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*Transcriptions from Thursday's practice: *

Offensive Coordinator Mike Sullivan

Q: What was it like calling the plays last week against Denver?

A: It was a great night for the organization. So proud of the players and appreciative of their efforts and buying into the plan. The assistant coaches did a great job and after all we've been through, for us to be able to go out there in that environment against that defense and to come out on top was something very gratifying and very happy for those guys.

Q: What is it like as a coordinator not calling the plays?

A: Well, the goal, first and foremost, is always to win. And whatever the responsibility that I have, whether it's to call the plays, or to assist [Head Coach] Ben [McAdoo] and him calling the plays, is what I want to do to the best of my ability. When I'm not calling, it really is more a matter of listening to what's being said, in terms of what he's calling, and then getting some feedback from [quarterback] Eli [Manning], assessing what's happening with my own eyes, talking to the other coaches, communicating with the other coaches, communicating with the players. Kind of the what-ifs and suggestions about what we could do next and so on and so forth. You're involved, it's definitely, like you said, a different perspective, from the standpoint of a rhythm because, ultimately, what is sent in is what's sent in and you just do the best you can to, like I said, to support that play call.

Q: Was there any added adrenaline Sunday night, knowing all week that you were going to be calling the plays?

A: You know what? The preparation is something that we talk to our players about, how you trust your training, and you zero in on everything that is going to be required to be ready for the game. And I think that, whether it's our players or from a coaching standpoint, the more you can do the same thing over and over and study and prepare and certainly any game, regardless of what I think a coach's role is, there's adrenaline and there's excitement. We're very fortunate and blessed to be able to do this, but once the game starts, it's in that zone and just kind of zero in and not really getting caught up in anything other than that call and then what the potential next call would be.

Q: During the game when you aren't calling the plays, how much did you and McAdoo communicate?

A: There was a few times. He was excellent throughout the week, very supportive, and certainly on game day as well. There were occasions, just in terms of him giving some feedback and a suggestion here or there. But he was very, very good, in terms of, very positive, as I mentioned. We just were able to do everything like we typically do, in terms of trying to get the information from Eli and to Eli, and then to the backs, or then to the offensive line and just kind of go through and bounce ideas off of everybody in terms of what's the next best approach for the next series.

Q: Going into the game, was the plan to run?

A: Every game is different, I know you've heard that a thousand times, but I think we always have to look at who we're playing, the level of talent that we're going up against, the scheme, and then where we are, from both of those perspectives. And I think given the circumstances of last week, where we were with all the injures, with so many new guys – and quite frankly, try to do something that sometimes you want to stay away from a team's strengths, other times maybe you can catch them off guard by attacking their strengths. And I think the guys, as I said early on, credit to those players for, despite all of the adversity and all of the disappointment, frustration and buying in and knowing early on, hey, we're going to grind this thing out, and it's not going to be pretty. It's going to be second-and-nine, it's going to be second-and-10. We joked a little bit about, on one hand, of having that game being on the road actually may have been a good thing, so that you're not showered down with the boos after a second-and-10, or a second-and-11 because we were going to be patient. And that was just a mindset of just trying to grind them down and do something that they weren't necessarily expecting, hadn't necessarily prepared for. And again, just couldn't be more proud of all of the players, for going out there and being persistent for four quarters.

Q: What was it that allowed running back Orleans Darkwa to break free on his 47-yard run last week?

A: Well, it was very good execution up front. It was actually a play that we have in various personnel groupings, and they gave us a look that was advantageous and just the techniques, the aim points. [Offensive linemen] Ereck Flowers, D.J. Fluker, Brett Jones, JJ [John Jerry], Justin [Pugh], the whole crew. Rhett [Ellison] was the tight end, I believe. And then Orleans hit it with great discipline. Sometimes there are things that – aiming points are where we want the back to hit, and it might not look great and some guys, they start looking up ahead and they get impatient, or they get skittish. He hit it hard. Eli did a good job, as he always does, in terms of directing things and the operation and putting us in the best play and directing the play to the best look and I think it all came together in that particular play and we're very fortunate in that regard.

Q: What did you think about OL D.J. Fluker's play?

A: I think D.J. is a guy that the physicality that we had seen in previous games was definitely on display that night. I mean, he's a guy that just brings a lot of energy. He's a fun guy to be around and he loves football and his strengths are going to be his strength and his size and the more we can try to do the things that are going to accentuate that – I think that's going to put him in a good position. But, like so many of the players, the thing you like about D.J. is that when it does not initially go right, when things – maybe he misses a block or maybe he doesn't redirect well enough on a pass protection or whatever the case may be. Or maybe we as an offense don't do well. He's one of the guys that you always see there on the sideline that's constantly trying to lift everybody's spirits and be encouraging and be positive and so his energy, as I mentioned, as well as his size and strength are things that make us better.

Q: Can play by an offensive lineman energize the line?

A: Absolutely. I think, especially when you look at one of the particular, there was the two big blocks that he had on inside plays that – one was the 47-yarder that you mentioned. The other one was really just a three or four-yard gain, but it was just such a devastating block that everyone sees on the sidelines, some of the defensive guys see and you look at the film room afterwards, and it does bring about just a sense of pride in the unit and just guys feeling confident, more confident I should say, in one another and there is that spark. You mentioned that in terms of certainly it's something you tend to think about in terms of an explosive play and don't get me wrong, I'd love to have those and those would be great and those would bring some energy, too, but when you talk about wanting to be tough-minded and tough physically and have that type of mentality that shows up from a physical standpoint – that is something that can help you out and it certainly helped us last time.

Q: On the 47-yard run and other plays, was RB Orleans Darkwa lined up closer to QB Eli Manning because of a scheme?

A: We try to vary that quite a bit and that's something that's important for us to make sure depending upon, as you'd imagine, there's certain – if it's pass plays, we want to make sure we have him at a certain depth. If you only do that for pass plays, you're tipping your hand. If you only have him in a certain depth, that tips your hand. So, we try to vary that depending upon what the scheme is and then have a pass play off of that so that we're not too predictable.

Q: It seems like he burst through the hole pretty quick on a few plays.

A: The guys did a great job up front. I mean, on that specific play you're talking about. You talk about critical plays in a game, you know, our defense had just done an outstanding job stopping them down there and that's the noisy part of that stadium. It's all noisy, but that's an especially noisy part and we used some cadence down there to see if we could maybe get them to jump off sides. They didn't quite jump off sides, but it did get a little bit off balance and, again, if they can be a little bit off balance and we're able to fire off on the ball, that's going to be an advantage for us. So, the three inside guys did a great job on that particular play you're talking about.

Q: You seem to run traps and more outside zone than you have in the past. How much were you able to open up the playbook for the run game?

A: I think it just, as I mentioned earlier, based upon what the opponent does schematically, and based upon who they have in specific spots, that's going to really drive the train with regard to maybe, as you mentioned, an outside zone play being more effective for us. We have multiplicity in the playbook – both run and pass. But, there's going to be certain games with a wide variety of factors we talked about where one is going to be featured more than the other.

Q: Does it have to do more with you guys running in certain formations?

A: If I think I'm following you, certainly when you have different personnel groupings, whether body types. I think what we're talking about is if there's more tight ends or if there's more receivers, I think in any offense, all throughout the league and even at the collegiate level, there's going to be certain runs that are going to be more effective and you're going to kind of hang your hat on more. So, based upon that, that would be an accurate statement.

Q: What have you seen from OL Brett Jones?

A: Well, Brett Jones is someone that we're very, very pleased with that is on our team. He's a hard worker. I always love getting a Brett Jones question because the guy, just all he does is work his butt off and he's very smart. He's a team-first guy and his teammates respect him immensely. There is that – Kim just asked about as far as D.J. Fluker's big block – you know, he's another guy that doesn't have necessarily a lot of the eye-opening blocks that people will see up on TV when they watch it on TV or up in the stands. But, he has an ability just to be very persistent, stay on guys and particularly when he's blocking back. He's done a good job with that because he's got good technique and he's strong and he's tough, so that helps.
Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo

Opening Statement: Beautiful day. Enjoy that. We had two really nice days. Hopefully, that reflects what will happen on Sunday, but that's not guaranteed. So, with that, I'll open it up.

Q: What was the big turning point for the run defense last week?

A: I don't know if I can put my finger on it other than they had the – early in the game, we had a couple with some pressures and stops that I think our guys got a little confidence in the run game. They came with the right attitude, I'll tell you that. They were determined to stop the run and that doesn't always mean you're going to stop it because the team you're playing has something to say about that, too. But I think we were all encouraged by that. Hopefully, we'll continue. Again, there's no guarantees this week. It's a whole new challenge.

Q: How great is it to have CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie back?

A: Yeah. Yeah. It was good to have him out there. He enjoys football. We enjoy that.

Q: Does he fit right back into where he was?

A: I'm going to tell you this right now – I'm not going to answer those questions. I'll tell you why. I'm not telling Seattle what we're doing and I hope you can respect that and appreciate it. We're going to do whatever we're going to do and we'll do it on Sunday.

Q: How big of a loss is DE Romeo Okwara?

A: Yeah. Yeah. It was discouraging for him and disappointing for us that he had to go on injured reserve. Now we have to find ourselves another defensive end. I mean, Avery (Moss) has stepped in there. But, you know, Romeo will have to fight through it to come back. I mean, it's the old next man up, right? That's what we have to do. Can't control it.

Q: You have DE Cap Capi now.

A: Capi. Yeah. He's – well, we don't know a lot about him because we didn't get him until after training camp and it's really hard once you get into the season to evaluate some of these talents with regards to playing in a real game. You don't want to use your team reps or the reps you get on the field for someone that's not going to play in the game. So, it's really, really difficult. I mean, his effort has been great and if we have to use him, we'll use him, but I don't really have a good feel.

Q: What have you seen from DE Avery Moss?

A: I think he's made really good jumps since he's been here. I mean, I thought it was obvious when he first got here and Pat (Graham) and I talked about it that he looked like a fish out of water just because, you know, small school. But, I think he's really come along. I think he's got a little more confidence. The guys trust him a little bit more and the system obviously feels a little bit more comfortable for him, so we'll move him around a little bit. We've probably put a little pressure on him playing in different spots, but that's what he's got to do if you're a backup defensive starter.

Q: What's the difference in dynamic for a coordinator when it comes to calling plays or not calling plays?

A: I'm not sure I can answer that because I've never done it. I don't know that I'm an expert on that. Probably just give advice as you go. I don't know that. I mean, the closest thing I had was when I was a head coach in St. Louis and we had a defensive coordinator. The two of us – we kind of worked together on calls just bouncing things off each other during the course of the game. But, other than that, I don't know it the other way around, to be honest with you.

Q: Knowing offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan like you do, how do you see him as a play caller?

A: I think he's great. I'm happy Mike is here. I'm glad we both got back together whatever year it was. It's been a few years now. I got a lot of respect for the person he is and the way he coaches football. He's a great asset to us.

Q: What can you say about LB Nigel Harris?

A: Found his way back to New York, right? He's back. Hard for me to get a real good feel. He's a guy – I know he's athletic and I have a relationship with a coach down at his college and he says good things about him, so from what we know right now, it's really positive. His role initially is going to be special teams, so he's got to kind of cut his teeth that way fully and then slowly but surely, hopefully we can get him segued into being a linebacker, but it's going to take a little while.

Q: What did you find as a head coach you could do more of when you weren't calling the plays?

A: I lost you on that.

Q: When you're the head coach and now all the sudden you're not calling the plays, what were you able to do?

A: Well, I mean, when you're the head coach, no matter what – whether you're calling it, involved fully, half – you're still managing the game. I don't think that part changes. I guess if you're not thinking about the next play on defense or on offense, you could be focused on other things. But, there's a lot of guys in this league that function as head coaches managing the game and call the plays. I mean, they're all over the league. So, you're certainly able to do it one way or the other. More minds, the better, I guess. Too many minds can mess it up, too. But you have to find that balance, and I'm sure that's what Mike (Sullivan) and Ben (McAdoo) did last week.

Q: CB Eli Apple and S Darian Thompson, both young players, looked like they bounced back last week.

A: I'm glad you asked about both of them. I thought they played really good games, too. Look it, in this game, at the level that they play, as competitive as it is, and everybody we go against has really good players, too. To me, when you can gain some confidence, then you automatically become a better football player, in my opinion. So I think both those guys, slowly but surely, have gained confidence. When you go to Darian, there's no denying it, in our minds, he's really a rookie. I mean, he only played a game and a half last year, then spent the whole year on injured reserve. He's finally finding his way. I know this – the guy's got confidence (inaudible) and that was the first thing.

Q: Was that vintage DE Jason Pierre-Paul in Denver?

A: Yeah. It was pretty good. Now, we can always find plays where we need him to be better. I'm sure he feels the same way. I thought his comment that I happened to see. Look, we're going to make mistakes, but effort can outweigh that all the time. And, I think all the guys kind of focused on that.

Q: It seems like S Darian Thompson picked up his game after his interception against the Chargers.

A: Confidence. Confidence. I go back to Landon Collins the same way. People tagged Landon as a guy who couldn't catch the ball and now he's kind of (inaudible) because he worked at it and Darian Thompson has done the same thing. So, hopefully it'll be a spark. We'll see.

Q: What have you thought about the spark to S Landon Collins' season?

A: Well, you know, he's fighting the injury right now and that kind of slows him down. I don't know. I don't sit back and assess it and put it in a – again, I think somebody asked me the same thing. I think you're better off asking Landon how he feels. I mean, I just do it week by week. I know what we need him to do this week. Last week is behind us. We do talk about mistakes we make and don't repeat them and hopefully he's not repeating them.

Q: Can you talk about CB Eli Apple's ankle injury and the affect that his ankle injury in the summer had on his confidence early on?

A: I don't know that. I thought he was healthy coming back, so I'm not sure I can answer that whether it'll affect him or not. I'm sure in his mind it didn't. Interesting question. I'm not sure I can answer.

Q: What did you think of CB Donte Deayon?

A: Great. Brought energy. Love that guy. Went out there and made another big play. I don't know if – you probably weren't out there to see it, but we have to keep oiling him up, keep getting him reps.

Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Q: After bringing in some long snappers for tryouts, do you think long snapper Zak DeOssie will play this week?

A: Oh yeah, Zak's fine. Just doing our due diligence. Throughout the year, you bring different guys in to see if you keep them on your shortlist.

Q: Do you like what punt returner Ed Eagan did last week?

A: Yeah. He caught the ball, made good decisions, was productive in the one return that he had, so, yeah.

Q: What happened on Kerry Wynn's field goal block and Aldrick Rosas' blocked field goal last week?

A: The one that we blocked, Curtis [Grant] did a good job of getting penetration on his guy, then Kerry got his reach in there and got it tipped. Then ours, we gave up penetration in the 'A' gap, and then they had a nice little push scheme behind it and got some elevation and tipped it.

Q: Did you think that special teams being important to the whole locker room was something that was lacking the first couple of weeks?

A: No, I don't think so. I think you just get different guys in here that are trying to learn their roles and what they do. Their attitude's been good, effort's been good.

Q: Why did Eagan get all of the punt returns last week when you said it would be by committee?

A: There were only three punt returns, so that's kind of where we went with that.

Q: Does Seattle have a good returner?

A: Oh, yeah. Tyler Lockett is very explosive, so he'll be another challenge for us, for sure. He's fast, elusive, quick, you name it. He's got production the last three years, so he's really good.

Q: How do you think punter Brad Wing has bounced back?

A: I thought he did well, was good. Focused on some fundamental things that we identified and corrected them, he did a good job with that and he's had some good results.

DT Damon Harrison

Q: Does Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson fool guys a lot?

A: Oh yeah. He does this little in and out move that gets everybody. It's easy to say, 'You have to play it better than that,' but in the moment, it's tough.

Q: Some quarterbacks run because they want to run, some run just to buy time to throw. Which one is Wilson?

A: He's doing both. You have a guy like a [Tampa Bay quarterback] Jameis Winston, who's running just to buy time to make the throw. And Russell does the same thing, but he also runs to run, you know what I mean? And he picks up crucial first downs. So, it's on guys like JPP [defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul], [defensive end] Kerry [Wynn], and myself and [defensive tackle] Dalvin [Tomlinson] to keep him inside and force him to make throws from in the pocket.

Q: Is it important that you don't get too aggressive with the pass rush against Wilson because you know he's going to take off?

A: Yeah, exactly. And he does a great job of keeping his eyes downfield, but also he keeps his eyes on the defensive linemen. So, you can't always think you got him. If it looks that easy, trust me, it's not what you think. So, we've just got to do a great job of attacking him.

Q: After getting your first sack of the season last week, do you feel like you are hitting your stride?

A: No, I wouldn't say that. Kerry Wynn just did a good job of coming inside and making it happen for me. It wasn't anything that I did special.

Q: What has gotten in the way of you getting more pressure on the quarterback this season?

A: I mean, I've been close, I just haven't been able to finish the plays. So, I can't really attribute it to one thing, I've just got to keep at it, I can't give up.

Q: What does Russell Wilson present that is different from other quarterbacks?

A: He's fast. He can throw the ball on the run. He's really good at throwing the ball on the run.

Q: What does Wilson being able to throw on the run change for you as a defensive lineman?

A: Well, you've got to be smart with how you rush. A lot of the quarterbacks who can't run, you can be aggressive in running up the field, trying to make them step up. But a guy like Russell Wilson, you have to keep him in the pocket because he makes a lot of throws when he's running the ball. It's really something that you see half the time when you're watching film and the guys are letting him out of the pocket and they hit and he's still completing throws. So, we just have to eliminate that.

Q: How about Wilson's deep drop?

A: I haven't really noticed it.

Q: How does Seattle's offensive line change without tackle Luke Joeckel?

A: I can't really say, I'm not in the room with them.

Q: What does Seattle center Justin Britt do for their offensive line?

A: He's one of the better centers in the NFL. He does a great job of getting everybody lined up, making line calls, checking plays, checking run plays, getting the pass protection right. And he's a big, aggressive guy who can also move. So, that'll be a tough challenge for me this week.

Q: A big, aggressive guy who can also move sounds like you too, right?

A: No, I'm a big, slow guy who can't move. I just stay in one spot.

Q: When you are handling double teams and standing your ground, is that more technique or strength?

A: A little bit of both, and relying on the linebacker to come in and make the play because if I'm taking on two in the double team, somebody is free. So, sometimes you've got to just sit there and take the double team without trying to get off and making the play, knowing that one of your teammates will be there. And if one of the linemen does come off, it's my job to make the play. So, it's a little bit of both.

Q: How much relief is there knowing that you have a win now, as opposed to the pressure of being winless? Does that make a difference psychologically?

A: No, not at all. We still have to prepare the same. Win or lose, we've got a job to do.

Offensive Lineman Justin Pugh

*Q: How badly do you want to win a home game before the bye week?

A: Yeah, obviously we want to win a game at home, give the fans something to cheer about, do some of the things that we did on the road back at Metlife. Give them a victory before we head into the bye week.

*Q: How important is it for you to head into the bye week with some momentum?

A: It would be huge for us. Winning the last two games going into the bye, everyone starts getting their bodies feeling right and we come back and try to make a run. Try to do something. We want to take it one game at a time, but it really allows us to focus on this Seattle game because we know it's just Seattle and then we have the bye so we can really lock in and make sure all of our focus and attention is on that.

Q: Does it help knowing you're most likely going to have the same offensive line group for the second consecutive week?

A: Yeah, I mean you just keep building off of the things you did well and keep working with the guys and working on communication and making sure we're all on the same page and just keep building off of that. I think that's something we'll be able to do this week and I'm looking forward to us getting the opportunity to go out there and compete against a really good defense in Seattle.

Q: At what point do you think defenses have to start respecting your run game?

A: Obviously, it probably makes them game plan and draw up some extra practice cards against some of the runs we've executed at a high level. But at the same time, every week the defense comes in trying to stop the run. That's the first thing on their mind. Then, obviously, getting after the quarterback once you're able to build a lead for their offense. So we have to keep playing to our identity and going out there and playing tough and just battling people. It's not always going to be the prettiest, but it's going to get the job done and that's what we have to do.

*Q: Has your identity changed?

A: You lose some players and some big players on offense, receivers. You have to find some new things that are going to be able to work for you. So it's not just that we're not going to be able to pass the ball. Obviously we're still going to pass the ball. It's finding different ways to go about getting our playmakers the ball that we have right now and when you lose one of the best players in the NFL and Brandon Marshall has been around for so long and Dwayne Harris has made huge plays for us, you have to find other guys to step up and it's going to be exciting to see guys step up and excel in their roles.

Q: Did the win last week bring things back to normal and stabilize the team?

A: They were normal for us, they just weren't normal for you guys. So there was nothing that we were worried about.

Q: What has Brett (Jones) done to ensure there wouldn't be a drop off since Weston Richburg left?

A: Brett's been huge for us. Brett Jones, ever since he got in here, has been a guy that we can count on to go play guard, center, guard and every time he has done that, he's stepped up and played huge for us. Last year when I went down, he came in and played in the game. Unfortunately, he had an injury of his own that he sustained and kind of set him back. But we've always known Brett can go out there and play and he's showing it.

Q: How do you duplicate the run performance you had last week?

A: Just keep being physical upfront, keep being physical and don't give up on the run and just keep coming back to it because eventually those two-three yards in the first quarter, those four-yard runs, those pop into five, six, seven, then you break a run and then it really starts building. So that's something that we're looking forward to. It's another challenge. They're a great front. Like I said before, they've got a lot of good guys and they've been in the system for a while. So we got our work cut out for us.

S Darian Thompson

Q: Talk about your comfort on the field, with the system, etc.

A: Just getting back out there and just playing the game. You can do as much practice as you want, but once you're out there with the live bullets, it's a little bit different.

Q: Was it one of those things where there are times that you should be hesitant and then you're too aggressive and vice versa?

A: Right. Exactly. Yeah.

Q: Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo said that all you need is that first interception to get you going. Did you need that interception to get you going?

A: I don't know if that's what I needed, but just that feeling of losing a game and not playing well. It just kind of did something to me. So, told myself that I'm just going to go out there and just have fun with it and do what I usually do and play football like I usually play football.

Q: Is there a subconscious effect that you're feeling better about yourself, which translates to the game?

A: I think when I'm not playing well and I start thinking about not playing well, that's when I don't play well. But, when I go out there and I just say forget it and just play, have fun, that's when it seems to improve.

Q: Talk about the challenges of Russell Wilson when it comes to getting the ball down the field and also the way he can run.

A: Definitely. I mean, he's a great quarterback. Plays never over until the referee blows the whistle. We've seen time after time where he's scrambling around and looks like he should have been sacked, but he throws a bomb and it's complete. So, it'll be a good challenge for us both up front and in the secondary.

Q: Is the challenge on you as the back line of defense and is this one of those weeks where you can't be as aggressive as you may want to be?

A: Yeah, I mean, he's like Houdini. You might think he's down. If you don't hear a whistle blow, you have to continue to cover because at that point, the receivers will change their routes and they know how to get open.

Q: Is Russell Wilson tougher than other quarterbacks because of his unpredictability?

A: Right. It's more difficult to handle than an in-the-pocket passer and that's what he's so good at.

Offensive Lineman D.J. Fluker

Q: How confident is the offensive line in their ability to run block?

A: Oh, we're very confident. It may be tough right now sometimes, but other than that, I think we're a very confident team in running the ball. We're going to bring it to you, I know that. So, don't expect us to just go sitting down and throw. We're going to bring it to you. Just so you know.

Q: What has the difference been recently with the running game's success?

A: I guess we really don't have a choice but to run the ball. But we've done a great job with just maintaining – I mean, we have guys that we can pass the ball to, but we want to focus on the run, get that done. And when we have to pass it, we're going to pass it, but we don't want the guys to be like, 'Oh, we're the New York Giants, we're just going to pass the ball.' We don't want to be that team, we want to be the guy on the team that's going, 'We're going to bring it to you, first two plays, the third down happens, but we're going to bring it to you because we're going to wear you down.' That's our goal.

Q: How much confidence did last week's win give the team?

A: Shoot, the mindset for us was going in to be 1-0. It starts at the beginning of the week, you have to win every day as a New York Giant. Every day we come in, we have to win today. Not tomorrow, but today. You can't do anything else today. But today is all that matters. All the game plan that we put in today, that matters, that carries on each and every day. So, after that happens, we're like, 'Okay, cool.' Everything we're seeing in the game, we're seeing at practice. It's like, 'We got this. We can go bring it to them.' And that's what we did, that's how we beat Denver. They have a great run defense, but we just played harder. No disrespect to them, they're great pass rushers, but coming to run, we had to bring it to them.

Q: Do you feel like you've hit your stride?

A: I haven't arrived yet, so I can't say that. But I am still learning, still grasping it. I have my time to turn, but it's about being more consistent. I think I was doing a great job with that. It's hard. In the NFL, everybody's good, but you have to be better.

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