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QB Eli Manning

* Q: How excited are you about the first game of the year?*

A: Everybody is excited for the first game. It is always a long preseason and training camp so everybody is excited to get into the regular season and start playing for real.

Q: Woodson signed with Washington. How much do you have change anything because of what he knows?

A: We still have our offense. It stills comes down to going out there and executing. They don't know what plays we are calling. So we just have to go out there out and play well and obviously he doesn't know the game plan for this week. So I'm not real worried about it.

Q: What about audibles?

A: Again, I don't know if they will hear everything we are doing. We are at home so again, I'm not real concerned about it.

Q: When does the excitement start to build about opening day? Is it today because it is your first practice, is it Wednesday or is it Friday?

A: I think just kind of once we had our last preseason game, had the weekend off and you start seeing the matchups and everybody is kind of getting excited about this week of practice. So today was fun to get in here but we really haven't got the game plan. So I think come Wednesday when you finally get the game plan and you kind of know that now we are into the season. That is when you start getting excited about the upcoming game.

Q: Have you watched film already?

A: I watched some film today. I looked at some stuff; just a little bit. But we have these next two days to load up.

Q: When Haynesworth was with Tennessee he kind of moved around the line. Has Washington used him the same way?

A: I'm not positive. I've just seen a little film and that was preseason. So I don't know what the plan is going to be for him.

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