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QB Perrilloux's extra set of eyes



Starting on Friday, the Giants strapped on a fist-sized video camera to the front of the quarterback's helmet as an experiment to rehash fundamentals from an intimate angle. The device is held in place by black nylon straps that fasten just above the ear holes and go all the way around, while another splits vertically over the top from front to back.

Doesn't sound like anything a veteran would give a first-year player a hard time for, right?

Not exactly.

"You know how that goes. I'm a rookie, I got the head thing on," Perrilloux said.

"You're going to get a little bit from the guys."

But it does serve a purpose.

"It's easy to get an end zone shot because you're getting it kind of from the sky and it's easy to get a wide view," he said. "But it's definitely a good deal when you're getting it from that level and that angle. The quarterback is seeing all that's in there and just seeing the way guys start here and move there. So it was a good deal."

Perrilloux will continue to test the helmet cam and did so during Saturday's final workout of training camp. The camera runs the whole time, and it even records audio to hear calls. Essentially weightless, Perrilloux forgets it's there until he takes it off.

"That's when I'm like, 'Oh my, I got this big contraption on my head,'" Perrilloux said. "But at the same time, it's definitely a great learning tool, and I think it's something that once we look at it, I think it'll be something we can learn from and continue to use."

Coach Tom Coughlin spoke about the trial run today and said the footage was "a little dark, not as clear as I was hoping."

"It just shows you where his eyes are so we are following his eyes to make sure they are going where they are supposed to be going as he sets," Coughlin said. "Whether he starts with the safety read, it's an area read or a directional read, if he is supposed to go in one particular spot first. You like to think they are going where they are supposed to be so you just put that on to check."

Perrilloux said he's here to grow as a professional quarterback and that he'll strap anything to his helmet that's asked of him if it helps achieve that goal.

"I'm willing to do whatever it takes to learn," Perrilloux said. "And if it's to put a camera on my head for coaches to trust me more with the decisions I'm making, I'm willing to do it."


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