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Quotes (10/20): Giants postgame reactions

HC Pat Shurmur

Opening Statement: Injury wise, Lorenzo (Carter) hurt his ankle, then Saquon (Barkley) was in and out a little bit but he was fine, he finished. Turnovers, penalties, then we had opportunities at the end and we didn't make the most of them. That's what comes of it. The blocked punt, obviously, was a big play that kept us in it. I felt like we settled down on defense in the second half. When you have dropped balls, you have penalties, we do the things we do on offense along the way there, it keeps points off the board. So, with that, I'll take your questions.

Q: You were set on going for it on fourth down there on the second to last possession? Can you explain your play calling, because on 3*rd*-and-18 you ran a draw?

A: I had planned to go for it. If it was going to be soft, you see typically against two deep, and that's why we did it. Those runs, they actually ran the same type of run against us and got it. I had planned to go for it, and we just didn't execute the play as well as we would've liked and that's what happened.

Q: You were hoping the draw would get a lot of that chunk back?

A: Yeah, because I wanted to keep Saquon involved. We've seen where he's able to do that. I had made the decision at that point that I was going to go for it. That's why.

Q: Once you're stuck there on 4*th*-and-15, do you contemplate punting?

A: No, because I had two timeouts, it played out exactly how I liked, or I would've hoped. We stopped them, it's a six-point game, we had two timeouts and the two-minute warning. So, it played out well. They actually helped us by going out of bounds on their third down, so we got it played before the two minute, which was good.

Q: Why were they so effective in their running game?

A: They had it spread out a little bit. I thought for the most part we did a pretty good job on their toss plays. They had a couple of kind of wide zones that popped. They had a couple of big runs against us that were actually touchdown runs.

Q: Your offensive line gave up eight sacks today. What did you see from their front line that made it so difficult for them?

A: They did a good job of rushing us. We had a couple of breakdowns there. It's a mixture of things, so we'll just have to get back to basics on that.

Q: Once it's 4*th*-and-15, you didn't think to punt it there?

A: No.

Q: Why not?

A: Because it was going to play out the way I thought. Stop, stop them, stop them, make them kick a field goal at the very least, then we go down and score a touchdown. Plus, I wanted to get a chance to make it on 4th-and-15. That's why. And that's the way it played out, right? We had the ball with the chance to go down and score a touchdown to win the game. That's how it played out, and we didn't do it.

Q: With Daniel (Jones), three more turnovers, 11 in five starts. Is that concerning to you that they keep piling up?

A: Turnovers? Yeah, we had a couple in the pocket. Certainly, he's got to secure the ball. Then the interception, I think he threw it late. That was the one early on.

Q: What has been your impression on him up until this point?

A: He's a tough son of a gun, and he's fighting through it. He made some good throws, too, today. He did a lot of really good things. We just have to try to cut back on some of the mistakes, that's all.

Q: Were you surprised the offensive line had a tough time with their group?

A: I don't know if I was surprised. We'll go back and look at why it happened. They've got some really good players up front. We face good players every week.

Q: Why call a timeout before the punt with four and a half minutes to go?

A: Because at that point, I felt like it was important. I did not want to lose 45 seconds right there. That's why.

Q: What did you think of Saquon, how close is he to being back to his full self?

A: I thought he looked good. He was out there competing throughout the game. He did a nice job.

Q: He did tweak it, though?

A: I don't know that. He came off the field, and then he was back on. I don't have many details on what happened there.

Q: He limped off and got tended to on the sideline.

A: Is that what happened?

Q: Was there any concern of putting him back in in your mind?

A: No, he was ready to go and went back in.

Q: On the third down, was that a play call or was it a check?

A: It was an audible against two deep. You were late getting here, but I had made the decision I was going to go for it there on fourth down. That's why that came out like that.

Q: Daniel was right with the audible there, then?

A: Yeah, it was a soft shell. We just didn't block them well enough to pop it through like we would like to.

Q: Your team had a 10-day break there. Were you taken aback by the start, after coming back home, with Saquon and Evan back? You guys got down so quick.

A: Yeah, well, you fight through it. There are times when you start the game well, then there are times when you don't. In that case, we got behind, we fought our way back in. We didn't make enough plays at the end to win it.

Q: Can you share your thoughts in terms of the challenge on that pass interference against Jackrabbit (Janoris Jenkins)?

A: Yeah, I thought it was a… I guess I am going to continue to do it. I know they are getting overturned at a low percentage, but I felt like there was a push there and it was a big chunk of yardage. It was in the first half, and I felt like it was worth challenging at that point. I knew we had jumped offside and it was kind of one of those free play scenarios. But, I thought it was worth the risk at that time. It just didn't get overturned.

Q: You're 0-4 on those, you know they probably won't get overturned, so why do you continue to do it?

A: Because I think it still makes sense in situations like that, where those are large chunks of yardage to give it a shot.

Q: What was your message to the guys afterwards and how do you sense they took this loss?

A: I think we are all disappointed that we lost. There is no question there, we are all disappointed. The message to the team is for the team.

Q: For a defense in particular that felt pretty good about its last outing, are you disappointed in your run defense in particular?

A: I think they had a couple of explosive runs against us. There were a lot of runs that we defended well. We'll go back and look at the reason why the couple of them split on us. We need to do a better job all over— offense, defense, special teams did a good job blocking. But, we have to make our field goals, too. We just have to do a better job all the way around.

Q: In that regard to special teams and punt blocks in back-to-back games. Does that change how you do things or call the game aggressively because you know you may have the opportunity to block the punt or something like that?

A: Not because of the opportunity to block a punt. It obviously contributes to whether you win or lose a game, but not because of that.

Q: What do you think of Darius (Slayton) taking the ball out?

A: I think it was good. Trying to make a play. That's what you try to do.

Q: It was a yard in…

A: It was a yard in, right? But he's done a good job with the opportunities he's gotten, and there was a chance for him to make a big play and score a touchdown from a yard in. I was okay with it.

Q: Does anything about Daniel's play today concern you?

A: No, just try to get him better on the things that didn't go well for him, that's all.

Q: Where do you view your team overall now at 2-5?

A: We have to get better in all areas. That's where I view it. It starts by getting ready to play Detroit.

Q: When they ran Patrick Peterson off that late blitz there, is that something that you saw on film or something typical that they did?

A: The corner blitz at the end? it was good on their part. Everybody does it to some degree. They got us on that one.


Q: How much pressure did you feel today from the defensive line coming at you?**
A: Yeah, they did a good job upfront. They have some good pass rushers over there, and they did a good job. But I need to do a better job of getting rid of the ball, getting through my reads and getting the ball out. But yeah, they deserve some credit.

Q: How do you feel you're progressing, and what are some takeaways that you'll take from this game?
A: I think I'm making progress in some areas, and still need to improve a lot in others. Obviously, taking care of the ball is a big thing, and has been. To not do that today is disappointing. I have to get better there.

Q: What happened on the interception in the first quarter?
A: Just a force. I shouldn't have thrown it.

Q: On the fumble, were you just waiting for Saquon (Barkley) to come free on the screen? What should you do on that play?
A: Probably just try not to hold it that long. I think you need to throw it in the ground and go on to the next play.

Q: When you get down as early as you did, does it make you feel like you have to do a little bit more to get your team back on track?
A: Yeah, I think that after the hole we dug for ourselves early, there was a sense of urgency. We fought back, but you can't afford to do that to yourself early. You can't afford to put yourself in that hole and it definitely makes it harder on you. Yeah, there was an urgency, and I thought we fought. But it's just hard to do when you put yourself down like that.

Q: What did you see on the third and 18 call?
A: Two high, deep zone coverage. Yeah, check was running the ball.

Q: Is it something that you fight through, going 'Maybe I should hold the ball and go through my progressions, or maybe I'll just take off.' Is it something you're constantly thinking of when you're out there?
A: Yeah, I think so. Having the sense for the pressure, having the sense for the timing of the play, I think all of that stuff is what you're trying to always develop and always be aware of in each situation. Yeah, I think to help a little bit, I have to do better with that.

Q: Is that check to the run the correct check and the correct audible based on the coverage? Or does the fact that it was third and 18 and the situation in the game, is it still up to you maybe not to check to that just because of the situation?
A: Yeah, the check was based on the look from the defense.

Q: The fourth and 15, what unfolded on that play?
A: Just need to get rid of the ball. They brought some pressure on it. I need to see it and try to pick it up.

Q: You never saw that cornerback on that blitz until it was too late?
A: Yeah. I have to pick it up.

Q: How frustrating is it overall to be 2-5 and in the situation that the team is in?
A: Yeah, we're frustrated. Everyone is frustrated. But I don't think we're discouraged at all. We'll be back to work tomorrow. We'll be looking forward to the opportunity against Detroit. We're frustrated, but kind of rightfully so. We all know we can play better, and we're determined to play better. So, back to work tomorrow.

RB Saquon Barkley

Q: Overall how did you feel today?

A: It felt good to get back out there and compete with your teammates. Unfortunately, we lost so that part of the game you are never happy with, but the good thing is you play a full season and we just have to go back to the drawing board and get ready for Detroit.

Q: Did you aggravate your ankle injury, you came out and got taped up?

A: Someone just landed on it, that's kind of part of the healing process with this thing. I just went out real quick, got it taped up and came back and played.

Q: Overall, how did you feel about the offense?

A: I think as a whole we have to do better. It is what it is, we didn't win the game so anytime you don't win the game, we have to be better. The object of offense is score more points than the other team does and we didn't accomplish that today. We have to find a way to do that.

Q: Does it put it any more pressure on you guys when you get down so early?

A: No, that's part of football. Sometimes the team over there is going to make plays and is going to get ahead and sometimes we are going to get ahead. When you're down you can't panic and when you're up, you can't get too happy or too overexcited. You have to find a way to continue to grind out the game.

Q: Did you feel like yourself today, did you feel any rust?

A: I felt like I was running well. I think I did a little too much on some stuff, but that's part of my game. Sometimes it doesn't work, most of the time it works, so just have to go watch film and see what I could do better to help my team win.

Q: How did you feel about the draw call?

A: I think it's a great call, we knew we were going to be in two down territory. It's third and 18, they played it well, but if they drop back like most teams do on third and 18, I think you have one of your best playmakers on the field with the ball in his hands and get a one on one. We weren't able to get a one on one situation, we got three or four yards on it, we still got a positive play.

Q: Talk about your ankle, were you able to cut on it, what were your limitations?

A: I think you guys watched the game just as much as I played it, cutting was fine. I think I broke some long ones today, made some people miss. Even when I went negative, I made some people miss. I think I did fine, I know I felt fine. I didn't do enough to help my team win.

Q: Do you feel like you were back to your old self?

A: Yes

Q: At 2-5 what is the message to your team?

A: Get ready for Detroit. That's just the mindset that we have, go back to the drawing board, watch film, learn from it and move on.

Q: With the way this offense played today, is it troubling, you guys put up 14 points against one of the worst defenses in the league?

A: I wouldn't say troubling, I think we just have to do a better job because we didn't win the game. I don't care if we play the worst defense or the best defense if we won, 3-0, the object of the game is winning football games. You have to play complementary football, you have to have three phases of your team playing well. Our defense played well, special teams made some big plays for us, we didn't make enough plays. We made a lot of plays, but we didn't make enough because we didn't put up more points than them.

Q: What kind of spot is this team in at 2-5?

A: We are in a spot where we have to go back to the drawing board and watch film and get ready for Detroit because that's our next game. Try to get a win and try to get some things going.

Q: What's the biggest takeaway as you get ready for Detroit?

A: Go back to the drawing board and learn from what we did, learn from the mistakes because it's a copy cat league. The things that we messed up or allow to happen in this game, we are probably going to see it again, so we just have to prepare for those and watch game film on them and get better.

Q: Even with the ankle injury, in the second half you rushed the ball better than the first half. What went into that?

A: I think the offensive line did a tremendous job blocking. We were able to get downhill, even though, I wouldn't say banged it up, but someone landed on it. I knew that was part of the healing process and that's part of football, it's going to happen. You just have to grind it out and I was able to do that. No matter what, if I had a better second half than first half, we didn't win the game, so it doesn't matter.

Q: What is the frustration level in here after three straight losses?

A: I don't think its frustration at all. I think we just have to go back to the drawing board, I know I sound like a broken record, but that's what it is. I know you guys are going to say what you guys want to say about us being 2-5, but our season is not over. We still have a positive mindset in this locker room, we always will no matter what. We just have to get ready for the next game.

Q: After your first game back, how do you feel?

A: It felt good, I was able to take my normal workload. Physically, I feel good but we didn't win so you are never satisfied with that.

Q: How does Daniel go about getting back on track?

A: I think he is a very hard worker, I think he is passionate, he cares about this game and he is competitive. He's going to go back and watch the things he did well, watch the things he didn't do well and improve on that. I think we all need to do that.

Q: On the third and 18 draw, did you see any kind of daylight?

A: No, I think they played it well, that's part of the NFL. The defense is going to make some great calls and they are going to make some plays. The question before you was, do I have any question about the third and 18. You know it's a two-down situation, so if it's third and 18 and it pops how it should pop, nobody even asks that question. I don't question that. Yes, they played it well. We have to find a way to convert that third down.

Q: How should it pop?

A: It's a draw play, it's third and 18, a lot of teams in the NFL back off and play the stick because they don't want you to get to the sticks. Usually there is a lot of running room. We had it, but I think Patrick Peterson, I think he kind of flew, everyone knows how great of a talent he is, he played it pretty well and the linebackers played it pretty well. They took off the two lanes I could cut but we still got a positive gain on it, three to four yards, we made it fourth and 14. We just have to find a way to convert that.

WR Golden Tate

Q: How disappointing is this loss for you guys?

A: Very disappointing. People spend their hard-earned money to sit in the rain and watch us do that; it's just unacceptable. I think, from top to bottom, we've got to be better. I thought we had a really good week at practice, but we just gotta do the simple things right, man. So, we just gotta do better. It's tough.

Q: Where does it start? How do you guys get better?

A: I think it starts at practice, for sure, and we just gotta pay attention to the details, the small things. Just do the little things right. You know, just limit penalties, be efficient on third down, hold onto the ball, catch the ball, block your guy. Just the simple things, I think. We'll be in a better place, but when we show up at MetLife, we expect to win. That's our home. We just did not perform today, in my opinion. I haven't seen the film. I'm sure there's a lot of good things we did. We were playing from behind early, fast, and we fought back, so we definitely did some good things, so, overall, we gotta … the details, man.

Q: You've said this a few times, what do you mean by 'details'?

A: I just explained it: catch the ball, third down, run the ball, the simple, fundamental things of football.

Q: Was this a step back for the Giants' offense today?

A: (long pause) I mean, we didn't perform like we wanted to, but I don't want to say we've taken steps back. We just didn't get it done today and I know we're capable and I know it's important to every person in this organization. We are going to stay focused, we've got another opportunity next week and, by no means are we out of this. We're not going to tank. We're going to show up tomorrow and we're going to be very critical of this film, we're going to fix this crap, and we're going to be ready to go on Wednesday. That's the only thing we can do.

Q: Where are you guys after seven games, you said you're 'not going to give up', you're 'not going to tank', but how do you view the situation at 2-5?

A: I think we're getting more people back, we should get more people back next week and the week after. We're going to keep grinding, we're going to get this fixed.

Q: Are some of the mistakes that Daniel had just part of the growing process for a young QB?

A: Yeah, I mean he's definitely learning. He's learning and we've got to help him out. The receivers, we gotta get open, we gotta catch the balls that come to us. We gotta run the routes the way they're designed, we gotta block- we gotta hold up on our blocks. When we run the ball, we gotta always get positive plays. [Fix] those things, and we're going to be fine. I do not think we are a bad team, by any means. I think we have a lot of talent, we have a great scheme, but we just gotta do things right.

Q: On the most frustrating part of today…

A: You know, just, there's times where we get something going and we have a penalty or we would drop the ball or we would get sacked or something like that and I only can speak on the offense, because that's what I work with directly. I thought special teams came up and made a big play for us, Rhett made a big play for us and put us back in the game and we gotta ride that momentum. We come back out after halftime and we're getting the ball and I think we were, what? Three-and-out, three-and-out? Is that right? You can't do that.

Q: Surprised that Pat Shurmur went for it on 4*th and 15 from deep in your own territory?*

A: Look, that's the leader of this organization and I'm not going to question anything he does. He had his reasons and my job is to run the plays that he calls. I'm not the head coach- maybe one day I might be one, but it's his decision. That's the decision he thought that was going to give us a chance and we ran it.

Q: What do you guys think in the huddle about running the ball on 3rd and 20?

A: You're trying to take me to dangerous waters. Look, I have complete trust in this organization and when they call plays, my job is to run them.

Q: You, personally, made quite a few plays, did you feel like you're kind of getting your legs under you in this offense?

A: Yeah, it feels good to just be out there running around, playing, and trying to help this team as much as I can, but I look at this game- there are some plays that I've got to make. I gotta make a few more plays. When they come to me late in the game, there's one, you know I don't know what would happen after that, I gotta make, I've got to find a way to catch that ball, to come back to it. So, I can't get caught up on what I did because we lost, so my individual effort means nothing because we lost. I just want to keep working, keep showing up to work every single week, every single day, because I believe we can win and we will win.

Q: Their defense had really struggled- to put up only 14 points against a defense that had been as bad as this group, bottom line, how unacceptable is that for you guys?

A: That's very frustrating. I mean, we made those guys look like the '85 Bears. We had a great scheme, we just did not execute, we had opportunities, but I feel like a lot of the time we were kind of playing behind the sticks, where we take a sack, we have a penalty, we drop it, whatever it may be. We just gotta be better with the details and I'm going to probably say it for the rest of the year and my entire time, we don't need to be the best team in the league, we just need to be better than the team we were going against and today we just absolutely weren't.

Q: With the return of Patrick Peterson, did they show any different looks defensively? Did anything come out that you didn't see on film?

A: No, they were who we thought they were. You know, their pass rush did a great job. I thought the DBs did enough. I don't know how many explosive plays we had or you know, I don't know the stats of the game, but they just, you know, they did a good job of taking advantage of the weather, I think, against us and keeping everything in front of us and the times that we did get behind them, we scored.

Q: Could you still feel Saquon's impact on the game?

A: Absolutely. It's great to have him back out there. No one cares about the game more than him. He's a huge asset to this team, this organization, [and] this city. There's only so much he can do. We know he's going to come out there and give his best effort, but it's going to be all of us. The other 10 guys got to do their job in order for him to do well and he has to do his job in order for us to do well. It's not fair just to put it all on him and expect him to carry us to victory because good teams are going to figure out what they need to do.

S Jabrill Peppers

Q: Why do you think Chase Edmonds at running back was so effective against you guys today?

A: He was hitting holes hard and fast. He didn't go down easy. He did everything he was supposed to do tonight. He had a good day.

Q: How do you explain that slow start for you guys, especially coming off the Patriots game, you might have had a little momentum?

A: We just need to get back, get back in the film room, look at it and get it corrected.

Q: What was the mood like once you guys were down 17? Was there a different sort of energy? Were you guys on to get back into it?

A: There's no panic. We've been there before. We fought back, we just didn't make enough plays in the end.

Q: What did you think of Larry (Fitzgerald)?

A: I like him. I think we did a good job mixing up the looks on him. We just didn't stop the run as well as we like.

Q: It seemed like you had him in good positions in the first quarter and a half, and he just kept on making third down plays.

A: That's the name of the game.

Q: It seemed like a pretty winnable game coming in, and now you look up and you're 2-5. What's the mood in this room, and how do you keep guys bought in?

A: We just need to stay focused. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Obviously, we didn't get the end result we wanted. But we have a lot of season left. We just need to band together and execute better on game days. That's all it comes down to.

Q: Do you think maybe some guys aren't executing out there? Maybe below the level they should be?

A: As a whole, we're not. It's not just on one guy. As a whole, we're not playing, not executing, very well. We're not making the plays we need to make when we need to make them. In this league, that's what you have to do to win ball games.

Q: Not being able to set the edge on some of those touchdown runs, is that just a communication thing?

A: We just have to look at the tape. Get it corrected. It's a copycat league. We're definitely going to see those plays again. We'll come in tomorrow, come in to work, make the proper corrections, put this thing to bed and move on to Detroit.

Q: Were some of those plays things you weren't expecting coming in? Did you feel like you guys were prepared?

A: Definitely, we were prepared. It just comes down to executing and making the plays. We didn't do a good job of that tonight.

TE Evan Engram

Q:  How's your eye feeling?

A: It's fine, it's fine.

Q: Why do you think it was such a struggle offensively?

A: Um, just small things that we didn't do. Dropped balls, missed communication, penalties; a lot of things that shot ourselves in the foot that we can't have.

Q: Down the stretch on 3*rd* and 18, did you know it was two-down territory and you guys called two plays?

A: Um, that's out of our control, that's coach's call. We just have to do what we have to do.

Q: Were you surprised that it was 4*th* and 15 and you went for it?

A: We have to try and win the game; we're trying to win the ball game.

Q: You talked about drops, you had one down the sideline there. Was it the rain?

A: I have no excuses, just got to have it.

Q: Did you feel right today?

A:  Yeah, I was fine.

Q: How do you think Daniel (Jones) handled everything?

A: I mean, it's tough. We have to play better complementary football, for offense, defense, for each other, for the guy next to us, we just have to play better together.

Q: To go down 17-0, was that a shock to you a little bit?

A: Nah, I mean, it's a long football game. We got back in it, we had our chances, we can't really dwell when things don't go our way. We just have to keep attacking. We got back in it; we just didn't finish it.

Q: How do you think (Saquon) Barkley looked in his first game back?

A: He came back and did everything he could, made some big plays. Like I said, we just have to play better together and put everything together as a team. I think he did really well and he came out there and fought his butt off.

Q: What is the most frustrating part of today for you?

A: I have to play better; I have to be better for my team. I put a lot of pressure on myself, there's no excuses but we have to play better together, and we didn't do that today.

Q: It seems like some of the plays were slow in developing. Do you think we'll see some quicker plays when the quarterback is in trouble?

A: We were out there doing everything we can as a team. We have to play better football on all basis. We were out there doing everything we can.

Q: Their defense has obviously been struggling. For you guys to put 14 points up against this defense today, how unacceptable is that?

A: Very unacceptable. Like I said, we work hard, and we put a lot of work in, but we just have to play better football, man. Some of the small things that we missed on, take those away and we walk out of here with a win. It's tough, it sucks, but we just have to keep going and get back to work.

Q: How does Daniel (Jones) get out of this rut?

A: It's a team thing. We get another opportunity next week and another week to prepare. We throw this one in the trash and we just have to bounce back. No dwelling on the past, we just have to keep moving forward. We're going to have more opportunities, so we'll take advantage of those.

Q: Just a fluke thing with Chandler Jones that got through to your eye?

A: It was Suggs, he got his hand in there. It took a minute for my vision to come back, but I'll be fine.

Q: What would be one of the biggest takeaways for this team as you look towards Week Eight?

A: We just have to play better together, it's simple.


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