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Q: How big was this win?

A: It is great to get the first win each season. The division is wide open and three teams are 1-1 in the East. We have Philadelphia this week; going up against a good team, a good defense that knows us well, I thought we played good at times. I thought there is still room for improvement. We had some new guys running around in there but in some key moments in the game, I thought we stepped up and played well.Q: Talk about taking advantage of what the defense gave you?

A: You have to take advantage when you get good field position on a turnover and we scored on defense, which is great. We got good field position early on and we converted on a couple third and longs. We got the screen to Ahmad and a few pass interferences. When they gave us hope, we seemed to jump in there and get points and score touchdowns and not settle for field goals.

Q: How big was the drive before halftime?

A: That was a big drive. We really hadn't got much of a rhythm and we only had one good drive during the game. All of a sudden we hit a couple plays although it didn't start well with the holding call but we overcame that. They had some penalties and we hit Manningham on the sidelines for a big chuck of change and that got us into scoring position and then Hixon with a good catch hanging with that ball. That was a big momentum changer right there and extended the lead and getting a touchdown in that situation.  

Q: What was it like going up against Spags' defense?

A: They do a great job with their safeties disguising things. They will disguise one way and once you make the call, they will come another way. I thought we handled some of there overload blitzes really well. The play where we hit Manningham down the sideline was a pretty good blitz. On a third down we hit Victor Cruz and they showed us one way and brought it the other way and we adjusted to the blitz well and hit him for a first down. We picked up some of their blitzes and anytime you play a blitz happy defense, they are going to get you some. They will get a sack here or there and they are going to make plays but besides the one interception, they didn't make any big plays off of that. We didn't have any fumbles or anything else. We hit our share of third down conversions and made some plays.  

Q: What about Hixon's catch?

A: Great reception and great concentration by him. We had a in and pump route on and the safety bit on the in but we hit him a little bit on the end. Those are throws that you don't make all the time but it was a great catch by him. It was great concentration and a great catch at that moment.

Q: How did you overcome the slow start?

A: We did get off to a slow start. They had a good plan and they got some pressure early on and some things. I settled down and got a few completions under my belt. We started protecting and guys were getting open and we started to have a sense of what we were doing and what their game plan was going to be. I had some throws I missed. The deep one to Manningham that I wish I had back that could have been a touchdown. We are not playing as well as we need to at times but I think at key moments when we needed some touchdowns to give our defense a break and get a lead, I thought we made some big plays. We have some new guys in there and we lost a couple receivers at times tonight so we had Brandon Stokle

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