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QB Eli Manning Transcript


Q: How are you doing so far in terms of what you're accomplishing out there and how do you feel about the team?A: I think things are going well. Not many mistakes, not many mental mistakes, which is always good for training camp and under the circumstances of not having the OTAs in the offseason. I think everything's been pretty crisp. Obviously we have to work out some of the timing deals, throwing routes versus man coverage and coming out of breaks. All of those things will get worked out as time goes. I've been pleased so far, but we have a lot of work to do and a lot of things to install still. A lot of time left.

Q: There has been a lot of talk about who's not here, but what do you think about the group that is here?A: That's all you can worry about, is the guys who are here and the guys who are on that practice field. Tomorrow hopefully we'll get some new guys back into it who have not been practicing or not able to practice because of the rules. All you can worry about is the guys who are on the field. Correct what those guys are doing wrong. Praise them on what they're doing right and try to get better.

Q: Have you been in touch with Steve Smith or Kevin Boss?A: I've talked to both of them. They are just trying to figure things out. Obviously Kevin – a little bit more urgency to that one just because he can come back and start practicing right away, as soon as we sign him, hopefully starting tomorrow and getting a tight end. Steve still has some more rehab to do and wouldn't be able to come in and probably, because of the injury, practice right now. Hopefully those things get worked out soon and we can get them back here.

Q: How happy are you to see Ahmad Bradshaw come back in?A: Having Ahmad, a great playmaker, a guy who knows the offense, should be able to step right in and make a lot of plays for us. Good catching the ball and running the ball, glad to have him back.

Q: Early impressions on Jerrel Jernigan?A: Jerrel, he had a good post route yesterday that he caught. He catches the ball really well, very naturally. We haven't put a whole lot of packages in where he's playing different positions. I know in college he mostly played in the slot position. Should have a few more things going in this week where he can work in the slot and see what his ability is there and have him get comfortable running some of the routes that are there. Seems like he's working hard and definitely has some natural playmaking ability.

Q: Who has stood out in that slot role?A: As I just said, we haven't had that package yet. We just got into it a little bit the other day, but still very, very new and fresh. We're going to try to work a lot of guys and hopefully get a lot of guys comfortable with that, where you can move different guys. Whether it's Mario [Manningham] or Hakeem [Nicks]. Last year we got into a bind when we lost Steve [Smith]. None of those guys really worked in there. We just said, 'Hey, Steve's the slot guy. He's the best at it,' and so you work him only and when he got out, a lot of guys weren't comfortable being in there. We're working a number of different guys and see who can come in and do the best job in the slot.

Q: Are you hoping this Osi situation gets settled?A: Yeah, definitely. Any time there's something like this hanging over, you want it to get settled. But we can't make it a distraction. Everybody's got to keep working and guys who are on the field keep getting better. Obviously there are different things and numbers and signing other guys and getting everything figured out, so hopefully it gets solved soon.

Q: What do you think about the additions the Eagles have made?A: Not my concern. I worry about our guys and getting our guys back, going out there and practicing. When we start preparing for the Eagles, then we'll look into their personnel.

Q: Would the slot packages normally have gotten covered earlier on in camp?A: Well it's just the way that things are going – the fact that we've only had one practice a day. What have we had, four practices? We've done a little of it, but we haven't gone into our exclusive stuff like that. We have some tight ends doing it and running it right now. Just trying to stay in our base personnel so far. We should be expanding more in these next few days.

Q: Do you have any impressions on David Baas?A: Seems very smart, bright. A lot of times with offensive linemen, all the stuff's the same, it's just kind of what you call it. He seems like he's picking up things. I've sat in on some meetings with him, just going over my calls, different things that could happen, just he and I. I can't take snaps with him out there, so he gets used to hearing my cadence, hearing my calls, my checks, why we're doing with certain things. Seems like a good guy. He'll fit in with our linemen and the characters that we've got. Should be a good fit.

Q: Do you have to remain neutral with Sage Rosenfels and David Carr?A: I don't have favorites amongst the quarterbacks. Both of them are veteran guys, they know what they're doing. They know the offense. Obviously, Carr really hasn't been battling yet, hasn't practiced yet. I'll be helpful to all of the quarterbacks.

Q: What does Michael Clayton bring to the team?A: A veteran receiver, knows the little tricks of the trade at receiver – how to get open. Last year, brought him in in the middle of the season, took a little while to learn the offense. Now having a full training camp to continue to grow within the offense. Already has a good base. Worked with him this summer. Good to have him in. We have a young receiver corps, bring a little knowledge to that group.

Q: Being down here instead of Albany. Does that give camp a different feel?A: It is a different feel. It's been nice, you're not as spread out. You're not having to drive to breakfast, drive to meetings, and drive back to lunch – you're always on the move. Where here, you come in, you stay here. Everything's right here in the building. I think it's very productive. I think it's been a good camp so far.

Q: Do you think the NFC East is going to be much tougher this year?A: I think the NFC East is always tough. Philadelphia, Cowboys, Washington – all of them are talented teams, good coaching. It's always, always tough each week in the preparation and the playmakers that they have. You have to be on top of your game and play a physical game and make smart decisions. I think it'll always be tough and competitive, which makes it fun.

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