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QB Rhett Bomar

Q: How much are you expecting to play Saturday?
BOMAR: I have no clue. I know we're a little bit banged up at the quarterback position right now, but whenever I go in, I go in. I'm just going to play it by ear all week.

Q: Eli was over on the sidelines smiling and kind of joking around with you guys. How's he doing right now?
BOMAR: Seems fine to me. Seems normal Eli. No matter what happens I'll lean on him for advice always if I play a lot or whatever. But Eli seems normal to me right now.

Q: Were you getting any advice during the practice today?
BOMAR: Eli's always helping out. He's a great guy to be around.

Q: Did you see what happened? Did you see how the whole play went down?
BOMAR: Yeah, I mean I saw what everybody else saw just watching it from the sideline. It was pretty crazy how he went down-a lot of blood and everything like that. But I saw what you all saw.

Q: You were pretty productive out there for your time on the field. Do you feel like you could build off that?
BOMAR: I do. That's what I plan to do, want to do. I felt comfortable out there. It was fun to be out there and play again after a year. Not getting to play a lot last year in the preseason, not getting many reps. To get out there the whole quarter will hopefully carry that over to the rest of the preseason games.

Q: Was there a run called or did you just scramble on your 23-yard run?
BOMAR: It was just a scramble. The coverage they were playing-it was third and long so they were kind of off with a man underneath, two deep. When they play that, nobody has the quarterback. So I stepped up, and I was checking out my route but then it kind of opens up so you have an opportunity to make a play.

Q: Do you think you'll get a lot of extra reps this week?
BOMAR: If I do, that's great. I need it. I need all the reps I can get being a young guy, and getting more reps this training camp than last year—but still limited. All the reps I can take, I'm happy to take them.
Q: Can you talk about the mentality of being a backup QB knowing that at any moment your role can completely change?
BOMAR: You always have to be ready. You can't really think of yourself as a backup. You have to prepare to be a starter, and of course your role as a backup I guess would be to just help out as much as possible. But you have to be ready at a moment's notice. I mean one play, you could be out there playing so you always have to be mentally prepared for that to happen.

Q: How tough is that?
BOMAR: I mean it's tough. Everybody wants to play, but only one person can play at the quarterback position and we have a great quarterback here. So I just try to learn as much from him as possible, and then when I get my opportunities, take advantage of it.

Q: In this situation where you're likely to get a lot more reps, do you prepare any differently? Or regardless of the game or the situation, do you prepare the same way?
BOMAR: I think I prepare the same way. I'll prepare like I did last week—watching film, going over everything. Every preseason game I prepare like I'm going to play because it's an opportunity to show the coaches what I have so I can't slack off because I have to be ready to produce when I go out there.

Q: So what are the challenges that you face from not playing as much as you would like to?
BOMAR: Just kind of getting in a rhythm. It's fun to get out there for like two or three series in a row instead of being out there for one. Just like in practice, you get six reps in a row. It's a lot better than going out there for one, two and you're out. So it's kind of being consistent out there and just getting the rhythm and flow of the game and just making plays.
Q: What would you tell the fans that don't know you so well in terms of your strengths?
BOMAR: My strengths? I don't know. I feel like that if something breaks down, I can run around and make the play. I feel like I'm more comfortable in this offense this year so I've been making smarter decisions. I feel like I can make the throws. I throw a lot more comfortably this year than I did last year. There's no doubt about that.
Q: Can you talk about that difference from last year to this year and just your mentality?
BOMAR: I think it's night and day. When you look at this offense, it's not easy and a lot of stuff is on the quarterback. Like I said, I try to learn a lot from Eli because he's got it down like pat. He's been here for seven years. So I'm still learning my second year in the system, but last year your head is spinning a little bit. You go out there and you get your first NFL action, and you don't get to play a lot, whatever. So this year it's a lot different.

Q: Football players being football players, as soon as you guys knew that Eli was OK, did you start giving him a hard time about his reaction to the blood and all that kind of stuff?
BOMAR: I haven't yet. I mean that was a—he took a shot. Eli's a tough guy. He hasn't missed a start since he's been playing. So I haven't really talked to him about that. He's fine.

Q: Are there more nerves going into a situation like this where you know now you're going to get more time so this is almost your opportunity to move up the depth chart?
BOMAR: I wouldn't say 'nerves.' I'd say it's excitement, anxious. It's a great opportunity to prove what I have, and it's what I've been looking for. I welcome all the reps I can get.

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