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QB Eli Manning


On responding in the fourth quarter:"You know, I was proud, proud of the way we hung in there. We had a great first quarter. Second, third quarter not as productive. We were moving the ball. We didn't make the big mistakes, we didn't turn the ball over, got some pressure, made some sacks and things, hung in there, and obviously the fourth quarter that's what we knew we had to do, we had to win the fourth quarter. This year, unlike last year, we won the last eight minutes of the game. Guys stepped up, made some big plays, defense got turnovers, and we were able to get the victory, so that was a big win for us."

On whether he was in WR Victor Cruz's ear about what was expected of him:"Not more than normal. I think sometimes with these young guys, you want to let them play. You try to give them what to expect, and little tips and things, but you don't want them over-thinking, you just want them to go out there naturally and just play his game. He did a great job and we knew that's what he could do. He could make guys miss once he got the ball in his hands, he could make plays. We had seen that last year in the preseason when he kind of made his mark, and going up there and catching the ball. He did both those things today. On the last touchdown, just a great effort by him, going over a star cornerback and then on the first touchdown just making guys miss, good job reacting to the blitz and making guys miss and going to get a touchdown."

On how tough Cruz's second touchdown catch was:"It's just a great effort by him. [CB] Nnamdi [Asomugha] played it well. We kind of had a corner route and then a higher corner route over the top. I thought he was going to jump the tight end but he played it back there and really probably not a great decision by me to throw it in the first place but great job by Victor just going up there kind of with the attitude of either I'm going to catch it or nobody, and that's what he did."

On whether he was nervous when that ball was in the air:"A little bit, kind of right when I threw it I kind of saw they played the play pretty well, just hoping that it was going to fall incomplete and not get turned over at the time. But obviously we got a touchdown out of it which was even better. It went well."

On what it says about him that he was able to both start and finish the game strong:"Just proud of the guys, just proud of the whole team for hanging in there tough. For a little bit there we were moving the ball, getting close to field goal range and stuff, get a sack or have something go wrong but the guys just hung in there and just kept fighting, stayed confident. We knew we were going to get the chance to get the ball a few more times, we were going to have to go down there and score and win this thing and that's exactly what we did. We went there and got the lead and then our defense got a big turnover. Great job by special teams, we were going up there kicking a field goal, getting them to jump off sides, getting the ball again and then going to score and putting the game out of reach."

On whether he feels they proved a point today:"I think we have great confidence in our ability, we feel that we're a good team. Our defense is playing outstanding, keeping guys out of the end zone. Offensively we're doing a good job moving the ball and scoring touchdowns, not settling for field goals and making some big plays, and running the ball tough. We've just got to keep playing strong and playing smart football like we are and we'll be in a situation to win games."

On whether the last game was in the back of his mind:"No, no, it really wasn't. I think that's just kind of the way athletes and football players think, you just think about this upcoming situation. They have some of the same players as last year, but they have new players, they have two new cornerbacks, they've got some new safeties, they have new linebackers, they have a new defensive scheme, so for me, I'm just trying to prepare for the team. In any game, it doesn't matter what happened last week, it doesn't matter what happened last year, you go there, you prepare for that team, then you go out there and fight your hardest."

On whether there are parts of Cruz's game that lead him to believe that he can develop good chemistry with him:"I hope so. I think he's a guy, he wants to do good things, he wants to learn. He is a young guy, you know, last year missed the whole season, so he's really kind of coming into his first full year of playing. He's just kind of learning the ins and outs of coverages, why I'm throwing the ball in a certain place, just kind of learning the ins and outs. I see a guy who's got natural playmaking ability, which is always a plus, you know, he is young, you just have to keep working with him, but I think the greatest thing for a young player is to get reps. Get in the game, get live coverage. He's played in the slot, he's played the outside receiver so he should have a good feel for learning both those things and eventually get to the point where you're moving him around. I think he's doing good things, but he's got to keep working."

On whether a game like today naturally changes his confidence level in Cruz:"I think I'm always confident in the guys, but when he goes up and makes plays and does some of those things, I think sometimes those things, you can't really practice those things all the time, those types of catches, those types of throws where in games they go up and get them. I don't want to get into the habit of throwing tight passes like that but it gives me confidence that he's going to go get it or he's going to make play on it and fight for the ball, so that was good to see."On whether the touchdown pass to RB Brandon Jacobs was something they planned coming in:"Yeah, we thought we were going to be able to get that play in, just the way they play that formation. It's actually a play I think we ran on them last year or two years ago. It's play-action, their linebackers I think are taught to turn their heads and go look over the middle for anything crossing and Brandon, out of the backfield, runs a wheel route, the receivers just cross the field, bring their guys with them. So good play by Brandon and blocking it up, it was good to come to that early and get a touchdown out of it."

On his thoughts on the play of the offense:"On the first touchdown we made a great play to RB Brandon [Jacobs]. We had some great pass plays and WR Victor [Cruz] really played a great game. I think Victor made two great catches and had some fantastic reads on the plays and really did a great job. The whole team just did a great job hanging in there and believing we would win."

On whether the screen pass to RB [Ahmad Bradshaw] was because of the Eagles pass rush:"It was an all out blitz, and I could see that they were all coming.  The offensive line really picked it up nice and blocked and we were able to get the ball out to Ahmad. He was able to fight off the block and then walk into the end zone."

On whether he was concerned with losing WR Mario [Manningham] for the game:

"I think losing Mario was tough but WR [Victor Cruz] really made his mark last year and we knew we could count on him.  He made catches in this game that were great and ran some great go routes. He is great on the outside but we want to try and get him catches in the slot as well and he did it all today. I am really proud of him and he is a young guy that really made it happen."

On whether this game meant a lot because of not winning in Philadelphia since 2008:"It is always great to beat the Eagles on their home field, because they have great players.  We felt coming in that we could beat these guys because we should have of last year.  We had the same game plan and this time we wanted to get to the fourth quarter and finish the game."

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