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QB Eli Manning on the Redskins


Q: Are you amazed with how many times you've thrown for 400 yards or what you've been doing this year?

A: No. We're just playing one game at a time and trying to go out there and get wins. Our focus is on this week, playing a good Washington team. They play great defense. Offensively we have to be at our best and do some good things.

Q: What makes the Redskins' defense so difficult to score on inside the 20?

A: We have to look at that. They just make plays. They get a good pass rush. They have some good schemes where they look at your tendencies, seem to double certain guys, try to eliminate your playmakers from catching the ball. Hopefully we can have a good mix of the run and pass and stay in good down and distance.

Q: This is the first season in Giants history that two receivers have 1,000 yards. Are you surprised, amazed? How incredible is it to think that you've been able to accomplish that?

A: The receivers have done a good job this year – all of them. Obviously Victor and Hakeem have done great things, but Mario, Jake Ballard, all of these guys have stepped up and done a great job. We have to keep that same intensity, that same attitude going into this game. Obviously the offensive line has to give protection and do their jobs and continue to play well for us to have a chance to throw the ball down the field.

Q: You had Toomer and Burress, two very good receivers, and even they didn't do what these two guys are doing?

A: Again, we've worked very hard. The offense, I think we've grown a lot and advanced our offense since those days when those two talented receivers were here. I'm feeling comfortable and these guys are doing a great job of getting open, understanding our concepts, understanding our plays and going out there and making plays when those opportunities form.

Q: What do you take from the first game with the Redskins?

A: We have to look at, see how they played us, see what their plan is going to be. Are they going to play us a similar way that they played us that time? Are they going to change up a few things? See whether they're going to go back or if they have a new scheme that's working for them. We have to have a great plan, but obviously that film is very important.

Q: Coach Coughlin told us that after the interception in the fourth quarter you were really miffed. What made you so angry?

A: You just don't want to throw an interception right there. I wanted to get a touchdown. I wanted to go and take the lead right there, if not, at least get some points on the board and stay in the game. I hate throwing interceptions on screens. It's kind of a cheap interception. Obviously I knew time was running down and wanted to get the score right there.

* *

Q: What's going through your head?

A: When they went down to score I just knew that we had to get two scores. That was the mindset. I said, 'Hey, we have to go down and score two touchdowns right now.' That's all you're thinking about.

Q: No quit?

A: No. None at all.

Q: How is it important to follow through this week?

A: The most important game of the season is right now. We know it's a talented team that beat us earlier in the season. From an offensive standpoint we know they play great defense. They have a lot of talented players. They get sacks on the quarterback. We have to find a way to run the ball like we've been doing the last few weeks and hit some big plays in the passing game. Off to a good start, but we have to have a great mindset going in and playing a good team.

Q: What did you learn from your team the other night in terms of resolve?

A: I think we've done a great job of that all season – never quit, never given up, fighting to the very end, always staying positive. They want to be able to go out there and win the game that we're playing. I think we have to keep that attitude and no matter what happens, never getting frustrated, never getting down and always believing in our team.

Q: Would you like to just start the game in the fourth quarter?

A: We've been in some situations in the fourth quarter where we've been down and we've had to score. We've had to score touchdowns. We've had to make plays and guys have stepped up and done a great job of doing that. Obviously, if it comes down to that situation, hopefully we can continue to do that, but I wouldn't complain if we go into the fourth quarter with a little lead and try to hold onto a lead.

Q: Do you approach this stretch as, 'We have to run the table'?

A: I think we approach it as, 'We have to win this game.' You don't think about what your next games are. You don't think about what other teams are playing who. We think about, 'Hey, we're playing the Washington Redskins and we have to play this game and we're going to go out there and do our best.'

Q: Do you expect a spoiler's motivation from the Redskins?

A: I think it's a division game. I think they're going to come out ready to play. They played New England great last week and fought hard to the very end and had opportunities to win that game. We don't expect anything less. They have quality character on that team, good players that are going to come out and play hard.

Q: When the defense gives up so many points does it put extra pressure on you?

A: No. We win as a team. We're going out there. We have great confidence in our defense. They got us a stop when we needed it at the end to get us the ball back. Offensively, we have to do our job and worry about going out there and trying to execute to the best of our ability.  

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