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Quotes (10/9): Coach McAdoo, Quinn, Coughlin


Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo**

Q: The key to beating the Eagles seems to be eliminating your own mistakes?A: I've had a chance to study their defense a little bit and also watch them play as a team, just watching their games. They are very opportunistic as a team. They have a lot of good athletes and they have a good scheme across the board. When the ball is on the ground, they usually seem to wind up with it. We have to do what we can to keep the ball out of their hands and have no giveaways.

Q: What are your thoughts on Andre Williams taking over at running back?A: Andre has been preparing each and every week like he is going to be a starter. We rotate those guys and he has had some opportunities and he has made the most of them. A lot of times he gets in at the end of games when the yards are tough to come by. Next man up. We believe he is ready. We trust him.

Q: What do you like about his running style?A: He is an aggressive guy. He is the same guy we saw on college tape. He runs like he is going to tackle you. That is probably what we like about him the most. He is a big, physical guy. He is a cerebral guy, but he runs very aggressively.

Q: His yards after contact aren't that high this year… Is there a reason you see for that?A: Let's see a little bigger sample size and then we will look at it.

Q: Coach Coughlin was talking today about wanting to see more big plays… Does Odell Beckham's arrival increase the chances of seeing more big plays?A: We believe big plays are a product of execution. Doing it crisply and extra effort. We need to take care of those. We do a better job in both of those areas and big plays will come.

Q: Last week at this time, you said you were going to take it slow with Odell… Did he exceed your expectations in his first game?A: No. Like I said last week, he is a guy that has been in all the meetings. He is very smart. He is conscientious. He is a gifted athlete. It showed up on Sunday.

Q: How much more prepared is he this week than he was a week ago?A: He had a good week of practice so far. Today he took advantage of his opportunities. Tomorrow will be a big day for him, hitting the green zone and finishing our preparation with a full speed practice on the field. We feel he is coming along nicely.

Q: Does he have to know all of the receiver plays? Do you want the [receivers] to be interchangeable at any level or situation?A: We really don't teach positions, whether you are a receiver or a tight end, we teach concepts. Knowing who is number one, two and three and what their jobs are there. Whether you get a ton of reps at one, two or three impacts that. We expect those guys to learn concepts and translate that onto the field.

Q: How did Atlanta's defense react to [Beckham] being in the game? Did they do anything differently?A: Atlanta had a good plan for us. They played very aggressively. They played pretty much like every down was third down early in the game and challenged us that way. They are well-coached and they had some things in store for Odell when he was out there on the field. We felt like when we got one-on-one matchups with him and some certain guys on the defense and in their secondary, that we could take advantage of it. Those were few and far between. They did a good job trying to keep his big play production to a minimum.

Q: Is that part of what he brings in your ideal scenario… The ability to challenge the defense at a different level?A: Yes, if we produce. If he is productive with his one-on-one matchups and wins and does a nice job being explosive there, executing crisply and playing with great effort, then that is certainly something that could come up. He could get capped off or they could play cloud to his side and free up some other guys. We will have to see, time will tell there.

Q: How much different does your offense look when [Beckham] is in there?A: It is too early to say. He hasn't had a full game where he has played 75 plays. We didn't get as many plays last week as we would of liked to play. He was rolling in and out a little bit, so we will have to see. Next couple weeks will tell.

Q: Did ever pull himself out?A: No, not that I am aware of.

Q: You were making substitutions?A: Yes.

Q: With the way the Falcons approached [Larry] Donnell… Was that something to learn from?A: We were very methodical last week. We did a nice job of not forcing the football to certain guys. We trusted everyone on the field and the ball went where it was supposed to go. That is very big and important and it shows that we can play with discipline and detail. If we have to go the long haul and have long drives and run the ball and take completions and not penalize ourselves, then we are capable of doing that.

Q: For a guy who speaks and teaches conceptually, how big a step is what you just said?A: It was progress.

Q: I am sure you are very pleased with the continuity of your offensive line so far… You have a guy in the wings now with [Geoff] Schwartz, who is working his way back… Do you have a plan in mind for when he is available?A: No.

Q: How big of a benefit has that been to start the same five guys on the offensive line?A: The more they play together, the better they get. Schwartz has been around and he has been a part of that group. I am sure he is chomping at the bit to get out there. The more they play together and the more time they spend together and the better we practice, the better we have a chance to play on Sunday.

Q: You mentioned that you put a lot on the center… How much do you put on the center as opposed to other offenses?A: We have three decision-makers in our offense. It starts with the center. He makes the first two calls coming out. Everything feeds off of that. Eli [Manning] has a chance to move it either way. The back fits off of it. Those three guys together are the decision-makers. The quarterback always has the trump card, but a lot falls on the center. Early in the week, it seems like a lot, but as the week goes on and as you start to really fine tune what you are doing, it becomes a little easier for him and he can play faster.

Q: Why do you like [J.D. Walton] as a fit in this?A: I like a scrappy guy in there. I like a tough guy in there. You usually like a guy you would take in a boxing ring in there, and I think he has those types of attributes. I think he has confidence and broad shoulders.

Q: At this point in the season, is Andre Williams no longer a rookie? You would expect him to do what everybody else is doing veteran-wise?A: Absolutely. We have nine games under our belt. We have confidence in Andre. We train all those guys, even Michael [Cox] who was on the practice squad, to be able to step in. If someone goes down, the next man steps in and we don't miss a beat. **

Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn**

Q: When you play a team that has been so good on special teams, are you particularly mindful this week of watching what you do?A: I think you're always mindful. They've done a really good job, they've been very productive, so you want to make sure that you're ready for everything that they've done, the kickoff return, the punt return, the punt protection, that's all been emphasized this week.

Q: They blocked two punts in the last two weeks. Are they doing something different? Do you guys need to be on your toes a little bit more?A: No, I think they're just doing a good job. They had a check against St. Louis and they had a backed up punt against San Francisco. They take off on good rush paths, they get vertical, they stretch it, so they've done a good job just technique-wise but it's nothing exotic. They've done a very good job with it.

Q: A team like that, four special teams returns in five weeks. Is it, I don't want to say the word fluky, but that's incredible, right?A: It's a challenge. They've been productive at the right time. You step up and hope to meet that challenge and produce yourself.

Q: Are those touchdowns a reflection of something that they're doing or is it just…?A: I think they're just well-coached. They've got good players doing it and everyone did their job. The kickoff return against Washington was well-blocked, the guy made one guy miss. The punt return, (Darren) Sproles is always dangerous when you let him get going vertically. They've just done a good job with that.

Q: How do you decide when to put Odell Beckham back there?A: Talking to Tom, the flow of the game, how many reps he's taken, that type of thing.

Q: How much of a big play threat is Beckham for you guys?A: Well, I like seeing that on offense, I'd like to see it on special teams. I'm excited to see him. We've been excited, so hopefully we can get some opportunities. We didn't have that many opportunities with some rushes that we were doing last week, so hopefully this week there will be one or two opportunities.

Q: How close is Steve Weatherford to being back to where he used to be or is the ankle still bugging him?A: The ankle's still bugging him. It's not going to go away in… it's been four weeks. He's starting to get back to normal, but his regular workload is not the same.

Q: It looks like you've almost had a couple punts blocked recently. In years past it was never even close. I was wondering if Weatherford has slowed down a little on his get off time or something like that.A: I don't think so. He's been pretty normal with that.

Q: What's the added challenge of lining up against a guy like Darren Sproles when you see him back there?A: Well, he's dangerous. He's explosive, he does a really good job catching the ball and getting square with the catch so there's no wasted movement, there's no make-up time with him. He's catching, he's a quick-starter, a north-south returner. He's also got the speed to press the edge, so he's dangerous.

Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Is [Jon] Beason looking better every day?A: We will see tomorrow morning, but so far so good.

Q: [Beason] is a lot better from this time last week though?A: I would say, yes.

Q: How much difference does the grass make to guys like him?A: It is the only place you want him to practice, is on grass.

Q: You guys have given up more 40-yard plays than you did all of last year… Given [Philadelphia's] explosiveness of their offense, how big of a key is that?A: From day one it has been to control or stop the big plays. We have a number of big plays against. We continue to work on it and talk about it. It has been an objective since day one.

Q: [The Eagles] corners have struggled the past few weeks… Do you feel like with [Victor] Cruz and [Odell] Beckham, you guys can exploit that?A: Well, they are good players. They are playing against very good football players, as well. We are talking about our team. We need to make some big plays ourselves. You want to go to the other side of the count. We didn't have but three last weekend. We need to get into that category.

Q: In that respect, have you had difficulty getting Victor Cruz open for those big plays? Are teams focusing on him?A: I am sure he gets extra attention. There is no doubting that. Some opportunities have been there and we have been able to take advantage of them, but like last Sunday, there weren't many.

Q: Is that usually cyclical for receivers or do you need to see something more out of him?A: No, I don't think it's a cyclical thing.


Q: Is there something more [Cruz] can do? **A: He plays hard. He does everything you ask him to do. Big plays will come.

Q: How much does it help that this is the third time you are seeing this Chip Kelly offense… Does it make it easier for the defense?A: Well, you have had the experience. You have had a feel for it. I read that where they felt the officials were letting them go a little bit sooner, so they are probably playing at a quicker pace. We know exactly the number, the seconds, but we have played against it. They have adjusted and made changes. We have played against it before.

Q: [Dominique] Rodgers-Cromartie health-wise… Is he worse, better or the same?A: I think he was a little better today.

Q: Is that something you might have to worry yourself with moving forward, having to miss plays during games?A: I hope not. I hope that is not the case.

Q: When you talk about your returners and the decision of when to use Beckham back there… What do you factor into those decisions?A: Situation, time of the game, field position, all the above.

Q: The Eagles used to do that with DeSean Jackson later in the game. Could you see yourself doing that with someone like Beckham at some point?A: Maybe. It wouldn't be later in the game. I think you need to have more than one [returner]. If we could have a couple people ready to go, then that helps you make decisions on when to use so and so and when to use the other person.

Q: Position on the field would be another [deciding factor], I guess…?A: Yes.

Q: Is Beckham an option at kickoff returner as well?A: He could be.

Q: What is it that makes him such a good returner? What did you see from him in college?A: I haven't seen much [here] because he hasn't done much. I watched him in college and he has outstanding speed, quickness, decision-making and toughness. He was able to stay up in some situations where he ran through some arm tackles and he had some decent blocking in front of him.

Q: The center is given more responsibility in this offense… Could you talk about that and how [J.D.] Walton has picked up all that stuff?A: They worked together the entire time, the centers and the quarterbacks, determining who to identify and who not to. Then you can always have the quarterback override, but that is always where it starts. It starts right there with the center, no matter whether it was this system or the old system. The center was still very much involved.

Q: Mentally and physically, how do you think [Walton] is doing?A: I think he has done well with it.

Q: How much of a benefit has that been that you have been able to start the same five offensive linemen for the first five games?A: Continuity is the key ingredient. Being able to do that has helped. Communication is so important. I think that has definitely helped us as we have grown and it has gotten a little bit better.

Q: Does that continuity affect any decisions when [Geoff Schwartz] comes back?A: Let's let him get back.

Q: Has everything been good with him so far?A: He seems to be on schedule.

Q: He can practice next week?A: That, I am not going to comment on. As far as the [medical staff] is concerned, he is to a point now where they are doing things with him.

Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell

Q: Everybody says the Philly offense is struggling. You are probably not buying into it, right?A: Not with the skill players that I see. I think Jeremy Maclin is playing extremely well; LeSean McCoy is one of the premier backs in the league. Zach Ertz, the tight end, is a glorified tight end but he is a wide receiver. He is like the Jimmy Grahams and those guys of our league and Darren Sproles, so no, I am not buying it.

Q: What do you see or hope they continue?A: Hope they keep having a bad day. You say struggle, I see a play here, a play there and they have an explosive offense. They can explode at any point in time. They have come back in three or four ball games and won. The numbers may not look gaudy, but they are moving the ball down the field and they are scoring points. Obviously, special teams, they have done a great job in that area scoring points. It's just a matter of them getting it together, we hope they don't get it together on Sunday night.

Q: You talk about their explosiveness; you have allowed five plays over 40 yards this year, the same number as all of last year. How are you working to clamp down on those?A: It just a continuity with who we are playing, it's communication, making the play when it should be made. Our first ball game, we didn't do a very good job in stopping the explosive play. Last week, we had an explosive play on us, we've got to know the situation, but make the tackle. Make sure we have a sure tackle to eliminate those big plays. We are just trying to coach through situations that we put the guys in in order for them to eliminate those explosive plays.


Q: With Dominique Rogers-Cromartie, do you have to adjust? He has some sort of injury that Tom Coughlin said he is going to have to deal with. Do you maybe change how you think about using him or cut down on moving him around a bit because of that? **A: Everybody has an injury. He is not hurt, so he is going to play through it and we are going to play like we always play.

Q: When Johnathan Hankins came here last year, he said he wanted to prove that he wasn't just a run-stopper. He makes a play on Sunday, what's going through your mind and what are your impressions of where he has come from?A: Well, I wanted to hug him and kiss him, but I didn't think that would be appropriate, I did hug him. I was just proud that he was able to convert and make the move that he made and sack the quarterback in that situation. I think Johnathan Hankins has improved on a daily basis for us, I've seen him grow as a run-stopper, I've seen him grow as a pass rusher. I want to encourage him to keep doing what he is doing because he is a good football player, he is a complete football player, in my mind.

Q: When Linval Joseph leaves via free agency, in your mind does it immediately go to, "alright next man up, Hankins [Johnathan], you're in." If so, why did he become the guy that fit there?A: I think Jerry Reese just really did a good job in scouting. When we saw him on tape in college, he not only played tackle, but he played defensive end, and he played a lot of different positions. He played the entire game at a high rate of speed. I mean, he was hustling the whole time. When Linval Joseph left, you always want to keep the guys that you have, but in our mind we were saying, "okay, who is going to be the next guy, is Hankins [Johnathan] the next guy?" So you are training the guy to be the next man up, so to speak, and you hope he can become that next man. You never know, but you have to have that plan B, and that was plan B.

Q: Early this year, you said Jason Pierre- Paul was showing flashes and at other times, it was like you didn't see him as much. Has he gotten to the point where it is more flashes?A: I think so. I think he has been more consistent. In the last three or four ball games, five ball games if you want to say that, I think he has been a lot more consistent, no doubt about it.

Q: Why has he been so good against the run? His numbers against the run have graded out really well, why is that?A: You have to ask Jason Pierre-Paul that. I am not giving him any extra hugs and kisses to play the run. We emphasize stopping the run and Jason Pierre-Paul is a good football player. A lot of people want to see the flash plays that he makes because that is good for SportsCenter. I can remember a play against Washington two years ago where he takes on a tight end, he throws the tight end off, the fullback comes and blocks him, he decks the fullback, and then he makes the tackle. Nobody says anything about that play and you don't see that play flash, but that is Jason Pierre-Paul. He has been very good at stopping the run and making plays like that. If we can do that, he can now have the flash plays in the pass game, which ultimately help our football team.

Q: Him doing it more consistently is what you are saying?A: Oh yeah, everybody. Especially this week, because you have LeSean McCoy, you've got Darren Sproles, who is very explosive in the run game. You don't want one of those guys to get out of the gate for a big play.

Q: It seems like you never want to take Jacquian Williams off the field, he has almost never been off the field all season.A: Really? We said early in camp that he has emerged to be a three-down backer. We are just reaffirming that he has become a three-down backer. In the past he was more of a specialist and I think this is a tribute to the young man that he has become a three-down backer.

Q: We haven't seen opposing tight ends do much against you guys.A: Sometimes you have been lucky because opposing tight ends haven't done so much. You've got a big challenge with the tight ends that they have this week. We have prepared and Jason Pierre-Paul, Jacquian Williams, the safeties, everybody, we have watched their tight ends and we think they are really good. That will be a big challenge for us this week because that could be the x-factor.

Q: Have you seen Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie get more comfortable here since he has arrived?A: I think having Antrel Rolle here is very comforting for him. He is a unique young man in the sense that he is very quiet in some respects and he is very competitive, too. He wants to do the right things and be right, so when he is in the classroom, he is very focused, he is paying attention, he looks to his teammates, "hey, we are supposed to play it like this." He doesn't say it out loud, but it is a look of confirmation. I think what we have done with not only him, but with Prince Amukamara and Trumaine McBride, we have that new unit, so to speak. I think that he has become more comfortable speaking with his teammates and engaging with his teammates, as well as his coaches. I really think that the young man is an outstanding individual and an outstanding person, and I didn't know that before.

Q: How big of a signing has Robert Ayers been for you guys? He seems to be a guy that you are able to use in a bunch of different spots and really give you some options.A: I think you are right there, because he is giving us that inside quickness that we missed when Justin Tuck left and those kinds of guys. He has brought that element to us and he has given us that outside speed that we have, when we can move him outside, so he can give us that third or fourth pass rusher along with Damontre Moore. He has been key in some of the things that we have done from a three-down or four-down look with our defensive ends. Hopefully we can engage him more in the future to do some different things with him.

Q: Is your confidence level this week with Jon Beason any different than what it was last week as far as his availability?A: He has practiced well. Yeah, I have a greater confidence this week, just the way he looked and the way he has moved in practice, and the way he has conducted himself. We have given him a lot more reps than we did last week. Yeah, my confidence level is a lot better this week.

Q: With their screen game, we have seen your defensive linemen, especially Jason Pierre-Paul and Robert Ayers, rally to ball. With the screen game with Darren Sproles and LeSean McCoy, how do you coach them that the Eagles can maybe exploit their aggressiveness? Or how do you handle that part?A: I can't tell that, yeah, I can't tell that. It is a big part of their game, no doubt about it. It is a big concern for us because that is an explosive play that we are trying to eliminate. I don't know if you can always eliminate that type of play because Darren Sproles is really good at it. He is extremely good at it.

Q: We talk about a player's motor, but how much of it is just effort when you see a defensive lineman rushing and almost get the passer, then he can be credited for half a tackle on the play downfield?A: It is 100% effort, that is what it is, it is all effort. You can stop screens with defensive linemen because a lot of the guys in the back row and the linebackers, they are in coverage. So if those guys don't turn and pursue, it is about effort and pursuit, proper pursuit angle. If they don't do that, then you are dead.

Q: On a defensive line, can that be a culture almost if someone like a Jason Pierre-Paul is setting that tone. Does that become something the group rallies around itself?A: No doubt about it, because it sets a great example. We want that example set, no doubt, very good question.

Q: After Sunday's game, JPP said the communication on that defensive line is improving, he and Robert Ayers we talking during the game and calling different things, calling some stunts. Is that something where JPP has evolved, or has he always had that?A: No, he has really evolved. He talks a lot more in practice than he has ever done. I think that is his comfort level after four or five years. I think coach Robert Nunn, Coach Robert Nunn gets all the credit because Jason Pierre-Paul is a talented guy and Coach Robert Nunn has done a great job of teaching him football, and situations and things to look for. It is a credit to Jason Pierre-Paul that he has studied and he is retaining that information and he now feels good about sharing that information and he is right, that is growth.

Q: How many expletives does he use?A: I can't say that. That is not for young ears.
WR Odell Beckham Jr.

**Re: facing Eagles defense, secondary
A: It will be a challenge for us, but it is one that we are definitely willing to except.

Q: Does that give you an advantage? You're a smaller, faster receiver; they are sort of bigger, more physical type corners. How much does that maybe play to your favor?A: It depends, you don't let them use their strengths and you try and use yours. Keep their hands off of you and just run your route, know your assignment, and get to where you are supposed to be. Eli Manning always does a great job of just putting it exactly where it needs to go.

Q: I think it is fair to say that you are still much of an unknown quantity to people around the league. You have one game on tape so far. How much of an advantage is that for you, do you believe?A: I definitely like it to an extent because they don't know what I do unless you were to go back and watch college film, which teams aren't going to do that. I only have one game on tape so they have to just go off the one game and try to measure up to that and seeing tendencies and techniques just off of one tape. It definitely works in my favor, I'd say.

Q: You play a lot faster than you look on tape, don't you?A: I try to; I try to, for sure.


Q: This being your first division game, how much are you looking forward to seeing what this Eagles vs. Giants rivalry is about? **A: I am definitely looking forward to it. I have been asking around as if this is like the Ole Miss vs. LSU, Ole Miss vs. Alabama, LSU vs. Alabama. They are saying it is quite a rivalry, so being able to go on the road and experience this is something that I am looking forward to.

Q: What have you been told about the Philadelphia fans? They have a reputation.A: I heard they are a rough crowd, to say the least.

Q: With the way Larry Donnell has started this season and, of course, Victor Cruz's reputation, do you expect that to open things up for you a little more?A: Definitely, the plan is, towards the back end of the season, maybe teams will start to respect Rueben and myself a little more, and it will open it up more for Victor Cruz. We are all trying to work together, you see him getting bracketed and double-covered, and it makes for the two guys on the outside, you have to be the ones to make a play. Same with Larry Donnell, you have him making plays all across the field, it just makes it hard to do match-ups.

Q: How much do you expect your workload to increase as you move along here, including special teams?A: I definitely look forward to when it's time to increase…boost it up. I can't really tell you when the time is. It is kind of back up to the trainers and we've seen it slightly increase. I get a few reps on punt and punt return, just each and every opportunity is a blessing.

Q: Do you think you are there health-wise to play the 60 reps, if you needed to, plus a couple special teams if that were the workload that is put on you. Are you there condition-wise?A: Yeah, I think I should be good. I definitely love punt return, so hopefully I get an opportunity to get back there and return a couple punts. On offense, just stay on the pace that I am at.

LB Jameel McClain

Q: I'm sure you've heard a lot about the great rivalries over the course of time. You had some with the Ravens. What are you hearing about the Giants and Eagles? What do you expect this kind of game to be?A: You know what, man, I expect it to be a battle. I expect it to be a battle like I've known it to be. I grew up in Philadelphia so I'm very aware and I do have a firm experience on rivalries so I know it's going to be a battle, I know what both teams stand for and I know what they represent and what this game means. I've never ran from a fight in my life, so I have my knuckles balled up. I'm ready.

Q: When you were with the Ravens, did you ever play in Philly?A: Did I ever play in Philly when I was with the Ravens? Yes, yes. As recent as when we had the replacement referees. That was the last game I played in Philadelphia.

Q: Philly fans are kind of interesting and I'm just wondering if you have any fond memories of…?A: I don't think I have any fond memories of Philly fans, personally. I love Philly, I love the fans, I love everything about it. That's something that I received, respect that I receive. I'm a Philly guy, you know, I'm through and through. I'm that, I represent that first, beyond anything. It's my blood. But fans are fans, man, and it's beautiful. You've got to enjoy it and have fun with the game. I'm one of those guys, I've seen Terrell Suggs throughout his whole career draw off of being in the opponent's den. I'm one of those guys, I enjoy it. I enjoy the heckling, I enjoy the boos, all of that excites me. None of that makes me back up at any point and that's what this team stands for. It will be great. I'm smiling.

Q: So if anyone knows what to expect, it's you.A: Through and through, if anybody knows. But these guys have been through it multiple times, so they know. I'm a Philly guy. I know exactly what to expect. I know someone's going to crack a joke at my mom, something.


Q: Will she laugh? **A: She will laugh.

Q: What do you tell the young guys that haven't been there? How do you get them ready to play there?A: You tell guys when it comes to NFL rivalries, that it's different than college because people lose their control, they lose their emotion. They let something take them over the top. In the NFL, you always have to be in control, you always have to know that your one mishap could cause a game because these games are tight, they're always tight. They always come down to the last play, they always come down to the last quarter or something, so it's always being in control, controlled chaos. That's what this game should be and that's what it's going to be. That's what you tell young guys, always focus on not damaging your team at any point with your own individual emotions.

Q: The defense is all about stopping the run first. LeSean McCoy has been a little slow to get going. It looks like he's tentative when he gets that ball, looking for a hole. How do you make sure that continues?A: Man, you've got to… I don't believe any of that. I know Shady, he's a special football player. He's special, any second that you don't pay attention to his dangerousness, for lack of better words, he hits you, he busts one out of the gate, he makes an amazing play, so always being aware of him. How do you pay attention? How do you stop him? You always have to be aware of him, you always know where he's at, you always know where Sproles is, you always know where these weapons that they have are, because the moment that they look to the left and then to the right, you just got left. That's the big play. That's the game, I just paid them a lot of compliments. I hope he never hears this.

Q: You guys are giving up a lot of big plays, 40-plus yard plays. How do you, especially against an offense like this that has players like McCoy and Sproles, how important is it to clamp down on those?A: I love your questions all the time. It is important to clamp down on anybody, regardless of the magnitude of what people believe an offense is, but we have made those mistakes. We have learned off of them in time. Week 1 isn't the same as the week that we just played, there is improvement and there is always going to be room for an improvement, and that's what we have to do. Like I said in the beginning, we have to focus on the fundamentals and trust the people next to you, the people in front of you and the people behind you, that everybody's going to do their job and with that trust, you continue to limit big plays. You don't stop all of them because this is the NFL, these people get paid a lot of money. They're the best at what they do, so they're allowed to hit something too, but our goal is to limit that and with an offense like this, you limit as much as you can and when it comes down to the wire, hopefully you have the lower number on big numbers compared to their defense, big plays.

Q: Talking about trusting the guy next to you, what's your level of excitement or anticipation about Jon Beason playing?A: I love it when the excitement is high. It's Jon, it's Mark (Herzlich), It's Jacquian (Williams) or Spencer (Paysinger) or (Devon) Kennard, the trust that we have in this linebacker group is rare. It's special to me and I've been around a lot of linebackers. What guys have and what guys bring to the table and intelligence-wise, physical-wise, it just makes, to me, it makes us dynamic. It makes us all blink because it's all different styles but we all know how to mesh together. We're making it perfect. If this is the time for Jon, we all know how to blend together, we all know exactly what we need. Jacquian, Jon, Kennard, Mark, we all understand that and that's what I love about this group the most.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Q: How important is it for you guys this week to get a pass rush on [Nick] Foles?A: I think each game, you go in and want to get to the quarterback. First, you have to play the run and play the run situations. They have a great back in [LeSean] McCoy. He makes people miss. The more important thing is to stop the run and get to the quarterback. In order for you to get to the quarterback, you have to stop the run. We can't forget about the run. The run is the big key here. Everybody knows that. We can't forget about the run. That is what most people are forgetting about. The run is the biggest key. We can't forget about McCoy. We have to stop him, and then that is when we find out if we can get to the quarterback or not.


Q: There are some really great tackles in this league… Trent Williams in Washington and Jason Peters… What do you think about Peters and what makes him so dominant? **A: As far as tackles, I think he is one of the best out there. You have Trent Williams. He is one of the best out there, too. And can't forget about [Tyron] Smith, too. At the end of the day, they are all good tackles, but I just have to do my part as a right end and get to the quarterback. Like I said, it all starts with the run first. At the end of the day, they are all good tackles, but it's all competition with me. I am trying to give them the best I got, and I know when I get out there, I am going to give my best and do the best I can to get to the quarterback.

Q: Is it still the same with stopping the Eagles and the run first…McCoy's numbers haven't been as good?A: It doesn't matter about the numbers. At the end of the day, he is still the same running back. Nothing has changed. As soon as you forget about him, he has 100 or so yards, probably in the first quarter. Not even by the half, by the first quarter. Then you are going to look stupid. It doesn't matter about the numbers with him. He knows what he can do.

Q: In addition to McCoy, they also have [Darren] Sproles… What has he brought to that offense?A: He is fast. I remember when we were in New Orleans we had problems with them. They put up 40 points against us. You can't forget about them. The moment you forget about them, they have 100 or so yards in the first quarter. It might seem impossible, but it can happen. At the end of the day, those are two good running backs and the most I can do is not forget about the run. We are going to play the run first and then we will get to the quarterback second.

Q: It seems to me that one of the most dangerous facets to their offense is the screen pass… As a defensive end, what are you concerning yourself with in terms of the screen?A: It is all about running to the ball. The Falcons came here last week. The game is over and in the past, but they had a great screen game. We had a bad first half, and in the second half, we came out and corrected ourselves and we played much better. We were chasing the quarterback as far as [defensive] ends and defensive tackles turning and running to the ball. I think that is what we need to do this week, is turn and run to the ball no matter what. There are going to be times when you are tired of the screen. We know what happened in the first half of last weekend's game. We can't start off slow. We have to turn and run to the ball. That is a big key to screen passes for the defensive linemen, to turn and run to the ball and finding the ball and finding the running back.

Q: What are the Eagles doing to make up for Jason Kelce being out… David Molk is the center now?A: That is not our problem. We don't care what they do over there on that side of the ball. That is their team and at the end of the day, we are going to do what we have to do to win this game.

Q: This is the third time you have faced Chip Kelly and the fast-paced offense… Is it a little easier now?A: It is football. Every game is going to be hard. That is how I look at it. I am not worried about what kind of offense they are over there running. I am out there to play great football and whatever Perry Fewell, our defensive coordinator, calls, we are going to run it to the best of our ability and get to the ball.

Q: Do you mind the fast pace?A: I don't mind it. You have to get yourself in shape. You know it is going to be a whole different ball game. They are not going to hold the ball. We have to prepare for them to run the ball and run a quick offense, even if they don't. We will prepare for their normal offense. At the end of the day, we are not worried about it. It is a fast-paced offense, you have to make sure you are good and ready for Sunday Night Football and running out of breath. You don't want to be that guy on TV saying, 'Ahh s* I should of done this. I should have run more, this is all over national TV.' I am not going to be that guy. I am pretty sure nobody here is going to be that guy. I am going to make sure of it in the locker room. At the end of the day, you have to be ready for a fast offense or not so fast.

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