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QB Eli Manning Transcript


Q: Did you see Plaxico Burress last night?A: I didn't get to see Plaxico (Burress) last night. I heard he had a meeting with coach Coughlin and I haven't heard much about it. Obviously, I think he is visiting a few other spots and we will have to just see what will happen.

Q: Do you think Plaxico Burress will come back?A: I don't know. I haven't talked to coach Coughlin. I don't know how the meetings went. I don't know what the management and coaches are thinking. He was in for a meeting so they are considering it so we will just take it from there.

Q: How do you feel about Plaxico Burress coming back to the team?A: It is not up to me. They haven't talked to me about it so we will see what the coaches decide.

Q: How big of a benefit is it to have Plaxico Burress on the team?A: It would be nice. He is a guy who goes up and gets the ball and obviously makes plays. That is always a nice thing to have in your back pocket.

Q: Are you calling Plaxico Burress and lobbying for him to return to New York?A: No, I talked to Plaxico Burress a few weeks ago. More just to call him and see how he was doing and how his family was doing. It had been a while since I had talked to him so it was just to keep up and just give my thoughts about how things have turned out. I wished him well on his football career and wherever he lands. I don't think that it is a situation for me to lobby. He has been here before and it comes down to what coach Coughlin thinks. If he is mentally ready to come back and be a great teammate and if the ownership has put everything behind them and are ready to turn a new page.

Q: Do you think the team is ready for the hard schedule this season?A: Yes, I definitely think so. We have a lot of great talent and it is not about going to get new guys every year. It is about the guys that are here and getting the most talent out of the guys that we have. We have a lot of skills in the offensive positions and the receivers can make big plays. We have a number of guys that have to prove that they can be depended on week in and week out.

Q: How do you feel about facing CB Nnamdi Asomugha twice a year?A: Obviously he is a very good corner. We haven't played many times against him. We played Oakland a few years ago and we had success. He is a talented cornerback and we have to see how Philadelphia wants to use him. He is a guy that likes to play man to man and press coverage. Philly normally has not done a lot of that so if he changes that, we will see how they are playing. There is still 10 other guys on the field you have to worry about to.

Q: Do you have enough without key players not on the team?A: If not, then I don't know about who will be added. Kevin Boss is still up and we have to attack that  and figure out the tight end position. We have young guys with Travis Beckum and our receivers are very talented. With Manningham coming on late in the season and having a bunch of touchdowns and a lot of catches and having Hakeem (Nicks) healthy, Victor Cruz and those guys. We have a number of wide receivers that have been successful and played well. We need them to continue to grow. We drafted a receiver and we drafted a running back so it is all about guys working together and coming together as a team, everybody playing well and doing their responsibilities. I think we have the manpower to be an explosive offense and score a lot of points. 

Q: How do you feel about the New York Jets signing Plaxico Burress?A: I haven't thought about it much. It would not be like I would be watching them play except for when we play the Jets the next time. That's football, you see guys who have been on your team play on different teams. You get used to it so you just have to see what the Giants feel and what's the best spot for Plaxico (Burress) and where he wants to be.

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