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Q: How have the Bills gotten so many interceptions?

A: They are fast. They run around and they make plays. They are stripping balls from guys or just being around the ball and getting it tipped up. They are very sound on defense. We have to make sure that we are careful with the ball. The receivers have to watch it all the way in and myself throwing it in the right spots, being accurate and making sure I am making the right reads.

Q: Do you worry about throwing interceptions?

A: No, you just have to make your reads. It comes down to throwing it in the right spot and make sure your guys are winning. You have to have faith in guys and we do. We have been doing a good job, making plays and making good decisions.

Q: Do they do a lot of run blitzing?

A: They will have their safeties down. On first or second down they are not going to sit there and watch. We have to be prepared for that and run against some of those looks and when we have chances, we have to throw the ball also.

* *

Q: What are you working on to make sure you guys take care of the ball against an opportunistic defense?

A: I think it is a matter of the routes being crisp and making sure that we are not tipping anything that would lead them to jumping them. We have to make sure we are watching the ball in and throwing it accurately. They do a good job if the ball is in the air or caught, of getting their hands on the ball and making plays.

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Q: How important is it to bounce back this week?

A: We have another home game and it should be to our advantage. We just have to go out there and play hard football and have a good week of practice. I thought we got off to a good start and we have a good plan. Now we just have to go and preform on Sunday.

Q: You do want to go into the bye week with a win?

A: No doubt, those things are always nice. We just have to worry about Buffalo and playing them. We will see what kind of game it will come out to and try to put ourselves in a situation to win.

Q: Have you made a note of how many turnovers they have forced?

A: They do a good job getting turnovers and that is something that you can't play any differently. We are going to go out there and run our offense and throw to the guy you think is open. They have done a great job of making plays on defense. We have to make sure that they don't get many.

* *

Q: Is it more of a priority this week?

A: I don't think it is more, we just have to get into a good down and distance and try to play smart. They have done a great job and it is not like balls are getting thrown right to them. They are getting pressure, they are getting tips and they are very good and athletic. When the ball is in the air, they are coming down with it.

Q: How do you prepare for a team you don't see much?

A: You have a lot of preparation and a lot of film work on their personnel. You don't know a whole lot about some of their players and it has been a few years since we have played them. We just have to watch film and see what their system is and tendencies are and try to get a good game plan.

* *

Q: How have they gotten their interceptions?

A: It is a little bit of everything. Some are in the receiver's hands and they are getting stripped out or tipped up or tipped at the line of scrimmage. There is a little bit of everything. They play fast and swarm to the ball. We just have to make smart decisions and we should be in great shape.

* *

Q: They also give up a lot of yards?

A: They give up a lot of yards and a bit of points. The turnovers that they have gotten have helped secure their wins. We can move the ball on them and there are some plays we can make. When things aren't there we just have to be smart and don't give them opportunities.

Q: What did you see from their game against New England?

A: They had a bunch of tipped up balls. They played well and played hard. They have a good defense. They have a good scheme and they are well coached and well prepared. They don't make many mistakes so we just have to do the same thing and make sure we don't make mistakes, we are very efficient and running our offense well.

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