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Quotes (10/16): McAdoo, Fewell, Quinn

Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo

Q: You always said that the offense was based on personnel. Now that you are without your best running back and your best wide receiver, how is the offense going to change? Or is it?
A: Well, our philosophy is when an injury happens, next man up. So we're going to stick with that. Our offense is personnel-driven and we're going to do what we can to get our players in positions to be successful. We've been training guys within the system since April 21, so we'll tailor it to their strengths and we'll go from there.

Q: You mentioned the cross-training a lot. How much has Odell Beckham been cross-trained for the slot role and if not, how much have you seen on film to let you know that maybe he could do that if you needed him to?
A: Odell, this is only his third week back into practice, so he's getting his football legs underneath him. He's getting in football shape. He's shown that he's smart and conscientious and willing to work and we're sprinkling those reps around now. We're training a bunch of different guys to take those reps and a bunch of guys have been taking those reps since April 21, so we'll plug and we'll play and we'll go from there.


Q: How different of a skill set really is it to move a player from outside to inside? **
A: Just because you're a slot receiver doesn't mean that you're a shifty guy or a quick guy rather than a fast guy. You can use different body types in there. Whether you're a big guy who is a physical type receiver, whether you're a long, linear guy that plays with speed or whether you're a short, quick type guy, there are all different kinds of slot receivers. Each of them do different things well.

Q: Is there any thought, though, since he's had minimal practice time with you guys, to keep him outside and let him get used to working there before putting more on his plate?
A: You could think that way, yes. But we train concepts here. We teach conceptually, so whether you're number one, number two or number three, you have to know what everyone has and how it impacts what you do. Sliding a guy in one slot or sliding him out one slot is different, but it's not a huge challenge.

Q: For a young guy, does he seem to be picking up those concepts reasonably quickly?
A: Absolutely. No reservations there as far as… he comes in, he's very attentive in meetings, he takes it out to the field, he practices it, he asks questions, he wants to be right and wants to learn and wants to know. He wants to be a good player. That's what I see.

Q: One guy who hasn't been here since April 21 is Kevin Ogletree. What have you seen from him and do you think he can contribute as soon as this week?
A: Yeah, he did today. He contributed today. He did a nice job in practice. He's a guy that, when you've seen him in the workout, he came in and he was able to speak the language, he was able to go out… a lot of times in those workouts, it's tough to get guys to run things the way you want to run them, but he could take what you were speaking verbally and put them to the walk. That was good to see. He was also able to come in there… when you're walking behind a guy a trying to show him around and walk him through some things conceptually, he was able to pick that up and go out. It's not his first rodeo. He's been around the block a little bit and he's highly thought of in the league.

Q: Probably one or two weeks ago, Tom Coughlin was talking about how Victor Cruz kind of changed what defenses did to try to give him a lot of attention. What do you feel like, what do you expect to see differently from defenses now that he's not there?
A: We'll wait to see on Sunday. We'll see how they're going to play us. We're going to have a plan, we're going to move some guys around. We're going to do what we do and put our guys in positions to be successful. We're going to see what the plan is from the defense and be able to adjust from there.

Q: You were able to get a certain level of execution from your offensive line in three games. How either stunned or dismayed were you by what looked like a massive, widespread drop off last game?
A: When you go out and you perform the way we did on Sunday offensively, it's a lot more than one position group and a lot more than one guy that takes the blame. And it starts here. I have to do a better job during the week, I have to coach better in the games. When you give up eight sacks, yeah, a lot of it falls on the offensive line, but it's not just the offensive line. There is plenty of blame to spread around. We came in, we watched the tape, we took our medicine, we coached, players took it. They were hard on themselves, but we moved on. You've got to move on in this league. If anything's hanging over your head, you're susceptible to a bad week the next week and we can't let that happen.

Q: Did the Eagles do anything differently than from what you've seen from other teams so far this year? Was there anything specific?
A: The Eagles are a well-coached team. They played great defense on Sunday night. They coach great defense and they kicked our butt.

Q: Did you try to maybe be a little more vertical in that game? Was that the intention going in?
A: Did we try to be more vertical? Everything we do is off a vertical stem, so I would say no.

Q: It looked like maybe some of the plays, before they got wrecked so quickly, it looked like you were maybe trying to get down the field a little more. Maybe Eli was going to have to hold the ball a couple of extra seconds as opposed to getting it out so quickly.
A: There may have been some of that but I wouldn't agree with that. There may be some, when it's second down and 10-plus and third down and 10-plus and third down and plus ten times in the game, it's a challenge, so you're going to have to hold the ball a little bit longer when you have 10 yards to go.

Q: You said you trusted Andre Williams last week. Anything that he did or didn't do to lessen that trust going into this week?
A: No, I trust Andre. He prepares like a pro, he's doing it this week. He went out and had a great run early in the game when he put his shoulder down and went after some positive yards. He did a nice job last week and we look for him to continue to improve.

Q: What's the line of thinking behind going in a shotgun in those situations and the benefit of that?
A: It's part of your film study.

Q: Specific against what the other team does?
A: Yes, what you do and what you see on tape.

Q: It seems like you either get a whole lot or really nothing from the tight ends in the passing game. Can you attribute that to something?
A: You'd like to get production from every group. Sometimes the coverage you're seeing depends on what you're calling and how that goes. On Sunday we didn't get a lot of production from… we didn't get enough production. That was widespread.

Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell

Q: Was the 149 yards rushing by LeSean McCoy [due to] his greatness or a lot of things you didn't do?
A: I think it was his greatness, and I think it was a little bit of both. Some of the things we didn't do. We didn't fit some of the runs properly. We didn't leverage the ball. We didn't apply some principles that we went into the game saying we were going to apply. Then he made some good runs.

Q: Moving forward to this next game, the challenge with [DeMarco Murray]…
A: Murray is playing extremely well. His vision is improved, in my opinion, from years past. Obviously the offensive line is a good offensive line, three number ones along the offensive line. The way they are complementing each other is going to be a challenge for us. The way we have approached it and the way we have practiced the last day or two days, I feel like we can bounce back and do a good job in the run game.

Q: You elected to go with a nickel package the whole game [against the Eagles]… What was the line of thinking behind that?
A: I won't discuss that. I have to play the team again. I am not going to discuss that.


Q: How concerned are you with the situation at cornerback? **
A: We have some guys who haven't played a whole lot that will have to come up and play. Is it a concern? The way that they have practiced the last two days, I feel better about it. When the game time comes, you never know how you will feel, but I feel confident in how we have prepared. I don't think we have given them too much to do. I think we are doing the right thing with our guys. We are going down to Dallas to get a win. I think what we are doing with the guys we are doing it with, we will get a win.

Q: How would you describe your feeling on if DRC [Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie] will play?
A: It is a medical decision and I don't have any. The guys that are practicing are going to go practice and I will play with the guys that are practicing. I don't really have a feeling on that.

Q: What is your trust factor with [Jayron] Hosley?
A: It is a great opportunity for him because now he is the next guy up, so to speak, as the nickel back. We are asking him to be the nickel back and focus on that job. We are asking him to perform at a high level in that job. We are not going to ask him to do too much from being a corner and being the nickel. We are going to ask to him to do that for us and see if we can get that level of expectation up for this football game.

Q: Do you still see the talent you saw a couple years ago in Jayron?
A: I do. I still see the talent. I think he has to speed up mentally. It is all between the ears with him. He has the talent. It is between the ears for him.

Q: With the situation in the defensive backfield, could we see Stevie Brown this week?
A: You could. That is a possibility.

Q: Who is the option behind Hosley… Who else do you feel comfortable in the slot?
A: I won't reveal that because I have to play Dallas and then I will be telling them some of my strategy.

Q: Antrel Rolle has moved down there [to the slot]… Are you averse to putting him there again?
A: I won't tell that because I have to play Dallas and I don't want them to understand some of the strategies that we are using.

Q: A lot of the time, your players stress, 'Do your job.' When you watch the film, do you see guys reaching and doing stuff they shouldn't be doing, which creates breakdowns?
A: We did that Sunday. We really tried to take advantage of some opportunities we thought we saw. It happened at a high rate of speed and we couldn't take advantage of those opportunities, so we went outside of the framework of the principles of what we wanted to do and so when we say do your job, if you just go and fit in spots you are supposed to fit in and trust that the next guy is going to be there in his spot, then we are going to be fine. We took some chances like, 'Oh, I am going to go make that play.' But we didn't make it.

Q: The Cowboys left tackle [Tyron Smith] is the NFC Offensive Player of the Week… Extremely unusual for an offensive lineman to win that award… What is the unique challenge with him?
A: He has improved in the time I have been here. He has really grown up and become a man at that position. You can see him when he pulls, he is out on the perimeter knocking guys down. He has changed his body, it looks like. He is physical. He is strong. When they really want to get it, they run behind him, so you can tell he is the lynchpin of the offense. Our best guy is on him. I think it will be a heavyweight battle with JPP [Jason Pierre-Paul] and [Smith]. The confidence that he is playing with, because he has been in their system, and they do what they do because of him. He is able to move out the first level guys, the defensive linemen, he is able to seal off the second level guy, be it a linebacker or safety, and he is just playing at such a high level right now that JPP and our defensive linemen have to play at their best to have a good shot to neutralize this guy. That is what you hope to do, neutralize him.

Q: When we look at snap counts every week when it comes to Damontré [Moore], we have asked you numerous times should it be higher, should he be out there more… Does the pace of the game or the style of the game dictate how much you can use Damontré…?
A: I think you hit it right on the head. It is the style of the game if we use him more. I think his snap count is around 20-25 plays per game right now. It is the style the opponent plays with that allows us to use him to the best of his ability.

Q: It doesn't necessarily mean just the opponent, it's about how the game is going. So if a team is running the ball, it plays to certain guys strength?
A: That is correct, yes.

Q: You have seen Tony Romo for a bunch of years. Is this the most comfortable you have seen him with the running game? It seems like he is not making those Tony Romo mistakes that he was somewhat known for.
A: He is not. The plays that he is making, he is making the Tony Romo plays, and his receivers are complementing him very well. We have all known Tony Romo to get out of the pocket and be very dangerous out of the pocket and throw one up and hope. It is not hope anymore, they are connecting and he is very comfortable in this offense. You can see sometimes he is chewing guys out because they are not in the spots they are supposed to be on the coaches' tape. So it seems like with that comfort level, that he knows where everybody is supposed to be. He knows what everybody is supposed to do and he is using that to his advantage and using his Tony Romo magic, so to speak, when he gets in trouble.

Q: Does that come from having that dynamic running game?
A: I think it does. They haven't run the ball as well in the past as they are running it right now. I think that takes a lot of pressure off of him.

Q: From your experience, does a defense almost need a bad game to find its identity?
A: No, as a defensive coach, hell no.

Q: Let me re-phrase that, is there any way that it can be a positive?
A: There is a way it can be a positive. You get knocked down, so you've got to get back up again, and when I say get back up again, not in the sense that, 'Hey, you've got to dust your pants off, you've got to find that fire, that energy and that cockiness that you may have had.' You've got to step back and say, 'Okay, I've got to go back to work, I've got to work even harder, I've got to focus even more,' because it is not just natural. It is hard work that got us here. Not that our guys haven't been working hard, I am not saying that. As a defense, you go back and say, "There is more I can do, there is more I can give, there is more I can study, and I can prepare a lot more and a lot better." So that is what it does to a defense. It prepares you even more to do more to defend an opponent.

Q: Jacquian Williams was a 100% snap guy pretty much almost every game until this last one. Is that rotation between the three of those guys something that is going to continue moving forward or was that depending on the opponent?
A: No, as you know, Philadelphia plays with a fast pace, and even though it was a cool night, if you are playing hard, you are going to get winded. We had the opportunity to have a three-linebacker rotation in that football game. We tried to take advantage of that, a three-linebacker rotation, because of the pace of the game, the speed of the game, and the style of how we played the game.

Q: What did you think of Jon Beason's first game back and how much more do you think he can give after another week under his belt?
A: He was rusty. He did some good things, I'm not saying he didn't. He did some good things. We have such a high level of expectation out of Jon Beason. There were some plays out there that when you go back there and look at the tape in the ball game and saying, 'Jon Beason would've made that play.' With more practice, more reps and more looks, he is going to make those plays for you. I would look for him to be even better this week.

Q: How comfortable are you with Zack Bowman?
A: Very comfortable. Zack Bowman has played against [the Cowboys] and had a lot of success against these guys when he was in Chicago. I am very comfortable with Zack Bowman if he has to play. **

Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn**

Re: The Cowboys and the return game.
A: I think Dwayne Harris is always a threat; he is a very strong runner, very physical, very north-south, tough to get down. When you look on tape, he is going forward on contact.

Q: Have you seen around the league that is has been difficult for guys to get to the 20 this year on kick returns, or is it just that some weeks it seems like it is more of a problem?
A: Some weeks it seems like it is more of a problem, but some teams regularly do and other teams struggle to do it, and I think everyone is…it's a little early in the year to be over-anxious to take balls out that they probably shouldn't, so that is probably a factor.

Q: As the year goes on, less balls get taken out of the end zone.
A: Balls are not kicked as deep because of the weather.

Q: Did you like what you saw from Michael Cox?
A: I did. He made some strides last year, made some strides in preseason. He is someone that is always growing and expanding his role, which is a good as a third running back.

Q: Was that just a function of Quintin Demps playing more snaps on defense that you wanted to get somebody in there?
A: Yeah, you like Quintin Demps to be the guy, but if he had a long series, which he did, we will go with the fresh guy and stay with him. We like the way he runs vertically and is a strong runner.

Q: At the end of the half, you put Odell Beckham Jr. back there to return a punt. Just looking for a homerun there?
A: No, it is just, if he is ready to go, he will be in.

Q: Do you expect him to be there from now on?
A: Yeah, him and Preston Parker are two of the guys that we trust back there.

Q: Do you ever have to discuss the video board hanging over the field with Steve Weatherford going into this game?
A: No, he has played down there enough; that is not a factor.

Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Any concerns about playing in Dallas?
A: I'll defer to… no, we're going down to play a football game. That's what we're concerned about.

Q: Where is Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie?
A: He's getting some inside work done.

Q: How balanced is Dallas now than maybe ever before considering the emergence of DeMarco Murray as being a big-time back.
A: There's no emergence, he's been a heck of a football player for all of the years that I've been around watching him. They're balanced, they run. They have a greater run ratio, as you know, but it also gives them the play-action game and they spread the ball around and they have some very, very good football players.


Q: Yesterday you said you thought Dominique would work. **
A: I did. I thought he would. I wasn't sure, but as it is, he's not.

Q: Is it something they're trying to figure out or…?
A: I think they're working on trying to get him to where he can do something.

Q: Did anything happen between the time that you...?
A: No, not at all.

Q: Can he play without practicing? Is he be one of those guys?
A: We'll have to see what his status is like. I would lean towards I think he could, but I think he's got a ways to go to get there.

Q: Does the bye influence that decision at all of whether you play him?
A: No. You're asking me on the spot, I'd say the bye has nothing to do with it. If he can play, he'll play. If he can't play, he won't play.

Q: Obviously you've used him to move around a little bit. It makes it a little harder to game plan if you don't know how much he can do. Is that out of the question now to specifically make that game plan around him and a guy like Dez Bryant?
A: It's not necessarily around him and it never is even when he moves. There are certain situations where even when he was going with the receiver, that he stayed at home. That would be the same kind of deal.

Q: Does it worry you if you don't have him against a guy like Dez? That seems to be where his skills fit.
A: Hey, we have to be able to go out and play as best we can with the players that we have.

Q: How has Jayron Hosley looked?
A: He's working. He's coming along.

Q: After two practices, are the roles of the receivers more defined now? Are you getting a better sense as to who's going to do what?
A: I think we've always had a pretty good sense of that. (Kevin) Ogletree, of course, we don't know, so we have to look at that. I think we have a handle on that part.

Q: Do you view Ogletree as a guy who can play inside in the slot?
A: I think he can. If he had to, he could.

Q: He's primarily an outside guy though?
A: No. Just wherever we want to use him and need him.

Q: Does Dallas provide a different challenge now offensively than they have in the past because they're clicking on all cylinders?
A: It's always a very big challenge to play the Dallas Cowboys.

Q: The production of the tight ends has really gone down the last couple of games. When you look at that, is it more what they're doing? More what you're not doing? Personnel?
A: It's a combination of all of the above, to be honest with you. We were having, as you know, good production and kind of backed off a little bit and it's remained at a low level, in the passing game, not necessarily in the all-around area. It needs to step up. We need that balance.

Q: Jon Beason was full yesterday. Was he full today?
A: Yeah, he's full today.

Q: Coming inside on the turf, were there concerns for you?
A: Sure, absolutely. We discussed that and we put an X number of snaps on his day and that's where we are.

Q: Is Justin Pugh dealing with something with his elbow or his arm?
A: He's had an elbow. He's had that (brace) on forever. Where have you been? Have you not seen it? You're not watching very good.

Q: When you look at Beason, he got a lot of snaps last week.
A: What are you talking about? Are we back on the game?

Q: Well, moving forward how much more do you think… did he shake off the rust he needed to shake off?
A: I think he's making good progress, yeah. I think you're right about shaking off. He obviously was rusty in the game, but he's getting better and he feels better and the coaches feel better about his ability to get back and be ready to go and be the player we know he can be.

Q: Do you feel you've seen the Beason you saw last year?
A: I would say that he's coming and approaching that. His energy and enthusiasm is the same, it's just that he's not practiced or played very much. He needs that. We all do.

Q: Do you anticipate, if he's capable of playing a full game, to still rotate between the three guys?
A: They'll all get to play. They'll all play.

Q: In the nickel as well? All three of them?
A: We'll see how that goes but they're all going to play. Because of the personnel combinations that Dallas uses, there will be plenty of snaps for everybody.

Q: Is there still a spot for Devon Kennard in regards to defense or is that something he's…?
A: We have to have him ready to go.

S Stevie Brown

Q: Any chance at all that your role might be increasing, getting some of your snaps back?
A: I don't know. They will let you all know everything, they always double check on that, that's about really all it is.

Q: When you are a guy who didn't come off the field, it's like a cold turkey situation. You go from 70 to 0 sometimes, right?
A: Yeah

Q: That's got to be difficult?
A: Yeah, it is definitely difficult. Anybody who competes wants to be out there on the field, so not being able to be out there is definitely not the situation I want to be in.

Q: How do you think you can help?
A: I always feel like I can help. In any capacity, whatever they need me to do. It is all I am trying to do every single day, out there practicing. Whenever I do get in there in the game, whatever role it is.


Q: Did you see a reduction, I guess, in your abilities after the surgery? **
A: No, it's nothing like that. I just wasn't playing the smartest football; it has nothing to do with my abilities.

Q: It wasn't physical?
A: Nah, not at all.

Q: Do you see any light at the end of the tunnel? You've still got a lot of games left here that at some point you can find yourself back on the field.
A: You never give up in any situation. Always go out there and just continue to work hard. Unfortunately, sometimes injuries happen in this game, sometimes bad plays happen in this game. Things always happen, so you've always got to stay ready, so you can never be out.

Q: You said you hadn't played the smartest football. You're a guy who has played, just a couple lapses early in the season here?
A: It is more so anticipating instead of playing my technique. I was trying to gamble. Can't gamble.

Q: A lot of interceptions a couple years ago. Was some of that the result of gambling or was that smarter play?
A: It was probably smarter play then, I think I was trying to force the issue right now, and you know you can't force it.

Q: Do you feel you learned that lesson?
A: Yeah, definitely have.

Q: When you get back out there, you will not…
A: Definitely, now it is just my time, whenever my time comes again.

LB Jon Beason

Q: In years past when the Giants have played the Cowboys, [Tony] Romo has made a living out of creating busted plays and making big ones… Is that one of the biggest fears when you play him?
A: Yeah, I don't think it is exclusive to the Giants. I think over his career he has been that wild quarterback. He is great in the moment, elusive and he will make that throw that will really break your back. He is doing that consistently now and that is the reason they have won five in a row.

Q: Knowing how your secondary has taken some lumps these last several weeks, how important is it for the front seven to do what you guys have to do to make things easier for the reserves back there?
A: I think that is what [the Cowboys] are doing well. You look at them and they are the most efficient team on third down because they get in third and short because they run the ball so well. It will be all eyes on us up front to stop the run. Then we will worry about all the talent they have outside and, obviously, Tony Romo.


Q: After a game like the one you guys played in Philly where it seemed like nothing went right defensively… How much do you want to get out there? **
A: Whenever you lose the first thing you want to do – Sunday can't get here fast enough. To lose in that fashion, you never want that to happen, but that is the gift and the curse about this league. When a game is over, it is finite. Whatever happened is on film. It is there forever. Twenty-five years from now you can pull it up and watch it. That is the nature of the business. You have to have a short memory, whether it is a successful play or a successful game or the contrary.

Q: What about discipline up front… Some of the guys were saying the discipline wasn't there with [LeSean] McCoy… Was that disappointing and how much better does it have to be?
A: McCoy is unlike any other back. You see a play developing as a linebacker and say, 'Coach, they ran this play or they ran that play.' McCoy will start that way and then bounce. We say all gaps are live. You never know what he is going to do. They give him that free range ability to cut back when he is not supposed to or bounce it when he is not supposed to. Obviously we didn't do a good job of bottling him up and tackling. We know that starts with us. When you give up 200 yards rushing, there is definitely a problem. We need to fix that right away.

Q: What about the difference this week and the challenge of facing [DeMarco] Murray?
A: Murray is a power back. He has speed. He is elusive. He runs hard. He plays every down. He is the complete package. Their offensive line has done a great job if you look at what they have done collectively. [They] have opened up some big holes and are playing together. They are playing very, very physical, so we have to match that on Sunday.

Q: How about practicing two days in a row 'full' for you?
A: I am still limited. I would like not to be, but everything is about Sunday. It is really on the back burner right now and out of my mind in terms of how many snaps I am taking at practice. I just know that I am ready to go and try to get this win on Sunday.

Q: Did you like what you saw on film of yourself [on Sunday]?
A: I thought I moved pretty well. I read the plays well. I would like to be more active. I don't know who is charting stats, but I don't do that. It is tough when there are a lot of guys on the ball. Nevertheless, if that is the starting point coming off of an injury with limited amount of practice, then I was somewhat happy. [I] made it through the game and obviously I want to build on that and I know I can play a whole lot better. I have to play better.

Q: How important is for you to be on the field for a win?
A: Right now, I am messing it up. When I play, we don't win. That is something I talked about going into the game. You say, 'Do your job and do it hard and hopefully you can be a reason why we win instead of a reason why we don't.

WR Rueben Randle

Re: assuming more of a leadership role among the wide receivers
A: I'm not going to change who I am, I've just got to go out there and lead by example pretty much.

Q: Do you have to anticipate what defenses will do to you now that Victor Cruz is not around or do you just sort of…?
A: I've just got to continue to do what I'm doing and whatever they throw at us, we have to adjust to it.

Q: You're a quiet guy, it seems like. Do you feel like you have to be more vocal in the receiving room?
A: Not much. I mean, I might have to say something here or there, Coach might ask me to do that, but I don't think I have to get up and give any speeches or anything like that.

Q: Ben McAdoo has always said that this offense is predicated on personnel rather than set plays. Now that the personnel has changed, do you think the offense is changing a little bit?
A: No, it's still the same. I think everybody can be interchangeable at the position so I don't think you're going to change the offense around because…. It's an unfortunate situation.

CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Q: What is the biggest problem now for you?
A: It is the same thing. Problems down my leg on the entire right side. I am just trying to rest it and get it right.

Q: Do you feel that you could play even if you don't practice much or at all this week?
A: No. You definitely need that time on the field because you have new things in. It is definitely hard to play without practicing.

Q: Did you expect to practice this week or the last two days… Coach Coughlin said he thought you were going to practice yesterday and then later in the day you weren't out there… Did anything happen in that time or is it worse than you thought?
A: No. I definitely thought I would be back by today. You want Thursday and Friday to get that time in, but definitely looking to push forward and [practice] tomorrow.

Q: You feel you are making progress?
A: Yes ma'am.

Q: You have the bye week next week…Do you have to look at it that way and think of it as an option because it may benefit you long term?
A: No, not really. You have that whole week to rest so you have to take that week to get treatment. I am just trying to make it there.


Q: Have they talked to you at all about any possible procedures? **
A: No

Q: They just said what…?
A: Rest. That is all.

Q: Rest is not easy to get during the season… Do you have to shut it down at some point for a couple of weeks just to get it right or is it something you can fight through?
A: I think I can fight through it. I do come out a lot. I came out last game. I think with a little bit more rest and with the bye week, everything will be a go.

Q: What sort of treatment are you getting?
A: Rest, stem and icing. That's it.

Q: You don't know yet about [your playing status] for this week?
A: No.

Q: Are you confident you can play?
A: Yes sir.

Q: Are you concerned that if you can't get this under control that you are going to start compensating and that leading to more problems?
A: Kind of, but at the end of the day, if you can go, you can go. You don't want to hurt it further and be out any longer. That is a decision you have to make.

Q: Whatever it is that is specifically bothering you, have you ever had that injury before in your career?
A: No.

Q: How shaken does that make you that you are dealing with something you have never had to face before?
A: It kind of does play with your mind, but at the end of the day, as long as I can get out there and move around, I am not too much worried. It can't be that serious.

Q: What percentage do you think you are playing at right now?
A: 60 percent.

Q: That is upsetting…?
A: Yes. At the end of the day, you want to be out there and try to fight. If you get your rest and go in the game and I feel good, I will feel good. I get to banging out there and things go different. Hopefully with enough rest this week, I will be alright.

Q: You think that you can play on Sunday… Did you say you didn't think you would be able to play without practicing?
A: Yes, I don't think anybody can just show up on Sunday and play. You definitely need that time to understand the route concepts and there's so much film work [to study] to do that you have to be able to get on the field and do.

Q: So that means you would expect to practice tomorrow?
A: Yes, sir.

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