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Quotes (11/15): Coughlin, Nicks, JPP


Coach Tom Coughlin**

Q: What's the status of JPP?
A: Great. He worked. It appeared like he did okay. We'll have to wait and see, but he was out there. He was pretty much in all the drills at some point for a few plays.

Q: Are you waiting to hear from him?
A: No. Well, the doctors and the trainers and everybody else will have to pass on that.

Q: Terrell Thomas said he's been watching more film to make up for the knee. Have you seen his preparation influence some of the other corners in the room?
A: Well, I think there's good stuff going on right now. In the morning, Antrel and Beason and the defense get together. Eli always has got either the receivers or the running backs. The offensive line always meets extra. They're in there all the time. Special teamers get together after this practice. So I see the hard work.

Q: What kind of season is Justin Pugh having?
A: He's getting better every game. He's getting better every game. The experience factor starts to set in. There's things he hasn't seen and he comes off the field on game day and if he makes an error, he wants to get that corrected right away and he'll talk about it. This experience for him has been outstanding and he does get better.

Q: With the running game as effective as it was last week, should that open up opportunities for the deep ball?
A: We do hope so. Balance is the key.

Q: Do you have to pay special attention on Clay Matthews even though he's coming off an injury?
A: Always. It doesn't matter whether it was his first day or he's coming back from something. He plays hard now. He's got an outstanding motor. He plays hard. He goes whistle to whistle. He's a good football player. It doesn't matter if he comes on the field. He's energetic and high motor.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Q: How did it feel out there today?
A: It felt pretty good. This is my first time practicing all week since the injury but I'm pretty good for right now. I still have two days left to make up my mind if I want to play or not.

Q: Is that something where you have to see how it is tomorrow?
A: Yeah, how it is tomorrow and how I wake up Saturday and Sunday morning.

Q: What do you have to prove to yourself by the time Sunday comes around?
A: I don't know. I really don't know. It's how I'm feeling basically.

WR Hakeem Nicks

Q: When you look at Green Bay's defense, what sticks out about their secondary?
A: You see guys taking advantage of what's open. It's just going to come down to basics, Xs and Os, out-executing our opponents and making plays throughout the whole game.

Q: You had a pretty good game against Green Bay last season, do you see a very similar defense and is it something you can take advantage of this season?
A: It's definitely a similar defense. They run the same stuff. I've been watching our games as we played them last year, the year before, I watched the playoff game as well. There's stuff out there to take advantage of but they're a very skilled bunch back there, a veteran bunch, so it's going to come down to us making plays in the passing game.

Q: Last week you caught all four passes thrown your way, does that give you a boost of confidence? It seemed like you were trying to get those extra yards after the catch.
A: I always try to do what I've got to do to put our team in a situation… whether it be a first down or touchdown or just a momentum-changing plan. Just being the guy out there that can step up in a time of need.

Q: How much do you think about not having scored a touchdown yet this season? Do you think about that at all?
A: No, I don't think about that. It's going to come. I don't even know how many touchdowns I've got on my resume already, touchdowns come. It's going to come, I'm not worried about it. I've got a good feeling I'm going to get in there Sunday. though. I'm going to do everything I've got to get in there. If I've got to break a tackle, whatever. I'm itching for it now, I feel like everybody's talking about it now, so I've got to go ahead and get in there.

Q: Earlier in the season the team was struggling to run. As effectively as the team ran last Sunday, do you hope that will create opportunities for the passing game? They sort of go hand-in-hand, I would think.
A: Yeah, definitely. We know our offense, everything goes hand-in-hand. The pass complements the run game, the run complements the pass game. That's the good thing about our offense, everything feeds off each other.

Q: A lot of people are asking about Eli being a little gun shy back there or think that there might be hits coming. Do you see that at all?
A: No. Eli is one of the smartest guys I've been around, especially when it comes to this game. As far as being gun shy, Eli's what, 10 years in the league, two-time Super Bowl MVP, there isn't anything shy about that, in my eyes anyway. I think we're just going to start taking advantage of some things, we've got to start coming down with some stuff to give him that confidence back and just start being a threat at all costs on the field.


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