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QB Eli Manning Mini Camp Q/A


Q:  With the shorter offseason, do you feel like you got what you usually get out of the offseason?A: Yeah, I thought we got some good work.  It is a little shorter and some of the rules are a little different.  But I thought the guys had a good focus and practices were sharp.  And we got some good workouts.  We have to make sure we just continue to stay in shape, keep working out, keep running so when we come into training camp everybody is healthy and ready to go.

Q:  Will you continue to work with the receivers during this last couple of weeks?A:  Some of them, maybe here and there.  Just call them up when you are in town.  We don't have anything scheduled right now.  But some of the guys that stay local, yeah, definitely see them a few times and throw some routes just to keep the arm going and them catching some balls.

Re:  Bear PascoeA:  I thought Bear had a good camp.  The guy has been around, he knows the system, and he knows what he is doing.  He was running good routes.  He is a good guy to have – some new tight ends around here – just him showing the guys how it is supposed to be done.  I thought the tight ends did some good things.  There are a lot of new guys.  They are learning a lot – we threw a lot at them.  I thought they were starting to get the gist of things and an understanding of the offense.

Q:  Obviously it is early, but what have been your impressions of Rueben Randle so far?A:  I thought Rueben has been good.  I think he has a good feel for things.  He is starting to understand some of the concepts and just the in's and out's of what his assignments are; what his options are.  There is always a learning period with those guys.  But you see some speed, some size, coming in and out of breaks, and just a pretty good feel and understanding of how to get open.  So that is always a good start.  And now just continue to learn.  The more reps that he can get in live action, the better he will be.

Q:  Any particular role you see him sliding into?A:  We just have to see whether he can step into that outside receiver on third down or in three wide.  So we'll see.  Obviously he still has a lot of work to do, he has only been here for a number of practices but training camp will be important for him.  Preseason games, live action will be very important.

Q:  What impressed you about David Wilson?A:  He is very fast, very quick, which is important.  I think for a running back – for him to get on the field, it is going to be about how quickly he can understand our protections and route combinations and those types of things.  Obviously he has the ability to run the ball and make some big plays.  But unless he understands a lot of our checks and protections and change of protections; until you have a great grasp of that you are not going to be able to get on the field.  But that is hardest part, I think, for rookie running backs.  But he has been working hard on it.  It seems like he is learning and picking up things. 

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