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QB Eli Manning

Q. It is easy to say all we can do is what is in front of us, but is it harder to do than just saying it?

A. No, that is all we can do. It's not harder. This is a huge game for us. The last one was big. We knew coming into these last three games that they are all going to be important. We need to win all of them. Carolina is playing well. They played well the other night versus Minnesota. We've got to have a great week of practice and preparation. We have to keep playing with the same energy and go out there and play our best game.

Q. It was almost like you came out with an attitude on Monday night, enough is enough, let's show them Giants football?

A. Yeah. We wanted to play well. We had a great week of practice. Offensively we wanted to start fast. That is something that we really thought we usually do very well. We hadn't done it very well in the past few weeks, so we wanted to start fast. We did a great job of doing that and setting the tempo for the game. That was important. Play ahead, we hadn't played ahead in awhile. It helps ourselves out, helps out the defense. As a whole team, we played our best football.

Q. What is the key to Sunday?

A. Really the same thing. They are a talented defense. You can't afford to make mistakes, turn the ball over. We just have to be consistent. Avoid the bad plays, get in third and manageable situations and again, start fast, play with a lead. They are a tough team. They are a tough defense and it's not a team that we play all that often, so we have to have a great week of preparation, watch a lot of film so we get familiar with what they are doing.

Q. After you got this foot issue out of the way it appears you have had some of the best games of your career. Would you agree with that and what do you think got you going so well?

A. I think we are playing well..

Q. You personally..?

A. Yeah. It's not one person. When one guy plays well it's because everybody else is doing their job. Receivers are getting open, offensive line is blocking, we're running the ball better so we are not in a whole lot of third and long situations. Defense is getting us the ball. So I think it is just a combination of everybody. Offensively we aren't making many mistakes, not hurting ourselves. We are getting great individual efforts from receivers getting open, making plays after they catch the ball. So it is a combination of everybody playing well and we've got to keep that attitude going.

Q. How about this being the team's and your last game in Giants Stadium?

A. It is a big game. I think our focus is that we've got to win and get into the playoffs. This is a big game for that matter. But obviously being the last game in Giants Stadium, it will be a special game for us knowing that we will be in a new spot next year. I have only been here six years, but I have a lot of fond memories and great wins. Obviously for the fans and the ownership, it's a special game for them. You think about how many great teams and great games have been played in Giants Stadium. It will be a special day for us.

Q. Are you in playoff mode at this point?

A. In a sense, because we feel that we've got to win these games. We don't want to think about the alternative. We feel that every game now is huge. We have to go out there and play our best football.

Q. The last month the Panthers defense has been a turnover machine. Is that due to the opposition or are they forcing a lot of them?

A. I think they are forcing them. They are playing great defense. They get a good pass rush. Obviously Julius Peppers is a tremendous player, and he is playing great football. Some of the schemes they are running, receivers aren't getting real open. Quarterbacks are trying to force things in and they are making plays. I think what they are doing is playing aggressive and playing well. They are making great plays on defense.

Q. It looked like Peppers took over that game last week. He is playing about as well as you can?

A. He is. He is playing really well, so we will have to have a plan for him. He has always been a tremendous player, but he is playing great right now. Same deal, you don't want to get into a whole lot of third and long situations where he has time to get back there and know it's a pass. You want to keep them on their toes a little bit and hopefully you don't have to sit back there and hold the ball too long.

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