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QB Eli Manning

Q. What were your thoughts when you first heard the news about Plaxico Burress?

A. Yeah, heard about Plaxico and just…. again, our concern at this time is worrying about him, his family. You know, he's a friend of mine, a great teammate…just saddened by the news…two years…again, wish the best for him, his family, and you know, try to support him anyway you can.

Q. Did you kind of expect this to happen with the way the prosecution was going after him?

A. I had no idea, I didn't know what was going to happen, and how it was going to turn out, but you just didn't know, and hear a lot of things and this and that, but didn't know how it was going to turn out.

Q. When you look at the big picture, don't you think it's kind of amazing that in 18 months he's gone from the top of the world to where he is now?

A. Yeah, it's just sad. You know, I'm disappointed and just feel bad for how this worked out, and the circumstances that he has been put through, and his family. So, no one wanted this to happen and it's just a shame that it did.

Q. Is this a warning to young people and athletes about what can happen if you're caught with a gun in New York.

A. Yeah, I think that honestly everybody can learn from other people and what goes on and I think that as an athlete, or anybody, you've got to be careful with what you're doing, and where you are, and just know the circumstances, and know the penalties for your actions.

Q. You know him as an athlete and as a person. Do you think he can try to come back when this is all over? He's going to be 33 or 34 when he gets out.

A. You know, I hope so. I would hope that, you know, he would want to come back and someone would give him a shot. I guess this is all going to depend on the circumstances and how it works out, but I hope that he does get a shot.

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