have to be at our best.

Q. Last week was certainly an improvement, but what does the team have to improve upon this week?

A. Just finishing some things, being more consistent. I thought we did a good job of making some big plays and when we had opportunities we took advantage of them and scored touchdowns when we got in the red zone. Those are some good things. We are going to have to continue to do that. We are going to have to hit the big plays and also finish things and be at our best and don't give them opportunities in good field position and give them breaks and turnovers.

Q. When a big game like this approaches do you feel that you have to play big?

A. You approach every game the same. You go out there and prepare. You try to put your team in good situations and you have to make plays. Everybody has got to come together. Everybody has got to do their job and you play and win as a team. When everybody comes together, that's offense, defense, special teams, and everybody plays the way we are capable of, then we will be in good shape.

Q. How much does it stick with you that they have beaten you three times in twelve months?

A. Hasn't stuck with me at all.

Q. It does seem like it is always coming down to the Giants and the Eagles. What is it about these matchups and the significance of them?

A. Every division game is going to be big. But when you get into December and things are winding down and playoff spots are becoming an important factor, it is always going to be a big game. The NFC East always seems to be a tight race at the end and it is between a couple teams. These games are always important and big. This time of year needs to be when you are playing your best football.

Q. Since the first time they beat you earlier this season, how has the Eagles defense changed at all?

A. I don't know if they have changed a whole lot. They are very talented defensively. They have a few new guys, with some injuries, that have been playing these last four weeks. They will supposedly get some guys back this week. They are very consistent, very physical. They get a good pass rush. They do some odd blitzes and stuff, but they aren't doing as much of it, I think, as they have done in the past. They are very sound and they have good defensive players. They cause a lot of turnovers defensively, so it is important for us not to give them any breaks.

Q. What do you mean by odd blitzes?

A. Unique looks, different things that you don't see every week that you have to prepare for. Try to get you free hits on the quarterback.

Q. With Jim Johnson as the defensive coordinator the Eagles were known for blitzing early and often. Have they been blitzing less?

A. I don't have the exact numbers. It seems like maybe a little bit less pressure. I think they just kind of see what is working. Some of these last games they have had big leads so they probably haven't done it as much. Just not trying to give up big plays. Key situations, big plays in games. You have to expect that it is coming still but they do a good job of mixing things up, showing blitz and backing out. They are a good team and they are playing well on defense.

Q. It has been a streaky season. Do you feel that you are playing your best ball or ready to play your best ball right now?

A. I think we are ready. We've got to be ready. We've got to expect that we are going to go out there and play our best football. We are going to need that to go in there and get a win.

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