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QB Eli Manning Interview


Q: Do you look at the Eagles as a hungry team right now?

A: Whenever you play Philadelphia you know you are playing a talented team that plays physical football. They have lost a few games but they have been in them until the end. The have been right there and have had a lot of games decided by two points or three points. We know we have to have a great week of preparation. They are going to come in excited and playing hard. We have to match that intensity.

Q: Do you as players talk about the stretch of games coming up?

A: We look at it as a good stretch and that it is fun playing in big games. As it gets late in the season, every game is big no matter who you are playing. The circumstances, everybody knows it is about winning these games and trying to get into the playoffs. We have Philadelphia this week and we always have to be prepared for them.

* *

Q: Do you talk to the team about not waiting until the fourth quarter to win games?

A: You don't want to rely on having to win the game in the fourth quarter and having to have drives at the end. It is a great quality that we have and I think our confidence is where it needs to be if we get in those situations but we have to get off to faster starts and take advantage of our opportunities early in the game.

* *

Q: Is there something common about them blowing fourth quarter leads?

A: I don't know. I see some of the defensive stuff but I don't see what the offense is doing at times. They are still a talented team. Offensively, they are always high powered. We saw what they were able to do against Dallas. They scored a lot of points early and got the big lead and held it. We have to be expecting their best game. Last week against Arizona they changed up a few things defensively and they did a lot more blitzing. We have to see if that is going to be their mindset and have a great week of preparation and a great game plan.

* *

Q: How do they use Asomugha?

A: All of their defensive backs are very talented. Asomugha is a guy that likes to play press man-to-man. They move him around and they put him on to the receiver that they think you may be throwing to in certain situations. He is very talented at playing man coverage. Obviously, Asante is a guy who gets a lot of interceptions and makes plays so you have to be aware of him and their pass rush is very good. They get a good rush on the quarterback. We just have to understand the circumstances and do a great job of everybody doing their assignments. There will be some opportunities to make plays.

* *

Q: How different is their defense since you played them last time?

A: They have changed up some. Especially last week, they did a lot more pressure and a lot more blitzing. We have to see if that is going to be their new identity or if that was just a one week plan. They will do a mix but they still like to rely on their front four to get a pass rush and play coverage.

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