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Quotes (10/10): Coach Coughlin, LB Jon Beason

Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Neck spasms for Robert Ayers, is that something he has been dealing with?
A: No, he came in this morning with it. I think hopefully he will be fine.

Q: What can you do?
A: Treat him.

Q: I guess it's something you have to see on Sunday morning?
A: I hope it doesn't go that long, I hope he feels better tomorrow morning.

Q: How is Jon Beason doing? You list him as questionable. Do you expect him to get out there this week?
A: We will see. We will see tomorrow morning how he feels.

Q: How has Andre Williams responded this week? More first team reps.
A: He's worked hard, studied hard, I don't see any difference in how he prepares.

Q: The back and forth going on in the media and stuff this week. Have you gotten so used to it that you are able to keep these guys focused on what is at hand? Do you have to talk about it?
A: Well, you talk about it, naturally.

Q: What is your message?
A: Talk is cheap, play the game. That is my message.

Q: Are you surprised at how much guys have gone back and forth?
A: I am disappointed about that part of it, if that's in fact (what has happened). I don't read everything and I don't see everything, but I hear enough to know that. Some of them, quite frankly, don't know how to offer a compliment and then get out of the next question. You talk about cheese, there is cheese all over there in the locker room, evidently.

Q: Their center today was questioning your math because he said that Jason Pierre-Paul…
A: My student? Is that what he said?

Q: Were you amused by that at all?
A: I don't know how he went into the records and found out I wasn't a very good math student

Q: Apparently it was true, obviously. All that matters is going to take place on the field. Is there anything to this kind of thing, spicing up a rivalry or anything like that?
A: I would be the worst person in the world to ask that of because I really don't approve of it. I don't know what it has to do with anything, except sells papers and makes for talk show stuff.

Q: How about just the fact that with you and Dallas and Philadelphia, at the moment, it seems like it is a little bit old school to where it was three teams competing very heavily. Can you talk about the rivalries in the division and do you feel like maybe some of that stuff is getting spiced up a little bit now with the teams competing a little better?
A: There are two teams in the division that are 4-1, we're 3-2. The Washington Redskins have played very well against Philadelphia. This a long-standing, traditional, tough, hard-nosed division where for a long time the best football in the NFL was probably played in this division. I just think it is a part of that.

Q: When Parcells was here, he used to love to go down to Philadelphia and kind of get into with the fans a little bit. Do you enjoy that part of it, or do you have any fond memories?
A: No, I don't have any fond memories of that part. I enjoy going down and playing and being part of a team that is trying to play as hard as they can. The other part, I really don't have any stories to tell you about that.

Q: What do you expect from that atmosphere this weekend?
A: I think it will be a highly, highly, energized, highly enthusiastic crowd.

Q: Larry Donnell has obviously had a good season receiving? Have you noticed the improvement in the blocking?
A: Yeah, I thought he blocked a little bit better. During the course of this week, in particular.

Q: What are your expectations for Odell Beckham Jr. after last week, obviously a lot of positive things last week.
A: Hopefully he continues to improve, be stronger, his stamina improves, so he gets an opportunity to play a little bit more. Go out there and make plays.

Q: You have always put an emphasis on the special teams. You don't really have to do much just to show them what Eagles have done. Can you do anything different? Enhance it more? How do you prepare for it?
A: You prepare as hard as you can against the opponent. Go through your week of preparation and decide the best way in which you go about your business. Recognize the outstanding and the things that they are doing with their special teams, and you recognize the challenge and you go do it. Go try to do something about it. Nothing different takes place in terms of how you approach it, or teach it, or the amount of time spent on it. It is basically the same, and there is a cumulative effect over the weeks of your knowledge as a special teams player, of what people are trying to do and how they are going about it and what you have to do to counter it.


LB Jon Beason**

Q: How was your week health-wise and how are you feeling? Is there a substantial improvement between now and this point last week?
A: I think so. I didn't think that going in. I thought that the situation was what it was. With rest I thought this is where my toe is, but I took more time off. I am able to work in this week and obviously work in a little last week. More this week. It feels good. If it feels good, you go out there and push it harder. It has responded well, so I feel good about it.

Q: In your mind, is there any doubt that you are ready for Sunday?
A: The plan was to go day-to-day. Increase the work load, and we'll see. Unfortunately, I am at bay with doing what is right and trying to do what is best for the team. Being a team player and doing my job, and if called upon, I will be ready to go. I will give my best effort and be the best '52' that I can be.

Q: The turf in Philly, have you played there before… Is it forgiving?
A: We had a big win when I first got here last year. It is a tough place to play. Rowdy fans, which I love, dedicated fans, much like the Giants fans here. It should be a great atmosphere. I am accustomed to [the grass]. I played there last year. I don't see there being any issues. I heard they just re-sodded it, so who knows what it is going to feel like to be honest.

Q: The grass is something you guys have talked about a decent amount… How big is [it being a grass playing field] and what is the difference for you [between grass and turf]?
A: I think anytime you are trying to create something artificial as opposed to the real McCoy, emphasis on that right, I think there is always some give and take there. I never knew before dealing with the toe injury the difference between the turf and the grass. If I had my choice, the grass is much more forgiving. It is softer. Whereas the turf is not. We are going to have to move inside here soon because of the elements, and you go out and you practice and I will just be smart when I practice. Whereas on grass, I really don't have to think about it. Once it is time for the game, you'll feel good , you'll feel confident. I think being on the turf more often is going to give me that confidence that I can go out and get it done.

Q: You said you pushed it as the week went on… How far are you if at all from what you would be doing on a regular week if you didn't have any issues at all?
A: I think it has changed drastically since I got into the league. Whereas before, you had to take every single rep at practice, so you could see it. Obviously I am a big fan of that because of the conditioning part of it. I don't want to take any plays off because I have to play every down on Sunday. As I have gotten older in my career, it seems as if the philosophy has changed around the league. [Teams] are modifying reps. They are counting steps and speed. It is crazy what is going into it, believe it or not. For me, I think mentally that is where it is at. Dissecting Philly, studying Philly and trying to get a beat on what they do. They do such a good job of making everything look the same. The tempo is really what creates the illusion. Where the mishaps happen where you are trying to sub… 'What is the personnel. It looks the same, but it is different.' They do a great job offensively.

Q: Have you been able to do the things you feel like you need to do to get ready for them?
A: Yes. That is the good thing about it. We were in full pads on Wednesday. Now you get a chance to bang another man, put the toe against resistance, change direction and I felt fine Wednesday.

Q: You played around with your footwear a little bit… Have you settled on something?
A: We have a secret weapon. I can't tell you what it is. It is a special shoe. It is like the glass slipper. I feel confident in where we are in terms of what I am going to wear for a game, whether it is turf or grass, and I should be able to go out and get the job done.

Q: And you will kick field goals with it?
A: Yeah, for sure. Who is my guy that kicks and punts? Big Ben. If they call on you, punt the ball and get it done.

Q: When you first aggravated [the toe] you made a point of saying that you didn't want to be out there if you weren't going to go the whole game… Is stamina an issue for you Sunday?
A: When you work out you are not just working out your body. You are putting your body through a workout where mentally you are tough. You say, 'I've done this in the offseason. I have run longer, and lifted harder.' You expect to have that mental toughness where you know you are going to be tired and you know you are going to be beat up. That was my mentality early in my career. I have learned that you get put in situations where you are coming off an injury and you have to go out and play. And you got the job done. You got to that point where you got tired or fatigued, but you fought through it because mentally you are tougher. For me I have done some things that we don't have to load the toe to stay in shape. Now that I am getting the physical reps at practice, I feel good about it. I should be okay.

Q: Has it been weird for you to be out for this three-game winning streak because you have always said you cannot lead if you are not out there in the huddle? What is it like being put back on the field as the team has been playing well?
A: For me, it is tough because I recognize what is going on. I see that everyone is coming together. All three phases. From a defensive standpoint, we are playing really well. How does it change or how can you add to it when you throw in a new piece to the puzzle? It has been hard for me as a player because I want to see Jameel [McClain] out there. I think we have been talking about it for weeks amongst ourselves. Coaches don't even know this is going on. We get it. We are vets, so we know that I feel comfortable with '53' out there and he feels comfortable with '52' out there. If we need each other, then we will do it. The fact of the matter that everyone is starting to play well – you don't want to mess that up. I just want to go out there and do my job at a high level and I think we are still going to roll.

Q: You talk about playing all the snaps… You now have to last through 11 more games… Has the idea that maybe it would be in your best interest to not play all the snaps in order to last the remaining 11 games?
A: I think you are smart about it because we have that luxury. I took some snaps at WILL. They can change the formation and all of a sudden Jacquian [Williams] is the MIKE and I am the WILL and we both know it. Jameel knows both spots. [Mark] Herzlich, Spencer [Paysinger]. We have this great group of guys whose mental capacity of the group is probably the highest I have been around in my whole career. I think that is great. We have a great coach, but also guys care. We care about the preparation. We know that is huge. Especially when you have guys in front that depend on you and guys in the back end that depend on you. I think the physical part is, 'Hey, I haven't had those reps. I don't have that baseline conditioning of being at almost mid-season form like the other guys on the defense. Hey, go out there and do what I can.' If I can't, which I don't think would happen. But if I can't, 'Hey, 53 is great. He is ready to go and he is going to be a big part of what is going to happen on Sunday night.'

Q: Do you think you need to do that going forward in order to keep your foot healthy for the long term?
A: We are right where we need to be to make that long push into mid-season form. Obviously stay in playoff contention. Control our own destiny and we expect to be there at the end of the season.

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