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Quotes - 10/18: Gilbride, Fewell

COACH TOM COUGHLINQ:  Update on Bradshaw:
A: He's limited.

Q:  How did he look out there?
A: Limited.

Q:  Do you expect him to take on a full load Sunday?
A: I do.


OC KEVIN GILBRIDEQ: Update on Hakeem NicksA: He's getting better. Unfortunately, it's a lengthy process getting back to where he was. He is definitely better this week than he was the week before. You're encouraged by seeing him do some things maybe he couldn't have done last week. It's a matter of just continuing to see that growth and return to where he was before he was injured.

Q: How do other guys feed off of him on the offense?A: I think there's a respect that defenses have for him so there has to be a focus on him to a point where he'll help open up some opportunities for some other people. I think he makes plays as he did down the sideline, he made a terrific catch and we missed him on the third play of the game, which would've been a touchdown where he had a great release. He still gives you some things that are very special. The more of those types of things that he can do, defenses have to start gearing their plans and gearing where they lean with their safeties towards him and that opens up opportunities for other guys.

DC PERRY FEWELLQ: Your thoughts on last Sunday and just the way you executed with a bunch of different looks. Is that about as complete a performance as you guys have had?A: It was a good performance by us. I thought the guys were ready. It was one of those situations where our kids were locked in, they were focused and you want them to do that every week. If we can capture that in a bottle, that would be great.

Q: You used Mathias Kiwanuka a lot on the defensive line, is that something you guys will do moving forward?A: That was a specific game plan situation. We felt like we were going out on the west coast and we had to have a good rotation because we did a couple of things different with JPP and so it was a specific game plan situation for us.

RB AHMAD BRADSHAWQ: How is your foot?
A: I feel good. There's no setback and I'm ready to go.

Q: Is it from the same stress fracture?
A: No. I think I just got stepped on in the game and just hurt the bone a little bit, but I'm cool.

Q: Talk about the offensive line and the job they've been doing the last few weeks.
A: They've been fighting. We've been fighting together. They have been doing great. They've been getting a lot of movement up front. That's all we ask for is to create the holes and we try to find the holes and run through them. We have just been getting a lot of movement up front and that's what we asked for.


Q: Does facing the option and a running QB feel a little more familiar now that you have seen Cam and Colin Kaepernick?
A: No. We haven't seen this kind of option. It's a completely different option and he's running it at a different speed. I think he throws the ball as well as pretty much anybody we've seen, so he's an outstanding football player.

Q: When you look at their running game, is that similar to what you saw last week from the 49ers or is this sort of a different style of running?
A: More dynamic because they have a lot of people who can run the football, a lot of people they try to get the football to and the quarterback is the fastest guy on the football field, so it's different. San Francisco, they pound you and all that type of stuff and run a little option, but for the most part, these guys are just a dynamic offense and then they fake and then they throw the football; a very good team and a very good quarterback.

Q: Is he no longer Bob?
A: Sir. His name is Sir Robert Griffin. That's what I refer to him now.


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