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QB Eli Manning


RE: David Wilson's play**
A: It was good. It was good to see from David getting in a couple of big runs, changing the field position, so it's always important and we need that from this offense and for the team to be successful is have a strong running game. It's a good thing to see, but we've got to keep working on it.

Q: How do you feel with all the injuries on this team?
A: Obviously we've got another week before we play our first game to get guys rested. We need that and hopefully they'll be back for the Dallas game. We've just got to work on getting better, the guys that are out there. Keep improving. It's a chance for some young guys to get a lot of playing time this week and show that they're learning this offense, learning their assignments and see if they can help us out.

Q: If it was your choice, how much would you like to play in the preseasongame? How much time is really necessary to be productive?
A: Whatever Coach Coughlin thinks. He tells us how much we're going to play, so it's our job to go out there. We want to go out there and play well. Be successful with the ball and just make sure we're sharp in our assignments and being productive.

Q: You feel good about where Hakeem is right now?A: He's looking good. He seems to be running fine and making plays. He's been working these past few weeks. It looks like he's going to play this week, so it would be good to get some live action.

Q: How do you feel confidence-wise and timing-wise with some of the new guys?A: The guys are coming through and the rookies are continuing to learn and, obviously, I think the most important thing for them is getting that game time. Getting there, where they've got to make decisions, they see the coverages, see the defenses, see the blitzes and make adjustments and step up and make plays. This last game will be a great challenge and great work for the young guys, getting lots of reps.


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