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QB Eli Manning


Q: Is your confidence making you more comfortable?

A: I have great confidence in my players and our system. I knew we had good talent and we just needed guys to step up and I thought they could. I knew it wouldn't always be pretty but we would get better and that is what we have done in every game. We have improved each game. We have made adjustments. There have been mistakes but we have been intent on fixing things so they don't happen again.


  surprised you?

A: No, Victor hasn't surprised me, we knew he had talent and he has done a good job. He has made some guys miss and he has made some big plays. He wants to do well and he wants to learn so it is exciting to see him grow as a player. He works outside and he has worked inside some. The more positions you can put him in gives guys chances to move around and getting everybody in position where they feel comfortable in running routes and getting open.

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