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QB Eli Manning

Q. It has been the first week of the year that you are getting ready for a game following a loss. Strange feeling?

A. No, you come in the same on Wednesday. Once you come in it's all about preparation and getting ready for the next week. You already put the last game behind you, so our focus is on Arizona, getting the game plan, and I thought we had a good day of practice today, great energy, guys were fired up and we have to go out there and play well.

Q. Did the guys have an added edge because of what happened last Sunday?

A. I don't know if that gives you an edge in any way. I think guys want to come out and play well and just have a great week of practice. We can definitely learn from the game and things that happened, but it is still going to come down to Sunday, going out there and playing well and having a great week of practice this week.

Q. What needs to be done to beat this team?

A. You just have to play consistent. They are talented on defense. They are good at stopping the run. We are going to try and get the running game going. They can cause sacks and have talented corners, so you have to protect well and everybody has to be on the same page, communicating and make plays when they are there.

Q. Why are they so good at stopping the run?

A. They just have good players. They are fast and they run. A lot of times they are going to have eight guys in the box. They play the safeties low to try to stop the run. They play a lot of single high. They try to put you in situations where it makes it tough to run the football. You are going to have to run it to keep them honest. Some things that hopefully will work for us, but we have to throw the ball successfully also.

Q. In one way are they daring you to throw?

A. Yeah, in some sense. They have guys in the box, but it is not every time. They do a good job of mixing things up, mixing up coverages, showing one look and going back to something else. So, it is just a matter of seeing what they are doing, having a good plan and getting in and out of good plays.

Q. How is your foot?

A. Foot feels good. Thanks for asking.

Q. Is that because of the orthotics?

A. It is just treatment and time, being smart with it early on and giving it rest. It is just going to be maintenance; everyday stretching out the calf and making sure you are smart with it.

Q. Still discomfort?

A. Feels good, no. Feels good, it doesn't bother me at practice. I feel that I can do everything. Run around and do everything that I need to do, so it feels good.

Q. Last week's game turned into a shootout. Kurt Warner is capable of turning this game into another shootout. How comfortable are you with this game turning into a shootout?

A. We have played shootout games; that is not the problem.  We have to avoid getting down too much too early. Offensively we have to score and hold the ball, be better on third downs, keep our defense off the field and move the ball. It is just a matter of us continuing to get our offense to do good things and score when we have opportunities.

Q. Are you surprised to see Steve Smith amongst the NFL leaders each week?

A. No, he is playing well and doing a good job of getting open. We are going to keep working and putting him in some different spots, doing some different things with him. He is doing a good job of running routes, getting open and catching the ball. We just have to keep doing that with him and all the receivers. All the receivers are doing well and we just have to keep improving week by week and getting better.

Q. Were you as frustrated as you looked on that play where you missed hitting Steve Smith?

A. Yeah, we had a great opportunity. It was something we practiced and talked about. It worked just like we wanted it to, but the end result wasn't exactly what we wanted.

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