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Quotes - 11/1: Bradshaw, Phillips



Q: Antrel Rolle is back?
A: Yes.

Q: All cleared?
A: Cleared.

Q: In a situation like that, do they say that he had a concussion and he's cleared?
A: I don't know. I think when you leave the game under that circumstance, you must pass the protocol.

COACH PERRY FEWELLQ: With three healthy safeties, how do you get them all on the field?
A: We'll find a way. All of them are good players. That's a good problem to have that Kenny (Phillips) is back. We lost a couple of linebackers. Hopefully we'll get a couple of those guys back.
Q: Is Phillips back to being the starter?A: We haven't determined that. I think (Stevie) Brown's been playing really well right now. Stevie's hard to unseat right now. We'll find a way for Kenny to be on the field.Q: Do you think you can implement the three safety coverage with those guys?A: Definitely, because Stevie's come on like this, it gives me more ideas to have the three-safety package and now we can go full-bore with that.



Q: Was today your "day to practice" for this week?
A: Yeah, I guess. We'll see how it feels tomorrow.

Q: I know you've done it before, but how different is it practicing once a week compared to a full-load?
A: Like you said, I've done it before.

Q: Have you noticed a struggle in the running game in recent weeks?
A: No. Defense is giving us different looks and we play how they play us. It's nothing different up front; same play calls. (It) just depends how the defense plays and what they give us.

Q: Were you concerned after the game with what these tests might show?
A: No. I wasn't really concerned. I knew what I was feeling at the moment. I just got dinged up a little bit, but fully aware of what was going on, of where I was and everything like that. I'm back out here.

Q: Has that happened before?A: Yeah. It's happened to me before. I went through the right protocol to make sure everything was okay and right back to work.

Q: What did you do?A: I was trying to avoid the collision once I saw him… I saw the ball was falling and I just tried to avoid him. I didn't want to get any penalties because I was coming. I was coming to do damage and once I saw that he wasn't catching the ball, I was trying to do my best to avoid him. My foot hit Webby as I was going down, so it kind of messed up my fall a little bit and had me all out of whack. But I'm all right.


Q: How did you feel out there today?
A: I did a little bit last week, which felt pretty good, and this week was just getting my feet back under me.

Q: Do you feel confident that you might be able to go this week?
A: I'm going this week. I do feel confident in my knee. It's been a long, long process. I feel like it's good enough for me to get back out there and make some plays.

Q: Are you sure the team feels the same way about you going this week?A: Yeah, I think so. I think they're going to kind of put it in my hands. I'm not going to go out there and do anything stupid. If I'm not ready, I'm not going to go. For the most part, it feels good and I'll be ready for Sunday.


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