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Quotes (11/10): Giants postgame reactions

Head Coach Pat Shurmur

!Opening Statement: Injury wise, I think Jackrabbit (Janoris Jenkins) had a concussion there, Solder had a concussion early in the game. Disappointed we lost. We all understand the importance of every game, especially this game. It was a hard-fought game. We found a way to be down 14 points, and then we found a way to be up. Then we found a way to be down and we lost it. That's the reality of it. I'm sure you have things you're interested in, so I'll answer your questions.

Q: What's the state of this team? Six straight losses going into the bye week. How would you describe it? A: The state? We are disappointed we haven't been able to win a game for six, right? That's the way it works. We're disappointed that we didn't win this game. That's where it's at. The state of the team, that's where we're at.

Q: Do you expect to make any staff changes or anything over the bye week…self-scouting? A: Staff changes, no.

Q: Do you evaluate this game differently after losing to a team who has a worse record? A: No, every game we look at independently. Again, it was a hard-fought game for all of the reasons I had mentioned in the outset. We ended up losing it. Credit them, they made enough plays to win and we certainly didn't.

Q: It seemed like down the stretch there when you were trying to put some drives together—Daniel (Jones), it seemed like there was nothing there for him? A: No, I think we were challenged a little bit. We had three backup linemen in there at that point. It's pretty obvious we were struggling to run the football, so then most of it goes on his shoulders. We just couldn't get that done.

Q: On the third and long on the second to last possession, why not give (left tackle Eric) Smith some help? A: We were giving him help throughout the game. Two times before that we did, and they ran twist stunts. To me, that's a footnote.

Q: Why do you think you had so much trouble getting the run game going? A: Well, they did a good job and we obviously didn't do a good enough job blocking them. That's how that works.

Q: Do you have any concern about your job after this? A: My concern is putting a team on the field that's going to win a football game—that's my concern. It's always a one-week concern getting ready to play the next opponent and put a winning performance on the field. That's my concern.

Q: You're obviously going to have discussions here with ownership over the next couple of weeks during the bye week. What do you say to them to show them that, I think you said last week, that you're on the right path? What do you say to them in that regard? A: Well, obviously, anything that I speak about behind the scenes would be behind the scenes stuff. I wouldn't share any of that with you, especially at this point.

Q: What would you say to the fans then? A: I think they should be as disappointed with the fact that we lost as I am. That's what I would say.

Q: What would you say to them as to why you're on the right path, what do you see? A: Because I think I'm seeing the things that will help us in the long run. Certainly, we haven't done enough in the short run. We're all going to get to see now, all of these young players, and we added a few more out there today, we're going to get to see them develop as we go forward.

Q: You said, 'things.' What things are you referring to? A: That's not for here.

Q: The sack fumble, do you think the ball should have been out by the time Jamal Adams gets there? A: Well, we need to do a better job protecting. We did have guys open. That was a team thing.

Q: Is Daniel one of those things you see headed in the right direction? In the game there was some production, but he had mistakes. What do you see? A: Yeah— I do, I do. He plays every game heroically, finds a way to get production. Like every young player, he has mistakes.

Q: Does Saquon (Barkley) look right to you? A: He got banged up a little bit today, so I don't know. I'm sure that contributes. We'll look at it as we go, he got banged around pretty good.

Q: It's very unusual for a guy of his caliber to have one rushing yard. A: Yeah, it's very unusual of anybody's caliber in any game.

Q: It seems like Daniel is struggling to pick up safety blitzes, is that a concern to you? A: I don't see it being that way. I see there were a couple times when he had to throw it hot and he did. That also falls on some of the guys who are blocking for him to do a better job.

Q: You mentioned that it's really important to win every game, but especially this game. Why? A: Because I understand the importance of living in this region, I get it. For our fans, I get that.

Q: In a bye week, you typically assess everything. How many more changes or dramatic changes can you make? A: Again, that's what we'll talk about moving forward. Again, that's not for now.

Q: Is there an idea on the fourth and 19, after you already burned all of your timeouts on the Jets drive, that you were kind of committed to that drive and you maybe had to go for it on fourth and 19? A: Yeah, well certainly we felt like we could get the ball back again. Certainly, we were way behind in the game in terms of the clock management part of it because we would only get the ball with 30 or something seconds. When you punt the ball, they could always fumble it, then they are going to run a few plays where we've seen something happen there. We felt like because we were so far backed up and it was such a long fourth down that was the right thing to do.

Q: Along those lines, any thought to saving at least one of your timeouts for when you got the ball back on offense? A: Yeah, once you start burning them there, we felt like it was the right thing to do. I guess in hindsight I would've liked to have all three.

Q: Why didn't the quarterback sneak on the fourth and inches work? A: We didn't get enough surge and the ball got spotted behind the chains. That's why. I felt good about going for it there, and it worked out in our favor. We got a stop, they missed a field goal—so you play on.

QB Daniel Jones

!Q: Take us through that sequence where you guys got behind and then you got going again, scored a couple touchdowns, took the lead, the different waves that the game seemed to go through. A: Obviously, it was a slow start for us, which I thought hurt us. We kind of dug ourselves a hole a little bit there in the beginning, but we fought back there in the first half. Then second half, like you said, we scored a couple touchdowns to take the lead. Then they came back. You realize you need to be able to sustain that energy or the momentum or what you're doing consistently enough to handle their punches, handle their drives or their scores, and we didn't do that.

Q: What happened on the play when Jamal (Adams) basically took the ball out of your hands? A: Just trying to get the ball out and didn't do a good job holding onto it with him there.

Q: Did they do anything defensively, any trick plays, any defensive coverages that caught you by surprise? A: Not really. I thought we were well prepared for what they did. Credit to them, they played well. But yeah, I thought we were well prepared for what they do.

Q: How much did not having a running game affect the offense? A: I think all phases of the game complement each other. We have to do a better job in the pass game finding completions and moving the ball, and that helps everyone. As an offense, we have to be able to attack a lot of different ways. Each of the phases will take pressure off of others. That goes for the pass game. If we can move it consistently, I think some of the runs will open up also.

Q: What is going to be your approach during the bye week? Are you going to get away from football, self-scout, what are your plans? A: Certainly, take a little bit of time to rest. But we have six games left and an opportunity to finish strong, so I'll certainly stay focused on that and try to prepare for the Bears.

Q: Do you have any concerns about this team staying together and not finger pointing or anything like that? A: No, I don't. The guys in the locker room are behind each other. We know the coaches support us. I don't see that happening at all. I think we'll stay together as a team and try to work to improve.

Q: Do you have any message to the fans who have been frustrated with all of the losses? A: They should be disappointed. Fans should be disappointed. We are, too, but we're going to do what we can, we're going to work as hard as we can to improve what's gone wrong and get back into the win column. Obviously, we have a lot of work to do.

Q: What do you think happened on the first two-point conversion attempt, the one that got called back? A: Just Golden (Tate) trying to get open. He got called there. I thought he ran a good route. Games have to be called… A contact play like that is going to be called one way or the other. Obviously, disappointing, but I thought he ran a good route.

RB Saquon Barkley

!Q: Is this one of your most frustrating days in the NFL? A: Yes, a frustrating game that we lost.

Q: It looked like nothing was there? A: We just have to get better.

Q: How are you feeling physically at this point? A: We just have to get better. The Jets played a heck of a game. We get to go on a bye week, get to reflect on myself and move on.

Q: Pat Shurmur said you were banged up and we saw you go to the x-ray room, are you hurt? A: Next question.

Q: The natural reaction is after the last three games you have to be hurt, what do you say to that? A: We have to be better, we are going into the bye week. We get to watch film and reflect on ourselves. We have six games left to try to finish the season off strong.

Q: Have you ever had a game or a stretch like this, where it just hasn't been as productive as you would like? A: Yeah, I think I probably had it in college. At the end of the day, we just have to watch film get ready for the bye week and our next opponent.

Q: Do you have sense for what was the biggest problem in the running game? A: The Jets played a hell of a game, they have a hell of a defense. Going into the game they were only averaging 3.1 yards per carry, they did an amazing job. I made sure I went to Coach (Gregg) Williams, shook his hand and said good job.

Q: What do you think about the possibility there could be changes in the bye week? A: Only the thing I can focus on is coming in and being the player for my team. Just focused on this bye week, it's a week where it gives everyone a chance to get healthier, not only myself but the whole team. We get to reflect on our season so far and try to be a better team than we were in the first half.

Q: What happened on the strip sack? A: Jamal Adams beat me, it's as simple as that. He's a heck of a player, all pro. I didn't really want to switch jerseys with him at the end of the game, I jokingly told him that. (He's) one of my good friends, one of my boys. He's a hell of a player, much respect to him. I have to be better there.

Q: What's the emotion for you right now, is it frustration, anger, disappointment, what's the feeling? A: Yes, frustration, disappointment, anger, everything you said. No one wants to be 2-8, no one wants to have a losing record. Everyone's upset, everyone's frustrated.

DL Leonard Williams

!Q: Was the chance to go out and play those guys as interesting as you thought? A: There wasn't too much talking going on when we were on the field. It still felt like they were an opponent, that's what they were. Obviously, there were some familiar faces on the other side, but that didn't stop either one of us from going at it.

Q: They had obviously been struggling a lot offensively. How frustrating is it for you guys to give up 27 points to them, all things considered? A: It's frustrating. We needed this win before the bye week. It was going to be good for the team and good for the morale, good going into the bye and coming back from the bye, all those types of things. Obviously, a win is going to feel better than a loss and it was definitely a disappointment on the defensive side giving up that many points.

Q: How sick and tired are you of losing? A: I'm tired of it, man. Hopefully we can get this thing turned around. Hopefully I can be a helping cornerstone for this team and help be a leader and all those types of things to help us win out the rest of the season.

Q: What was it like being on the other side of the rivalry here today? A: It was fun. Like I said, obviously, there were some familiar faces on the other side of the ball, but that didn't stop either one of us from going at it. We still competed, we still treated each other like an opponent, which we were. After the game was cool, we all shook hands and said what's up and stuff like that, but during the play and between the whistle and stuff like that, we still treated each other like the game.

Q: What were the emotions like in this game? You fall behind early, take the lead in the middle, then fall behind at the end. A: Just like you described, that's one thing we want to avoid, is all the ups and downs and the inconsistency. It's like sometimes we get a fast three and out, sometimes the offense is looking great, and then sometimes not so great. As soon as we can be more consistent at being great, the better off we will be. Just keep working at that.

Q: These types of results consistently cost coaches jobs. How aware are you guys of that kind of reality? A: I'm not sure anybody is really talking about it, and I'm also new so I don't really feel any type of energy like that happening. But like you said, it's the NFL, it's a business. Clearly, I got traded, it's like people get fired, people get traded, people get hired, it just is the nature of this business. Like I said, we want to be able to win so that we can keep these pieces and keep some camaraderie and consistency.

Q: Do you see positives here? Do you see reasons to be upbeat if you're this team? A: Definitely. There's a lot of great talent on this team, and a lot of them are young, which is even more important because those young guys are just only going to get better. Like I said, the main thing about any team is you want to be consistent. Too many ups and downs. Too many times when we looked great and other times that we don't look so great. Clearly, it's not a perfect game played by perfect people and there's going to be ups and downs, but the more we can eliminate the downs, the better we will be.

Q: Your old Jets defense had six sacks, they held Saquon Barkley to one yard. Were you surprised by what they were able to do today? A: I wouldn't say surprised or anything like that, but they did their part, we didn't do ours. That's just the business of it. That's really all I have to say.

Q: Was it strange chasing Sam (Darnold)? A: No, it was fun. It felt nice being able to hit him. I hit him a lot of times, I wish some of them were sacks, but I was getting back there fast, I was hitting him, I was affecting the game. They were still our enemies between the whistle and that's how I treated it, as such.

Q: Did he say anything to you? A: Yeah, I hit him one time and he got rid of the ball and as I had him wrapped up he still had the ball in his hand an he got rid of it and I was like, 'Damn, Sam,' and he just started laughing and he was like 'F- you,' or something like that (laughter). It was funny. Other than that, there wasn't much talking going on during the game.

Q: Who got your jersey after the game? A: Steve McLendon. I gave it to him because we both laughed that we wear 99 now, and another reason is because he's been one of the oldest, great vets to me that I've been able to look up to and get advice from throughout my years, and I just cherish that friendship.

Q: He said he was going to pull rank on everybody in that locker room. A: For sure, we already talked about it before everything, before the game even came up.

Q: Is it harder to lose to the Jets? Is it harder now that you're wearing blue to lose to them? A: It's hard to lose to anybody in this league, especially before a bye week when this team needed a win, it's going to be hard to lose to anybody. Like you said, it might have been slightly harder losing to this team because it would have felt a lot better beating the team that I once played for.

Q: The Jets were having problems when you were there. Did you think things were going to be better when you came to the Giants, that you were going to a better team that wasn't going to lose to the Jets? A: Just because we lost to the Jets doesn't mean that we're not a better team. Because they won doesn't mean that they're a better team. It's just that both teams have their—almost every team in this league has their own problems. We have our own and we're going to have to work on cleaning that up. The Jets' problems aren't mine anymore.

S Jabrill Peppers

!Q: Defensively how would you assess how you guys played out there? A: We lost, so it doesn't matter.

Q: You gave up 27 (points) to an offense that had been struggling, do you consider that unacceptable? A: Yes, sir.

Q: We see you giving it your all every play, is everyone on this team doing that in your estimation? A: I would like to say so.

Q: What's the mindset of this team right now? A: We have a bye week coming up. We have to get in there watch the tape and get it corrected and come back strong.

Q: What are your thoughts on the possibility that there could be coaching changes? A: I just worry about what I can control. We all know this league is a business and winning is everything in this league. When you don't win, everything starts to look different. I'm worried about going out there each and every week and putting the best football I can on tape, do whatever I can to help my team win.

Q: Did you feel like there was enough urgency on the field today? A: I'd like to think so.

Q: This was the third straight week you went into the fourth quarter with a chance to win, you got outscored 10-0 in the fourth quarter. Why can't this team finish? A: We just aren't making enough plays. We have to score on defense, they did. They did last week; we have to match that to help our rookie quarterback out.

Q: Seemed like Sam (Darnold) made things happen when things broke down, is that what you saw? A: Absolutely, I definitely tip my hat to Sam. He did what he had to do.

Q: You have been on winning teams before, what are the qualities that winning teams have that you are missing? A: Execution on every play, that's really all it comes down to, who executes the best.

Q: Are you guys embarrassed by this loss? A: Definitely.

Q: Why is that? A: We've lost six straight. We felt like we had a good week of practice, it's disappointing. It doesn't feel good, definitely embarrassing. We have a bye week to get ourselves together, regroup and come out strong.

Q: You lost to a team that was 1-7 that just lost to the Dolphins, does that play into it? A: Anybody can get beat on any given Sunday. It's not about who the best team is, or who has the best talent on the roster. It's about who executes the best on Sunday and every game day. If you don't do a good job of executing on game days you're not going to win many ballgames.

Q: Is there a chance that after the bye week you have to guard against guys not giving max effort? A: At the end of the day you play for the name on your jersey and the name on the back of your jersey. We are all prideful guys, I'm not worried about guys checking out. We have a much needed bye week, rest some guys up, get some guys healthy and we are going to come out of this thing like we want to and that's ready to play some damn football.

Q: What would you tell fans who are fed up and don't see any progress? A: We are fed up too. At the end of the day, everybody can feel how they feel, we are going to go back to the drawing board, put together a good two weeks of work and come out of this bye week ready to go.

Q: Do you think the players only meeting you guys had a couple weeks ago didn't change anything? A: I wouldn't say that.

Q: What do you think it changed? A: I don't know what kind of question you are asking me.

Q: What is any different than before the meeting? A: We're still losing.

Q: There's talk that even though there has been six straight losses this team is headed in the right direction. Are there any signs that to see that would say that's the case? A: Every game I feel like has been decided by a couple plays. You never know when those plays are going to come up. We have to do a better job protecting the ball, getting more turnovers. I think that's where we're at right now, we just have to execute, make more plays, take the ball away.

Q: Do you still believe in the message from the coaches on the defensive side of the ball? A: I bought in. I don't care about how you guys feel, we are going to get this thing turned around. In my NFL careers I have been through some rough times, this isn't half as bad as some of the things I have been through. It's just New York and the franchise that is accustomed to winning and accustomed to playing that type of football. We are going to get back to that.

Q: What makes this feel different than what you went through there (Cleveland)? A: It just is, the whole atmosphere. It just is.

WR Darius Slayton

!Q: What's your feeling? There was so much optimism a month and a half ago, then suddenly you're going into the bye with a six-game losing streak. What's the mood of the team? A: I think obviously everybody is frustrated. Anytime you have a six-game losing streak, it's not the greatest thing ever but we just have to get back to work on Monday.

Q: What do you look forward to for the rest of the season after knowing the record right now? A: Just kind of looking forward to getting back to work and winning some games. I mean, I think at the end of the day, I don't think anybody around here is going to quit. I don't think anybody around here is going to quote unquote tank or anything like that. We just have to get back to work and find a way to win games.

Q: It seemed like half of the offense was working today, you guys were throwing the ball fairly well but Saquon (Barkley) had nowhere to go. Is that just they played run defense well or what? A: Yeah, I mean they are a pretty good run defense. They obviously had a pretty good game plan coming in to neutralize him. I think at the end of the day as a collective whole, receivers, linemen, we all know who he is. Everybody's just got to block because we know if we can get him a crease or anything like that we can really get him going. At the end of the day I think we just as a whole we have to give better effort to try to help him out.

Q: This is the third straight game you guys have gone into the fourth quarter with the chance to win the game. You were up 27-24 going into the fourth quarter, you get outscored 10-0 in the fourth. How discouraging is that knowing that you're on the cusp but can't quite close? A: It's definitely frustrating. Like you said, we went into the fourth quarter with the lead, we were feeling pretty good, playing fairly well, moving the ball pretty well—we've just got to find a way to close the game out.

Q: What's sort of the state or the mindset of this team right now? A: Obviously everybody is frustrated. Nobody likes to lose, but I definitely think guys are going to keep working hard. We're going to keep fighting and try to find a way to win games in the future.


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