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Q: After looking at the tape, how do you feel about the first preseason game?A: I thought there were opportunities and we had chances but we just didn't hit some. A lot of times in games, that is the difference between what's a good game and what is not, just hitting on those plays and things could have been different. I think you are always going to learn a lot from the first preseason game. Sometimes it is a good wake up call and things we need to improve on. Coaches and players think we know all the answers and we think we know all the stuff but then you get a new defense and new things and you see what you know and what you need to improve. It is a wake up call.

Q: Are you worried about the offense?A: No, not at all. I never get worried after a quarter and a half of the first preseason game. Again there were opportunities and chances for some big plays but we just didn't hit them in that quarter and a half. We have a good offense and we have good players and there are a lot of opportunities to score some points.

Q: How do you feel about the offensive line?A: I think our offensive line played very well. I thought the protection was very good in our dropback most of the night. The guys up front know what they are doing and they are good in the run and the pass so they should be great.

Q: Does it take time for the new pieces to gel?A: There are not a whole lot of new pieces. Each year you will have a few but I think guys know what they are doing. It is just a quarter and a half and we didn't get off to a fast start. That can happen in any game and we didn't turn the ball over, which is a big priority this year. No interceptions and no fumbles and that was a good start to fixing those problems that we had last year and that will keep us in games and give us opportunities.

Q: Are you happy things are settling down and the team is pretty much in place?A: I think things have been pretty settled for us, we just have to continue the path. We have to keep working and we have a good week of practice right here. We have five days of practice to get better and keep growing in the offense and make sure everybody is sharp. We have to figure out some things and make sure where people are going to be lined up for sure. You want to get that settled so guys know where they will be playing and we will continue to work on that.

Q: How good is it to know that Osi will be back practicing?A: It is always good to have all your guys and everybody is practicing and back. If you can eliminate distractions, that is always a positive.

Q: What do you think about David Baas?A: In David's situation, he has only had a week of practice and a lot has been thrown at him. He is in a whole new offense where most of the guys on the offensive line have been here six or seven years. We have grown as a unit and put in more calls and checks and put a lot more on the offensive line and quarterback to communicate. You can get a lot of it in practice but these preseason games are very important because things come up that maybe you haven't talked about or haven't come up in practice. A lot is going to happen but no fumbled snaps and no miscommunications between us so he will get better every practice and every game. He will get more comfortable with what's going on.

Q: Do you feel like the Osi situation has been a distraction?A: No I haven't. In preseason and training camp, you are just trying to get the plays down and worry about getting things settled. You want to get on the same page with the offense. I haven't been answering questions about it and it hasn't been a main concern. I was hoping that it did get worked out because we have other things we have to worry about.

Q: How good was it to see Hixon contributing?A: It was good. He has been a good player for us in the past and we missed him last year. He is a guy who can play a number of spots and can catch the ball. He is a tough player and it was good to see him back in the action getting some catches and back to his old self.

Q: Do you think he is more important considering the losses of key players this offseason?A: Yes I think so. He has been a starting receiver for us in the past. When Plaxico was injured, he played all the spots and had some big catches and some touchdowns for us. He is very dependable and a guy who can step up and make some big plays for us.

Q: What did the tight ends show you?A: I thought we blocked very well. Seeing Jake Ballard in the run game gives us a strong guy and held his own in that aspect. They had a few catches. One to Bear Pascoe and we hit Ballard on an inside option route. They did some good things. Again, we didn't have our whole package in there for them but it would be good to get Travis Beckum back so we can get him back in the action.

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