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QB Eli Manning Conf. Call


Q: Is it a problem that you guys are having adjustment issues, such as the one that led to the interception, this late in the preseason and do you think you resolved that issue today?

A: It's one of those things, they happen. We've been good about seeing them and it's a circumstance where I checked the play and we usually do a pretty good job of fixing protections so those guys don't have to run hots and sights and stuff. On that one, [the Jets] had a blitz. I have to be smarter about it. I saw that they didn't react to it so I just have to throw it in the ground and go to the next play. I think our guys have been solid. They know what the roles are, it's just one of the circumstances that we missed on that day.

Q: Coughlin said that the starters might not play Thursday. How would you feel about that?

A: Usually the last preseason game you only play a series or so. I don't think it's going to be a big difference either way. When you get to this point I think the most important point is going into the season healthy. Our offense is healthy right now. You don't want to rush anything, put guys in a situation where they're playing on short notice for a series or two. Whatever he decides, we'll agree with and do our job. We're preparing and getting ready.

Q: Do you feel like the offense is ready for the regular season?

A: We're ready. I've never put too much on preseason. Obviously, you want to go out there and perform well and move the ball and score touchdowns. That makes you feel good, but I wouldn't rely on what happens in preseason and what's going to happen in the regular season. We put a lot of effort into the regular season. All of our preparation, put us in the right situations and plays and getting in and out of checks, studying all of the defenses.  Preseason, not as much is done. That's how we got into that situation with the hot in the first place. I think normal circumstances, we have a little bit more tips on what their blitzes are, what they're doing. There's still work to do. Fortunately we still have some time. We still have a week and a half or so before our first game. We have some preparation. We have some film study that we can do and we'll get ready for Washington. Know specifically how they play things. What do they do and so you get a little better understanding of what our exact routes need to be like, how crisp they are going to be, play a little faster. Have a little heads up [of] exactly what we're going to get from them. There's always some surprises and that's when you adjust and you react and you follow the rules. I think the guys are ready and looking forward to getting started. I think we've had good work from our offensive line, our receivers and running backs. We've looked very solid and strong at times. I think we've been physical up front and control the line of scrimmage. I think we've hit some big plays and been sound in our passing game. There can be improvements and we have to limit some of the mistakes, but we've done some really good things.

Q: Coughlin said you guys aren't using the middle of the field how he would like. What do you think that's a product of?

A: I don't know. This is new to me. I think it depends on the plays being called. It always depends on the defense that teams are running. I know the other day I hit Hakeem [Nicks] on an in-breaking route for about fifteen yards. A few games ago, I hit Mario [Manningham] in an in-breaking route versus Chicago on a third and long. I think we've hit some things, but I think that's getting that slot receiver into the mix a little bit more, hitting him on a few more routes. We're working over the middle.

Q: Do you feel like there's anything wrong with the way the offense has been?

A: No, I don't think anything's wrong. Again, we've done some really good things. I thought we moved the ball very well the other night. We just didn't finish drives. We had a couple little mistakes that kept us from getting in the end zone, kept us from continuing drives. That's something we have to continue to work on. It's not just in a specific area, it's just more working on everybody being sound, everybody being mentally ready to go and know roles and assignments and stuff. I thought we were close on a couple. Obviously had a fourth and one we didn't get. Another time a guy made a good play on a pass to Beckum over the middle that prevented a first down, just those little things that we can get sharper on.

Q: Has it been a difficult adjustment working in some new pieces?

A: What you lose is just experience. I think that's kind of what we lost. Offensive line - David Baas is an experienced offensive lineman, has played. Will Beatty has played some. And I thought those guys did outstanding. I thought they played really well all through preseason. First game, worked out a few little kinks, but since then with all of the blitzes that we saw the other night, guys knew who they were blocking, did a really good job handling some of the bizarre looks. There's not a whole lot of preparation. I thought that was nice. What you kind of lose is some brain power at receiver. Steve Smith, a four year guy, a starter, played in a lot of games. Saw every defense. Saw every look. He had learned, by reps, how to get open. And Kevin Boss, same thing, played in a lot of football games. Saw a lot of looks. Knew what he was doing. They're not having to think much out there, they're just reacting. They practiced, they repped, they thought about every situation that might happen. That's what we're trying to build on. It might not always be perfect and smooth. You have to grow with these guys. That's part of being a young football player and the great game of football, you have new guys come in. You have to let them grow up and you want them to do good things and they are going to do good things. They're also going to make mistakes and you're going to have to live and die with that.

Q: Year three with Hakeem Nicks, year four with Mario Manningham. Do you still see them thinking?

A: No, I think those guys are doing great. I think they've played tremendous. I thought Mario has really played well in the preseason games and he stepped up his understanding of the offense and his role. Played well yesterday, had a chance for a go-route there in a two minute drive that I think Cromartie just pulled his jersey just a little bit and I overthrew him a little bit, combination, but could have had a touchdown. Had a fade we missed on. He had some nice catches, running good routes, very confident. And Hakeem the same thing, he knows what he's doing. Those guys are solid, it's just getting the new guys - Victor Cruz and Beckum, getting them mentally caught up. I love the way they compete. I love the way they want to learn. They're in here working and we'll continue to work and be precise in exactly what we need to do.

Q: To the people who live by the numbers in preseason, do you say just wait for the regular season? Do things change that quickly?

A: Yeah, they change. Again, it's just the game planning, it's the situations. I threw away a lot of passes. It's preseason, you try to stay injury free. You try not to take extra hits. You try to say, 'Hey, we got a bad play, I'm not going to try to sit around here, try to wait for something to come up and wait for something maybe to get open.' Hey, you hit your check down, you go on. There's a little bit of that. You're still competing. I thought we competed hard last night and did some good things. No one's going to ever remember what your preseason numbers are. It's about learning, it's about seeing things, getting used to taking a hit, getting used to having a live rush move into the pocket, seeing things, making adjustments, playing against a new team. That's why it's preseason, it's just preparation for the regular season.

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