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QB Eli Manning


Q: Teams coming off the bye are 1-5 this year. Does that change anything?

A: No, it doesn't change anything. [I] did not know that. [We're] coming off a big win. It'll to be good to get away from things, but we have to make sure we come back from things refreshed and legs under us and ready to continue to work hard and have a great week of preparation and get ready for Miami.

Q: What would you like to see this team improve on when you get back?

A: I think we can definitely improve on third down. I thought we definitely improved this week. We also didn't get into as many third-and-long situations, which helped. It's really the third and seven-plus is where we're not as good as we need to be. We watched some of it today and there are a lot of different reasons. Sometimes it's a bad decision by me or a bad route. We just have to make sure we're sharp and consistent and making sure we keep the ball in our hands.

Q: How comfortable are you with a 4-2 record at the bye knowing what's ahead?

A: I'm pleased with where we are right now. We've gotten better. We've made strides since the beginning of the season. Guys are doing some really good things and some young guys have stepped up and started playing good football. We still have lots of areas where we can improve on, but I like where we're going and make sure we continue to strive to get better each week.

Q: How would you assess your tight ends and receivers?

A: I think the receivers have done really well getting open, making plays. Tight ends have done a good job, same thing, making some big plays, getting down the field, making catches. Everybody has a good feel for what we're trying to do as an offense. There are still some things we can clean up and be sharper on, but overall I think guys are starting to understand things. Now it's just about the more reps, more practice, more game time these guys get, the more they'll continue to learn and make improvements.

Q: How much of a pleasant surprise has Jake Ballard been? A: Jake's done a great job. He's come in and he's worked hard. He has a good feel for what we're trying to do offensively and he's doing a good job getting open and understanding the coverages and his options of what routes he can run and running them well.

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