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QB Eli Manning

Q. Was it only a matter of time before the running game got going?

A. Yeah, it was something we talked about this week. We really wanted to get it established. Everybody did an outstanding job in getting that done. The running backs, the offensive line getting great push, it was something we wanted to improve on and we did a great job.

Q. How concerned would you be if Kareem McKenzie turns out to have an injury that would limit him or keep him out of the game this week?

A. Hope for the best. He has been playing outstanding this year. I don't know what the terms are; hopefully he will be out there on Sunday.

Q. (Shaun) O'Hara and (Chris) Snee went to the Pro Bowl, but it seems that McKenzie is one of the more underrated guys on this offense. Does that sound accurate?

A. He does everything we ask him to do. He is a very smart player. He gets great push in the run game, also in pass protection, protecting the right side. I don't know how he could do any better. He has done an outstanding job. He has been playing great so far this year and hopefully he can keep it up.

Q. I know you don't want to get too high on things thus far, but the way the team played yesterday, the complete game, you've really got to feel good about the development of this team right now?

A. Yeah, we are doing some good things. Guys are making plays, some outstanding plays, all over the field. In the run game, some great catches by the receivers on some key plays, so we've got to keep that going. There is definitely room for improvement in all areas and that is why we strive to try and continue to try to get better every week. Not being satisfied with just the win, but looking on where we can improve.

Q. What were your thoughts on how Will Beatty played?

A. I thought Will did well. We wanted to slowly get him in the game. Put him in on some short yardage stuff and get the feel of things before we threw him in at tackle. Obviously, he had to go in the game and play right tackle. He did a good job in pass protection and on run plays. On the final drive that I was in, we wanted to go in and get a touchdown. He was in the whole time, and did a good job.

Q. Now that the running game is going as well as the passing game, is this offense the diverse offense that you really hoped it would be? Have you guys hit that stride earlier than you thought you might?

A. We are hoping every week. We hope to be balanced and to be able to run the ball effectively and that should open up the passing game and slow down the pass rush. I think versus a team like Tampa, who's got a great pass rush, just the way we ran it on the field so long. When I was back there in the pocket I had a lot of time most of the day to go through my reads and make good throws, not pressured. You never know what you are going to have every week, we feel we can emphasize one more than the other if we have to, but it is good to be balanced and have a good mix.

Q. Do you feel like whatever game you are forced into or you feel like playing, you can win that style?

A. I think so. I think we feel very confident in our run game; the ability of the guys upfront and our running backs to make plays. We also feel very confident in our pass game; our receivers, they can make big plays, and our protection upfront. I feel like we've got a good mix and we're confident in it, no matter what we have to do. 

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