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QB Eli Manning Transcript


Q: Will it be weird seeing Plaxico Burress with the Jets?

A: I don't think it will be weird. You play in this league long enough, you're going to play against some [former] teammates. He was a great teammate for the Giants. We had a great run together. Things happen and he's with the Jets now and playing well. I'm happy for him and look forward to getting to see him. I haven't seen him in a long time so looking forward to seeing him before the game or after the game on Saturday.

Q: Did you even consider going to visit Plaxico Burress in jail?

A: I did. I thought about it a few times. It just never worked out. Just one of those deals. As soon as he got out, I called him a few weeks after and talked to him for a little bit. He sounded like he learned a lot and it changed his life.

Q: Was he disappointed that you hadn't visited him?

A: No, he didn't say anything like that. That didn't come up.

Q: Two games into Domenik Hixon's comeback, looks like he's his old self?

A: I think he's done a great job. In practice he's looked sharp catching the ball. Always knowing his assignment and then in the games he's made some big catches each week, a big touchdown last week. It's good to have him back and see him healthy and back to his old self.

Q: What more do you need to see from the offense in Week 3 of the preseason?

A: We have to get better on some things. There's still some areas of just understanding concepts of what we're trying to do. On third down, the execution's not where it needs to be. Part of that is too many third and longs. We need to get better at first and second down and losing some yardage on some stuff and penalties. There's always areas that we need to improve on. It's definitely better. There are still concepts and different things that we have to improve on.

Re: Tight ends

A: All of the tight ends have done a good job and catching passes in practice and stuff. That just depends on what we're trying to accomplish. We're not throwing the whole game-plan out there right now in preseason, but they're doing a good job. They have to be a big part of our offense and in our play action down the road.

Q: Did you see the highlights of Plaxico Burress in his first game?

A: I did. He looked good. Back to his old self. Seemed to be running well and making some good catches. Happy to see that.

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