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Quotes - 10/22: Manning, Cruz


COUGHLIN: Good afternoon. I think the story of the game has to be told this way; probably the biggest thing was plus-two. Four turnovers in the second half, we turned it over twice ourselves, but they were huge. The fact that in the red zone they did not score, red or tight, and we were two for three in the green, and two for two in the tight green. That tells a little bit of the story, I think the other thing is they had seven penalties and we had three. We did play better defense in the second half, even if you just look at the turnovers themselves. Our turnover late put the game in great jeopardy, no doubt. To be able to come back like we did, with Eli (Manning) and Victor (Cruz), and to make the big play, was something.

Q: Do you appreciate a guy like Ahmad Bradshaw who is very "fiery" on the field?A: Well, there's never been any question about Ahmad Bradshaw's toughness, his intensity level…he plays the game hard. You'd like to have everybody play as hard he plays, to be honest with you. He gives it everything he's got. You want people to recognize that fact, but sometimes you do have to control yourself and control your emotions, and he's working on it.

Q: Will you address it with him or is it just from the heat of the game?A: It's been addressed.


Q: Talk about the passion Ahmad was showing yesterday.
A: Ahmad plays hard and he loves the game of football. He has great confidence in himself. He wants to win everyday and obviously he feels, in certain situations in third down, that he can go get the first down and he was fired up and he gets our team fired up. So you appreciate his passion and his dedication to give it all every game.

Q: Can that be negative for the harmony of the team?A: There's certain situations where players get fired up and we had an opportunity to end the game and get a first down and I gave the ball back to Washington. Offensively, we didn't do our job that second to last possession when I missed Hakeem on the sideline and didn't get a first down. We were disappointed and I felt we didn't do our job there, so obviously we were able to keep our cool and come back and make the plays that we needed to win.

Q: Are you happy he didn't smack you on the helmet like he did to Victor?A: Yeah, but Ahmad gives it all and he does a great job in running hard and I think he thought he had a shot to break even a bigger run on that play, so he's trying to make sure those guys know that he tries to do everything to protect and give them opportunities to make plays. He wants the same in return.

Q: Is there a comfort level with where you guys are playing at now?
A: Just the way we're playing football right now, we feel good against any team, any opponent. So we just want to go in there and put our best foot forward and have a good week of practice and understand that it's going to take all of us to win this game, as it is every game, but it's going to take a full team effort and we've got to go in there and potentially get another win in the division.

Q: What was your reaction to Ahmad smacking you in the helmet like that?A: It's nothing. It was cool. Ahmad is emotional when he's out there playing, so it was just one of those things that happens.

Q: What was the reason for that?A: It was just him being emotional in that specific play and it happened and we moved forward from it.


]( AHMAD BRADSHAWQ: How did you come through the game yesterday?** A: I'm great. I feel good. It's a great day, a great win and continue to feel great. Q: Did your foot factor into your number of carries?A: No, I don't think so. They just had a great scheme and we just didn't run the ball that much.

Q: Did you know going in that Tom wanted to mix it up a little bit more?A: We knew that they'd keep the safety down and tried to stop us from running and that had kind of stopped us. So we figured we could just throw it over their head and try to beat the safeties.


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