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Quotes (10/3): Coach Coughlin

Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Your teams have had trouble a little bit with special teams in the past. How much is it a major concern this week knowing full well the weapon that Atlanta has?
A: He's (Hester) been a tremendous weapon in this league for years and years. He attracts an incredible amount of attention and rightfully so. Naturally an awful lot of your preparation goes into that part of the game.


Q: Was it another step in the right direction for Odell Beckham today? **
A: I think so... hopefully.

Q: This was his third-straight day, has there been any soreness or anything with him or is he in the clear now as far as you guys are concerned?
A: I wouldn't say that. Don't put words in my mouth on that one. He's practiced on a limited basis for three days. That's as far as I'll go.

Q: He's listed as questionable, so that gives him a pretty decent shot of playing this week. What is realistic to expect from a guy who…?
A: Are you making the list now for active and inactive?

Q: He said questionable.
A: I'm checking with you. A reasonable expectation for what?

Q: I don't know what the exact wording is but questionable gives him X percent chance of being able to play. What's a realistic expectation for a guy who's a rookie, who has never played an NFL game, who has struggled with an injury like this for such an extended period?
A: Well, if the medical people are on board… the young man wants to play and he's here for that purpose. We're just going to have to put all the evidence together when the time comes.

Q: The pass rush has looked a little bit better each week. Is there something you can point to that explains it or is it just them playing together?
A: Playing as hard as you can play and having a good rotation, coming into the game and being able to, at some point, be able to accomplish pressure. Hopefully it will get better than it is.

Q: They're listing three of their five starters on the offensive line as either being out or questionable. Do you use that as part of your game plan knowing…?
A: What I said earlier in the week is that I'm interested in our team. They're good football coaches, they will have a plan and we'll have to make that adjustment.

Q: Do you ever have a moment with Larry Donnell where you have to tell him, 'People are going to start defending you differently.'
A: Well, I have a lot of moments with Larry. I think that the coaches do a good job of that. How do you know? When you do that in one direction, how do you compensate in another? That's what we'll have to find out.

Q: How much stock do you put in Antrel Rolle's theory that Prince…?
A: Stop it, I'm not answering that question. Anybody have a legitimate question for me?

Q: Is Jon Beason going to play on Sunday?
A: We don't know that just yet.

Q: Will you have to do anything differently defensively with him on the field versus him not on the field as far as Jameel McClain moving back and forth or…?
A: Well, McClain has always moved back and forth, so he would continue to do that.

Q: I just mean in terms of the flow of the game, do you have any issues with him moving back and forth from strong side to middle and back if Beason's on or off the field?
A: Do I? No, I don't have any… He's shown the ability to play both spots.

Q: Does Beason's availability depend solely on his comfort level Sunday morning? Is that where he is with this situation?
A: I believe it's more than that. It's what is the condition of the situation, how does he feel? A lot depends on that, the medical people and how he feels, so we'll have to wait and see also on that.

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