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QB Eli Manning

Q: How are you feeling today?

"Pretty good. We are excited about the win and it was a good game. A little soreness, so we'll take it day by day."

Q: Did you have any tests today?

"I have not had any tests. I am going to get an MRI right after this, see how it comes back, but I don't think..nothing to be worried about."

Q: You nervous at all about the injury?

"Not real nervous about it. I think I am pretty quick healer. I think everyday you are looking forward to tomorrow and seeing how it feels tomorrow and hopefully it feels better."

Q: Nothing that gives you the impression that you may not start this week?

"No, nothing really, it just is going to depend on how fast it heals and how it's feeling. Hopefully it will get better quickly."

Q: Is this the kind of thing where you suspect you might be limited at practice this week?

"It just depends how it feels. I don't know. It doesn't feel any worse today than it did yesterday. I think that's a good sign and hopefully it gets better everyday."

Q: Did you take some ribbing from your teammates about the non-contact nature of your injury?

"Just the way it kind of occurred and what it looked like on film. I had a few comments today. I know it doesn't look that pretty. I almost had a big play out of it; ended up getting a touchdown the next play so it all worked out."

Q: At this point what are they telling you about the rehab situation, the fact you are walking around on it without a boot or crutches is good?

"Yeah, that is all positive stuff. I think it's just time and ice and some treatment here and being at home and kind of non-stop everything for the next couple of days. My goal is by Wednesday to be practicing and get out there and not being restricted."

Q: Were you worried when you initially grabbed it during that game?

"Yeah when I kind of felt it I was a little worried. I knew what it was. I knew it was the bottom of my foot, my heel area. I could walk around a little bit. It was good that we got a touchdown on that play, kind of gave ourselves a pretty good lead at the time. I didn't have to come back in the game and risk anything worse to it."

Q: On the film, it looks like you almost stepped on your own foot?

"No, kind of when I hit that last step with my right foot, it felt a little strain. That made my foot pop up in the air, that's how it happened."

Q: What is your message to Giants fans this Monday?

"Hopefully I am feeling better tomorrow. That is about all I have right now."

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