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Quotes (10/2): Beason, Jennings, Amukamara

Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: You mentioned yesterday that you wanted two good, hard days of practice from Odell Beckham.
A: Yeah, and I think we have accomplished that. We'll see how we do with any kind of post-practice news.

Q: Are you anticipating any?
A: No, I'm not.


Q: He looks good? **
A: He practiced well.

Q: Have you noticed, week-by-week, Will Beatty getting better? Or was it immediate the second he got back?
A: Oh no, he's gotten better as he's gone along. His preseason's well-documented. He didn't miss anything, he had kind of a schedule that would allow for that, but he didn't miss anything so he just kept working and working and working, and I think his confidence came along. Getting a little bit better each week, he's not there yet, but he's getting there.

Q: How much of it was the confidence because he did talk about having to re-build that in himself after last year?
A: That was part of it, I'm sure. But a different kind of confidence – confidence that his legs are under him. That's what I mean.

Q: What kind of luxury has it been to have the versatility of the linebacking unit?
A: Well, it's certainly paid off with regard to the injuries and the Beason situation, to be able to maneuver guys around a little bit and play other spots. By in large, they have to be able to do that.

Q: What do you view the difference in the defense from the first two games and the last two games? The turnovers are a big number. Why do you view that as something that…?
A: You work towards it, you work towards it, you work towards it. You start to get a little bit of pressure and you create some opportunities for… when people are playing from behind, the idea of throwing the ball and having to throw the ball is ever-present, so you kind of have more opportunities. We were in the right place at the right time.

Q: Do you expect, the way Atlanta's offensive line is configured, that they will do everything they can to sure up that protection in front of Matt Ryan?
A: I expect that they will, If you look at it, they're all veteran players and they've played before in the league, so I expect them to come out and play their offense. I don't see any change there.

Q: How is Jon Beason doing with his foot? Is he doing a little more?
A: He seems to be. I think he's very positive.

Q: Is there anything you have to do… do you create a plan with him? You said this is something he's probably going to have to deal with going forward. Do you sort of ease up on him during the week at some point?
A: No, we just bring him along accordingly. He doesn't take all the snaps the first day he's back, he takes a few more the second day and we assess that.

Q: Do you think he'll play?
A: We'll see. I'm not going to speculate. We'll see.

Q: You like what you've seen from him so far though?
A: I like the way he's come back the next day. That's what has to happen.

Q: Has there been any soreness?
A: It's always sore, he's always sore.

Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo

Q: If you have Odell Beckham Jr.
A: Odell Beckham Jr has had a good couple days of practice. Today was his third day this week, we had some work on Monday, he's looked good, it's nice to have him out here.

Q: If you have him in your game plan this week, next week, whenever it is. What does that do?
A: He has a unique skill set, we like the way he can get in and out of routes. He has some explosiveness to him, he plucks the ball pretty well. It will be his first game action, so it will nice to see him out there and we will take it slow with him.

Q: You said take it slow, Eli Manning talked about how it is hard to take it slow with the offense you are running when you are doing a lot of no-huddle, a lot of hurry-up. When he is on the field, you kind of have to stay with that same grouping. Does that make it a little more difficult to take it slow with a guy?
A: Are you talking number of repetitions or are you talking plays, number of plays? Or volume in the offense?

Q: Volume in the offense more than anything.
A: The offense is the offense. The system, the no-huddle, is fast-paced, and adjustment-based. Going into a game, they have certain things that they want to accomplish defensively and we have things we want to accomplish offensively. Depending on what you get to is depending on how the game unfolds, and the adjustments that take place. Everything is going to be available.

Q: Do you think it will be on a pitch count?
A: We haven't talked about that yet. We are just trying to have a couple good days of practice to see how he felt the next day. We are getting ready to go up to have a staff meeting now and talk about how it went in the training room, and got to have a good day tomorrow, and then we will see how it goes.

Q: He's got several receivers ahead of him, certainly guys that you are comfortable playing. It's not like he has to come in and be a starter and a savior right away or anything like that.
A: No, no we have confidence in everybody we are playing with out there. He would just be a nice guy to add to the mix.

Q: When you evaluated him, did you ever see him evolving into a guy you can use out of the backfield in certain situations, more than just your typical receiver. Do you see him evolving into one of those types of receivers? Or do you prefer just to keep him on the outside?
A: We like to cross train as many different guys doing as many different things as we can. Whether it is a tight end playing fullback, tight end, one, two, or three receivers playing all the different spots. He is certainly mentally capable of doing so, he has done a nice job in the meetings, which has been challenging I am sure for him. Mentally, he is definitely a guy that can handle that and physically, he is a first round pick, he's a talented young man.

Q: What did you think of Rueben Randle's game the other night?
A: It was nice to see Rueben Randle step up and make some plays. Made some plays down the field in the vertical game, which was good to see. He had some nice, short intermediate completions and it is good to see him step up.

Q: Have you guys got any understanding as to what the ruling was on that touchdown...?
A: They usually get it back to us either Wednesday night or Thursday; coach Tom Coughlin would have that more than I would at this point. At the end of the week, I usually take a look at those types of things. It was a bang, bang type play. I am glad I am not an official on those types of plays. You like to see a little better route at the beginning, you would like to see a little better throw. You give credit to Washington, they put the helmet on the ball and they made a nice play right there.

Q: You guys obviously had some success the last two, three weeks offensively. Did you see any difference in the group, in the morale, or the way the guys are carrying themselves. Any of that from anybody at this point?
A: We talked when we got together on April 21st about our biggest challenge was going to be handling success. We had two weeks in a row where we did some things well offensively, not everything. We have done some things well, we have made progress and we have to continue to do that. We have to stack successes, and Sunday is another opportunity to do that. We can't be running around feeling great about ourselves, we need to make sure we keep our head down and keep working.

Q: Does it validate stuff for you? I know you always have faith in the system, but to see it work the way it did, does it kind of take a little bit of pressure off you and allow you to kind of open up a little bit?
A: Like I said earlier, I'm my biggest critic. We watched the tape together, we are always looking for ways to improve, not to pat ourselves on the back. When something is done well, we talk about it, we acknowledge it, but we are always looking to get better.

Q: If you had a fantasy football team, would you activate Larry Donnell?
A: Based on last week, if he can continue to produce like that, absolutely.

Q: Because you haven't seen much from him before this season, nobody had. At what point during camp did you see what kind of value he can bring?
A: He flashed some athletic ability. It was encouraging to see him with pads on in camp. OTA's, that is one thing, but in camp early and to be able to make some plays down the field, be precise with some of the short to intermediate things, then stick his pads in there, and stick his nose in there blocking. That is the biggest thing for the athletic tight end. To be able to get the matchup you are looking for, they need to be effective blockers. Once they lose that, they lose a lot of their value. We need to make sure it is important for all of our tight ends to be effective blockers.

Q: Did you need to see that in a game? Were you still uncertain? It's one thing, you said, to see it in OTA's and it is one thing to see it in camp, probably another to see him do that in actual games.
A: Absolutely, the games are the most important thing in the preseason. All of the information you can get on a guy is good. We felt good about the progress he was making in practice. He didn't have great numbers, probably in the preseason, I couldn't even tell you what they were. He moved around and he played as if he belonged as one of the guys out there, one of the premiere guys out there on the roster. That was encouraging to see and when he had an opportunity to get his hands on the ball he made plays.

Q: The stats show that Eli Manning is getting rid of the ball very quickly, one of the top three guys in the league, I believe. When the line was struggling early in the Detroit game and throughout the preseason, was there a sense of, "if we can just get a little success there, we don't need as much pass protection as we used to in the years past?"
A: Well, I think the line and the backs, and the tight end when they are involved, they have been doing a good job recently in protection. They have come a long way, they worked hard at it. It is a challenge when they are all learning each other and learning a system, but they are getting some chemistry together, so that helps. If you have receivers open early on, it helps. If it turns into a down the field game, then you have to play that game as well. It is always good to have balance and usually you like to take what the defense gives you.

Q: You guys have a number on completion percentage. Do you have a number on release time? Obviously, different plays call for different things, but overall is there sort of a number that you try to aim at?
A: What is our completion percentage number?

Q: Eli Manning said 70% is a good number.
A: The ideal is 70.

Q: Right, the ideal for release?
A: We look at the release and the timing of release, but it is not something you say you want to go in the game and you want have your release at 2.8 seconds or anything like that. Each play calls for a different type of drop and different type of launch point. Whether it is three steps, five steps, attacking the seams, or it's a pure progression. You just work your way through the progression and the ball comes out when it comes out, when the receiver is open.

Q: Two seconds though, that seems pretty fast. Is that the way you look at it? Is that something as the offense progresses, it might actually go up because you will be able to take more shots down the field?
A: That is something we will see, that is something we will see. If your primary receiver is open, you can get it out quicker.

Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell

Q: Do you change your approach from when you are playing a top-ranked offense as opposed to the 32nd, or is it the same approach?
A: You take the same approach. We know that they have great skill level. The quarterback is one of the top-ranked quarterbacks. We focus on ourselves and what we try to do well and we will approach it the same.

Q: Do you get amped up any more, though?
A: No. You get 16 of these, so the competition is king each week. You would like to think you are hyped up for all of them.

Q: It has been awhile since the team has been above .500 and a couple of the guys said you pointed that out this week… What does that mean to have a winning record?
A: You are just taking the next step. You are showing progress from Week 3 to Week 4, Week 4 to Week 5. You are continually improving your football team. That is what we want to try to do, is continually improve and have something to show for that improvement, which is a win.

Q: Does Matt Ryan continue to evolve in your eyes as a quarterback and what does he do now that he does better maybe since the last time you have seen him?
A: Well, the last time I saw him, he beat the hell out of us, so if he gets any better than that – I think each quarterback, they all grow. He is the leader of that offense. He has very skilled people around him. He is coming out of the pocket and making throws on the run better than he did the last time we played him. I think that is just part of his game now. He is very accurate and I have a lot of respect for him as quarterback.

Q: How did Quintin Demps look on Thursday?
A: I thought Quintin answered the bell and played very well on Thursday. He had some very good plays in the football game and he had some plays that we definitely have to correct him on and he has to get better at. But I thought he answered the bell.

Q: Is Demps' speed the key injection into that role? Is that why you wanted him out there?
A: I think his speed is outstanding. He can cover ground and he does a good job of playing centerfield. He is competing. He gives us some good energy out there. I like the energy he brings to us.

Q: Is the communication something that still needs to be refined? Antrel Rolle said there were times when they were running around with their heads cut off a little bit…
A: I think the communication process with all of them has to improve each and every week. Tru, Trumaine [McBride], is new as a nickel because Walter [Thurmond] is no longer with us. That extends to Quintin Demps, also. He is new. In practice you are trying to get a feel for each other. They are trying to be on the same page, and that is one of the keys to being a good defense and being a good secondary, if you can all be on the same page. I think that is a daily process that is something you work on no matter what. No matter if you have been together two years or more. I think that is a process you go though. Sometimes we try to change some things up for the guys and they have to think about those things that we are trying to change up and see how it fits them.

Q: For all of Atlanta's skill position talent, they have had major injury problems on the offensive line…Do your players' eyes light up at all at the opportunity to get at a make-shift offensive line?
A: I don't know if their eyes light up because when you see those skill guys and you get the ball out quick, you can neutralize that. I think that [the Falcons] have a good coaching staff and they know exactly what to do and how to do it. Mike Tice is a good offensive line coach. He has been around a long time. He will have those guys ready and prepared to play. We have to be ready and we have to be prepared to play, no matter who they put on the offensive line. They can still get that ball out and they still have great skill.

Q: You're going to have all your linebackers available to you, it seems like, on Sunday. How do you expect to deploy them?
A: Don't know yet. We're practicing that way. That decision will be made by Tom (Coughlin) and how we approach that and how we go about that. We're practicing, we're trying to get Jon (Beason) integrated again back into the defense, letting him get some reps, so we'll make that decision and that will be a Tom Coughlin question.

Q: You mentioned that you had a special package for [Devon] Kennard in Week 1 against Detroit. Will you have that at your disposal?
A: I don't know if Kennard will be ready. Like I said, that's a Tom Coughlin question. It just depends on how things play out.

Q: When you look at your defense as a whole, the first two weeks and the last two weeks have been very different for you guys. What's the difference that you see in the group?
A: I think we're working together better, front and back. We're creating turnovers and we're forcing turnovers. I think that's the biggest deal and then we're able to make some third down stops. If you can force turnovers and make some third down stops, you give yourself an opportunity to be better. We still have problems with allowing big plays and so there's continuous improvement there and we need to improve there. I think those areas, forcing the turnovers and third down stops, have been the biggest difference in the two weeks.

Q: It's almost been a full year; the anniversary is coming up on the trade for [Jon] Beason. Was that a big moment in getting you to where you are now?
A: I think so. Jon is a special guy. Even though he's not on the field with us or hasn't been on the field with us, he's in the meeting room, he's a leader in the classroom, he's the guy, 'Hey, we're getting together at 7:30 in the morning, we're going over these coverages.' He's the guy that kind of brings us together between the front end and the back end, ties it all together for us. The guys have a lot of respect and a lot of confidence in him. As coaches, we have that same respect and confidence in him also, so we needed a person with a voice like that to come in and tie us all together as a defensive unit. I think, yeah, that was a big acquisition for us.

Q: You've praised Trumaine McBride in the past and then he comes out and has another game like Thursday night. Just your thoughts on his play and when he's able to make the play, even more so than the interception, but the strip fumble, I would imagine you guys liked seeing that?
A: I'm very proud of Tru because it's tough, as a professional athlete and as a competitor – He was a starter a year ago and then he came into the season and he's not a starter. He's just had to wait his turn patiently, so when he gets the opportunity he goes in and he proves that he should be on the field. When he made that strip; that was Trumaine McBride. He's going to do something, he's going to play big, he's going to do something in the ball game to help you team win the football game. When he made the interception, I joked with him, I got on him. I said, 'Tru, you don't want to score a touchdown because you tripped over that blade of grass and you had 30 yards to get to the end zone.' But that's Trumaine McBride. He's such a competitor and he's a guy that goes out, he plays with his heart, he plays with his soul every week, and I couldn't be more proud of a guy that switches a position from being just a corner to go in and play nickel and be productive in that position.

Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Q: Does Devin Hester still kind of have that breakaway ability that he has had in the past?
A: Most definitely. He is still dynamic as a kick returner, as a punt returner, so he is a challenge.

Q: Is it just a game of keep away with him?
A: You try, but all 11 guys have to do their job. We have to punt it where we want to with the hang time and location and the distance and we have to cover and everyone's got to be in the right spot. You've got to gang tackle. He is hard to get down, so it takes all 11 guys.

Q: Has Steve Weatherford tried to change his mechanics at all with the injury?
A: He's not punting as much. I think maybe back to the basics, if anything.


Q: How has the injury affected him the most? Control? Distance or hang time? **
A: I think the first game he came back, it was the durability. The length of the game hurt him, so that affected him. Then last week, last Thursday, he was put in some good spots by the offense to be able to punt some Aussie punts and some plus-area punts, which helped. It wasn't really tested that way. I think it's just managing it, probably the biggest change.

Q: When you're converting more third downs and Steve is not on the field as much, even though it's not the most arduous thing for a punter, does that help at all just to kind of limit his game reps a little bit?
A: He's a guy that likes to work, likes to kick, likes to punt. We had to limit him, what he does pre-game and what he does within a game, because any time the offense has the ball, you've got to be ready and start warming up, so he's had to manage that as well.

Q: Peyton Hillis, this is his first year getting on special teams and he seems to have made an impact.
A: Yeah, he's done a nice job for the first couple games, or the last two games actually, being productive on kickoff. It's been nice to see. It was kind of an unknown quantity when we got him, we knew he was a good running back last year, but we needed him, as a third running back, to be able to play on some teams and he's been able to do that.

Q: Does he have any responsibilities as far as helping Quintin Demps with when to take the ball out because he's that last guy?
A: Yeah, he does. He's kind of the brains sometimes behind that, when things go awry, so he does have a hand in that.

Q: Is he a good voice of reason in that sense?
A: Yeah.

Q: Do you look forward to having Odell Beckham at some point back there?
A: I think the team does. He's a dynamic player and we've all kind of been anxious to see him. We enjoy seeing him on the practice field. I don't know what his responsibilities will be come game day, I'm sure that will be ironed out in the next few days but he's ready. He's been attentive in meetings and good on the practice field.

Q: Obviously you don't run full speed on returns in regards to punts. How do you get ready for that?
A: He's got good hands, he's just got to rely on his experience. You'd like to have the preseason and all of that to get through it, but we feel good with Preston (Parker). If he gets the call, I think he'll be ready.

Q: What did you see from Odell Beckham as a returner in general?
A: I liked his run skills. When he was coming out of college, I thought he had running back-like run skills in a receiver's body, so he was able to get vertical, good elusiveness. That kind of stood out, in addition to the speed, playmaking ability.

Q: On punt coverage, when something goes wrong, what is it besides just lane integrity? What breaks down?
A: A lot of times it's the hang time or it's the location, guys not adjusting. And then it comes down to tackling, we've had issues with that. You get a chance to get your hands on a great returner, you've got to hold on and get him down until the rest of the cavalry comes, and the cavalry's got to come.

Q: What has been the biggest issue for the punt coverage unit in the last years?
A: I'd say just the hang time matching the distance, making sure that stays all in the realm.

LB Jon Beason

Q: Are you going to play on Sunday?
A: Yeah, I think so.

Q: Have you had to change your shoes for turf and grass?
A: I have gone through more shoes and more modifications of shoes than I have ever. It is all about trying to find what works. That is where we are at right now.

Q: Is it hard though because practicing on grass and then you play on turf…?
A: It always feels a little different on Sunday, unfortunately.

Q: Coach Coughlin said you are always going to be sore just because it is the season…Is it a level of pain management or discomfort?
A: You break scar tissue. We didn't have the surgery, so the scarring was actually the repair, if that makes sense. There is pain there, but not as much pain as the first time when it was a soft tissue injury. You break the scar tissue, so now I have a lot of play in my toe. That is really what is the hold up. I need my big toe to play ball, to push off, to pivot and you try to compensate for a lack thereof. That is really the biggest issue.

Q: At this point, do you almost feel conditioned that you know how to play through pain?
A: I don't think it comes down to me. In this profession, everyone plays through pain. No one is 100 percent on Sunday. Sometimes you feel really good and sometimes you don't feel so good, but it really doesn't matter. Everyone is expecting you to show up and produce a certain product and that is the game. The fans want to show up and see their team win and have a great Sunday afternoon. That is what you try to do.

Q: You have an anniversary coming up this week…
A: Anniversary of….

Q: Coming to the Giants via trade with Carolina.
A: Oh yeah, that is right. I guess it was the [October] 4th. I guess I am supposed to remember that, huh? One year. We will have to celebrate then with something special.

Q: Celebrate by playing…
A: There you go.

Q: And winning…
A: And winning. That works. And it is against the Falcons. That will be sweet.

Q: Old NFC South…
A: Yeah… It is always a good time playing them. High-powered offense, tough group and it is fun. That is what makes it fun. Some old faces.

Q: Does it feel like it has only been a year since you have been here?
A: No, it feels like it has been about eight and a half days. It has gone by fast. That means you're having fun, you're enjoying it. I do feel at home. I am anxious to get back out there and do what I love. Play ball.

Q: Different atmosphere when you guys were struggling in the beginning?
A: Yeah, you come into a situation where you don't know what to expect. New faces. As soon as you get here, you understand that the stakes are high here. Everyone expects a championship every year and that is the way we want it. Rough start, but we've obviously started off better than last year.

Q: What has been the attitude the last couple of weeks after the wins?
A: We were a desperate team against Houston. The house was on fire. Guys responded. You remember that feeling and try to hold and keep that chip on your shoulder and stay motivated, hungry and never become content. That is what we are trying to do now. It feels good to win and be on a streak somewhat. Here it is, you are facing a great team. Number one offense. Number one in third down efficiency. It doesn't get any easier every week.

Q: What will it mean to this team to get above .500?
A: I guess it would be the first time we did that since the Super Year [2011], if I am not mistaken. It is huge. You lose this game and it takes two to get ahead again. This is the most important game of your life. That's how you have to look at it. It is the next one, so it is the most important one you have ever played in.

Q: Artificial turf again, that is not friendly to the toe… What can you do differently?
A: We made the modifications to the cleats and we feel comfortable where it is at right now and confident. You go out there and you play on it. It is what it is.

Q: I'm assuming they are probably medically aware of the situation that even if you rest more, it is probably not going to enhance the value? One step forward, two steps back is not going to help you?
A: Initially, it is the pain, but then once the pain subsides a little bit, it is about how the toe functions. The big toe is everything. It is weight-bearing, you pivot, you plant on it, you push against another man when you tackle somebody or when you take on a block. It is huge. There are things we can do to compensate for it, and hopefully I can go out and be productive.

Q: How weird is it to go through X's and O's and the banging on the field, but it is the technology of shoes that you have to worry about at this point?
A: We all have different feet. Unfortunately, it is like wearing a dress shoe. Dress shoes are notoriously what? Narrow. So if you have a fat foot or flat foot, most dress shoes are not going to be very friendly. You are going to have to find a pair that you break in. You roll with it. Football is the same way. Comfort level for years, I have liked extremely tight cleats. It feels like it [the cleat] is more a part of me, but that is kind of the reason why I am in this situation because it beats on your joints.

RB Rashad Jennings

Q: Their defense has given up a lot of yards. Do your eyes open up when you face a team like this?
A: No, my eyes are opened up every week. It is Sunday; it is the next time you get to perform. You can throw stats out the window, man, every week, week to week, football is week to week. It is a one game season every single week, they are going to come in here with an attitude and have something to prove, so stats are irrelevant. We've got to produce, we have to play Giants football, we've got to know how we are going to attack them and how they are going to attack us and just play physical.

Q: When you say "Giants football," Tom Coughlin was saying even a couple weeks ago, "we are still trying to find our identity." That power running game is coming along now. Is that the identity you think this team is developing?
A: I think we are just efficient, calm, poised, relentless, executing. Those are the types of thing we are trying to be whether it is in the run game, whether it is in the pass game, whether it is on defense, whether it is on special teams. I think, collectively, that is what we are trying to do. We are not going to hang our hat on one particular area of the game because it is a team sport. Everybody needs to contribute, we take care of what we need to take care of; individually and collectively, as a team, we will be happy with the outcomes.

Q: When you look at this offensive line they have been together for about a month after many changes throughout the preseason. How much of a difference has that made from your perspective as a running back.
A: It makes a difference because you get to build that chemistry and you study your personnel and how the matchups are going to be. Where the hole is going to be, who blocks which way, and that does make a difference because you know how to set up the players. When you are able to sustain and stay healthy up front, it does make a difference also in the protection, which gives the quarterback an understanding on how he is going to fit everybody in the protection and helps open up the pass game as well. This is the National Football League, you've got to be able to play through injuries and that is something we are going to continue to do.

Q: Every game is important, but this one will put the Giants over .500 for the first time in a long time with two division opponents next. How much more important is this game?
A: It is important because it is the next one. There is no question about that, it is a home game, it is against a good team, a good team that can put up points. Play well in all three phases of the ball. It is important for us to go out and put our best foot forward and continue to build on the success that we had. Again, I always say, win, lose, or draw, don't shy away from the film. Continue to critique your craft and get ready for the next week. It is a long season and it is a journey, I am glad to be a part of it.

Q: They are number one in the league offensively. As an offensive player, do you think, "ok, we are going to have to do this, this, and this" because their offense is probably going to have some success no matter how good your defense is?
A: As an offense, we are always going in with the expectations of we've got to be the side that wins the game. I am sure the defense goes in with the same expectations, as well as special teams. It is not about any other team, it is about us and what we are able to control. Every time we are out on the football field, making sure we get first downs, control the clock, move the ball, put points on the board. Continue to build that energy on the sideline and the crowd helps out a tremendous amount and, like I said, man, just keep playing Giants football. Don't get too high, don't get too low, understand the talented skill set we have in this locker room and let everything else take care of its self.

Q: Was the extra layoff good for you guys? Playing on Thursday night, then you don't play until the next Sunday.
A: Every time you can get some rest, that is always good, everybody likes to rest. Nobody just took off, we were in here studying.

CB Prince Amukamara

Q: Do you feel like you do have, strictly on the field, more swagger?
A: I think with experience comes swagger. I'm coming into my fourth year, I've played a lot of great wide receivers and I've been in the same system for four years. With all that consistency, I feel like that's helped me have a pretty good year so far.

Q: When you look at who you're playing this week, Julio Jones and Roddy White, do you sit there and say, 'This is one of those challenges…'?
A: For sure. Both great wide receivers. I mean, Arizona had great wide receivers, the Redskins have great wide receivers, so we know the challenge that's in front of us and we know… we're actually excited to face it.

Q: These guys are ranked No. 1 in the league, though.
A: Exactly. And they have a great quarterback. We know what type of game it's going to be – it's going to be a high passing game and that's great, that's great for us defensive backs. I feel like we've been getting a lot of turnovers the last couple games, so hopefully we keep that going.


Q: Are the officials with those calls in the secondary starting to sort themselves out? Are you guys getting a better feel for it? **
A: I would say so. I would say it depends on the crew. Some guys let you play and some guys don't ,so I think as the game goes on you get an understanding of how they're going to call the game and you just adapt.

Q: What's the atmosphere around here been like? I know a couple guys said that it's a lot different than the first two weeks.
A: Yeah, of course, because we're winning. Everything always goes well when you're winning. From Coach Coughlin on down, we know that we have to stay hungry and that we definitely have not achieved anything yet. Coach Fewell told us a stat, 'When was the last time the Giants were above .500?' It was two years ago. Our job is to continue going 1-0 each week.

Q: They always say the best way to disrupt a rhythm passer is with a pass rush, but from a secondary's perspective, what can you do to a rhythm passer to screw him up?
A: Just disrupt the wide receivers, whether we're in Cover 2 or whether we're in press, man, just disrupt that timing and, of course, like you said, the pass rush. I feel like our guys up front have been getting the job done and I think they're going to continue doing so.

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