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Quotes (11/14): Coughlin, Jennings, Pierre-Paul

Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Rashad Jennings looked good enough in practice to get good reps on Sunday?
A: Yes, he did.

Q: He will start?
A: Well, the two of them will play.

Q: No Cullen Jenkins, does that mean Jay Bromley will get an opportunity again?
A: Most likely.


Q: Is Jennings back to doing what he was doing before the injury, do you think? **
A: He hasn't played in a while. How can you say? He's practiced well and certainly knows his assignments, knows exactly what's expected of him and he's a guy that knows his own body and works so hard at it. I think that he feels good about it.

Q: Do you have to track the number of snaps he has? I know last year Andre Brown came back and ended up carrying 30-something times or whatever it was.
A: And we won the game. It might be 50, if we could win. At this point, we need a win.

Q: Perry Fewell talked about trying to communicate differently with players. You sort of mentioned that also in regards to the zone read. How do you think the players responded to that? What was your approach to that?
A: There were some different methods used of presentation and we did some things in advance. For example, what was to be done on Thursday, we did post-practice on Wednesday. That type of stuff. Just hammered away on what all the responsibilities are. This is a very good running team, they have every form of run known to man. You can't rob Peter to pay Paul, you've got to make sure everything is ready, and I think that's where the focus, in segments, was on the read option and then the majority of the rest of the runs we saw were the base runs, then they would come back to the zone. For example, the last period here today has been three zone reads in a row.

Q: How much is ball control a key Sunday?
A: They're good at it because of the run. It will be great for us and it always has been. If we can keep the ball away from the other guy's offense, we're all in favor of that. You've got to run it a little bit to do that and that's the issue. We've got to run the ball better than we have for the last couple of times. And we're going against the number two defense in the league.

Q: Beyond the statistics, what do you need from Jason Pierre-Paul going forward here?
A: You need big plays out of your big-play guys, no matter what it is. Maybe he slaps the ball out and creates a fumble, maybe he tips the ball in the air and we get an interception. Maybe he chases the ball down from behind, maybe he recognizes the zone read and the dive doesn't have the ball and he's able to shuffle off and get us an extra guy on the quarterback. Play as hard as you can. Know what you're doing, know your assignments, give great effort, don't look at the scoreboard, play four quarters, make something happen for us in a positive way. That's what everyone has to do. Everyone has to play that way.

Q: With him, you've known him a while, is he the kind of guy you just have to constantly find ways to remind him of that to keep him at that high level?
A: He's been, since coming back this fall and being healthy, I think he's been really focused and energetic and worked hard in practice. He obviously doesn't have a lot of numbers to show for it, but that hasn't been the case. He has worked.

Q: How much can you look at what the Rams did to them two weeks ago in terms of getting after Kaepernick?
A: Well, you look at them all. You can look at that and you see eight sacks and 16 hits on the quarterback. Such an incredible finish to the game, so you take them all into consideration.

Q: Is the number one priority against this team, you've mentioned it several times already, that their run is such a big part of their game. Does it all start there with you guys?
A: To me, that's what the National Football League is. I know where we are and I've got it and we'll get it. The ball is in the air a tremendous amount of the time. If you don't stop the run, the signal that you're sending about the physical nature of your play is not good enough. That's where it starts with me.

RB Rashad Jennings

Q: Can you go 25 plays, 30 plays, 50 plays?
A: You asking me, I am always going to say that, I feel like I am always good, I felt like that 2-3 weeks ago.

Q: You did?
A: That's me.

Q: How excited are you, though?
A: It definitely feels good, just to be out on the practice field with the guys. Being able to have more emotional investment into the game. It is not fun when you are watching from the couch yelling at the television and your little dog is looking at you all crazy. This is my livelihood, this is what I do right now as my profession. I am glad to be back.

Q: Are you open to handling a workload of 30-40 carries if that is what it came down to?
A: Obviously, we are answering that today. Game time is different, but if I am out there, I am going. I've got no hesitation, no reservation, I feel like I am back to myself. Obviously, I can go as many as we need.


Q: What have you seen that has been missing from this team and why they haven't been able to put it together? **
A: I wouldn't say anything is missing, everything is present. It is just we have to remove the self-inflicted wounds, that is really what is hurting us. One penalty here, one penalty there, jumping off sides, missed assignment here, missed hole, dropped ball, whatever it may be. Those compile into the reasons why we are losing. We've got more than a little bit of talent in this locker room when you look around. We just execute on all cylinders, offense, defense, and being linked by special teams. Nobody needs to press, play beyond themselves. Execute the X's and O's and I think we will be okay.

Q: All losing is frustrating, but is that the most frustrating kind of losing when you know you have the talent and you can't get it done?
A: I wouldn't put one above the other because a loss is a loss. It has its own element of frustration when you know you are capable.

Q: You haven't played in a month. Do you think that the first quarter is going to be more of feeling out period, taking hits again?
A: No, we don't have time for that, we've got to go. It is football, that is not going to change; I know what the contact feels like. Like I said, if you go check all the interviews when I am on the field playing, I am on the field playing. Percentages, like I said, it's strange. I don't understand how to give a percentage. How do you give a percentage? Help me. How do you feel? If we follow my mental, I am always 100%. I haven't met anybody that played this game that can say they have been 100%

Q: After the season starts?
A: Beginning or after the season. Percentages, proportion, how you distribute it, what you measure it against, is all weird to me. Regardless if I was injured or not, I would be saying that. When I am out on the field playing, I am playing.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Q: How much of a challenge is it to face [Colin] Kaepernick and [Frank] Gore and the [49ers] offense?
A: It is going to be a big challenge. They run the same type of offense [as Seattle]. It will be a big challenge for us and we want to see if we can stop the run.

Q: Coach Coughlin was just talking about big players needing to make big plays…Is that what is missing right now from this defense?
A: Just like coach said, we need playmakers. Hopefully we can go out there and do our jobs and take care of our responsibility and make big plays. If you make big plays, those win games.

Q: Is that a mindset?
A: Anytime you are playing in a football game, you want to make big plays. That is what people watch for and that is what the game is all about. Big plays win the games. We are going to go out there and make plays and do our jobs.

Q: Do you want to be a Giant for long-term?
A: I am talking about football right now.

Q: Do you want a long-term deal with the Giants?
A: I am not worried about that right now. I am worried about football. That will take care of itself.

Q: What needs to be done right now to fix the defense?
A: We have to go out and play ball. We have seven games left. I'm pretty sure if we take care of our responsibilities and we do what we have to do, we will be okay. I am behind that 100 percent. I know my teammates are behind that 100 percent. As long as we do what we have to do, we can go out and win these games. We put ourselves in this predicament. We have to take ourselves out. It has never been easy. It is what it is. We have to take ourselves out of the situation that we put ourselves in and I am pretty sure we can do it.

Q: When you hear Coach [Perry] Fewell say you are going to win the game, do you like that?
A: I am behind him 100 percent. He's the coordinator, but we just hurt ourselves. He put us in the best position to win, but we were making big mistakes. You go back and watch the film and it makes you sick because some games we should have won. They were close battles. Last week was terrible, but we did a good job of preparation this week and I am behind him 100 percent. We can win this game if everybody plays and does their jobs.

Q: Coach was saying that you guys spent more time on the read-option at practice… What did you see differently about the execution at practice that makes you feel confident about it?
A: Wait until Sunday, you'll see.

Q: Guys reacted well in practice?
A: Yep. They can bring the read-option, we will take care of it.

Q: You think you have it all figured out?
A: Yeah, we have it all figured out.

Q: What is your opinion on what the talent level is on this team?
A: We have lots of talent. There is talent everywhere on this team. We have fast guys, too. There is a lot of talent, even with our guys going down, we still have more talent. That is the crazy thing about it. We just have to put it all together and work together. That is what we are going to do Sunday.

Q: What has been the problem with stopping the run?
A: I don't know, but we will stop the run.

Q: First play we saw out at practice, you chased a guy from behind and knocked the ball loose… Is that the kind of statement you are talking about in terms of making plays?
A: That is just me doing what I do best, chasing down running backs or playing the run. That is just football for me. It is not me trying to do extra. Just playing ball.

Q: Is that frustrating when those plays don't show up on Sunday when you know you are working as hard as you are?
A: As long as you are doing your job, you're good. That's how I see it. As long as you do your job, win or lose, you do your job and you are okay. As far as the losing, you don't want to lose a game. That is with every team. Once you keep losing, it is frustrating, but we will be alright.

Q: You have always said that is your job to make plays…
A: Yes, my job is to make plays. Running to the ball is something I do.

Q: Are you able to put your contract situation in the back of your mind and just focus on football?
A: I am not worried about my contract. Honestly and to tell you the truth, I am not worried about my contract. It will take care of itself. To answer your question about being here long-term, it is what it is. If I am here, I am here. If I am not, I am not.

Q: Do you ever think about that?
A: Nope, I don't think about it. I go home and sleep good every night, except for the losing.

Q: How much do the Giants and this franchise mean to you… You are a first-round pick for them or is it just a business?
A: We have to wait and see. I am not trying to get into my contract situation. We will wait and see. I have been here for five years now and there have been ups and downs, but I love it here. We have to wait and see and we'll see what happens at the end of the season.

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