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Quotes (11/25) McAdoo, Quinn, Sullivan


Head Coach Ben McAdoo

Q: Did Justin Pugh have a setback?

A: He had a slight setback, yes.

Q: Where is he going forward?

A: We'll wait until next week.

Q: Did he have to go back to a doctor?

A: Yeah, he got sore. He had a little setback and we'll wait to see where he is next week.

Q: Where do you stand on your offensive line? You're pretty thin there.

A: We're very confident in the players that we have up that will be able to go out and play good offensive football.

Q: What have you seen from Adam Gettis?

A: He practiced this week, he's fighting through some soreness, but we'll see how he does tomorrow.

Q: In terms of Gettis, he's slipped in the last two games. What have you seen from him in the games?

A: He's been around the offensive system. … We brought him here and he's been in and out and he's done a nice job for us. He can snap the ball, so he can play center, he can play both guards, play a little tight end if we need him to.

Q: Is he one of those guys who would have been listed as probable in year's past?

A: Sure, you can say that.

Q: How is Jason Pierre-Paul doing?

A: Jason, he would have been limited today if we would have practiced.

Q: Has he been able to do anything so far this week?

A: He worked in the feet meet today.

Q: How confident are you that he'll be able to give you what you need on Sunday?

A: There are a lot of guys, at this time of year, we have to wait until our Saturday practice and take a look at guys and see how they're doing.

Q: What have you seen from Barnidge out of Cleveland and the way they utilize the tight end position?

A: I think he's a good player. I've admired him for a while, going back to when I coached tight ends. Coming out of Louisville, he was a good player, a complete guy; he can block, he can do it off the ball in line, he can play in space, play number two or number three in the pass game, has good hands. Good player.

Q: What kind of challenge has it been for you as a coach going against an 0-11 team. Do you have to try and tell them...?

A: I don't have to try and tell them anything. You turn on the film and you watch the games, they've had a handful of games that have come down to the end. In this league, that's the way they go. We've been in a lot of close ball games. We have to prepare for 60 minutes, four plus quarters, whatever it takes to get the job done.

Q: Did you end up watching the games yesterday?

A: I caught bits and pieces.

Q: Did you play some tackle football with your son?

A: Got to play some tackle football.

Q: Feeling alright today?

A: I'm a little stiff, but I'll work through it. Tomorrow is launch day for everybody.

Q: If you guys win on Sunday, it'll be your eightg win. Does that mean more to you considering the last few seasons have been losing seasons?

A: It means more to me than seven. We've got one game this week and we need to go out and play winning football on Sunday.

Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Q: Did you chalk up the missed PATs last week mostly to the wind?

A: Wind and ball striking. You see it around the League, and I think that when that rule came out, we were all concerned about a day like that in the stadium. As it gets into November and December and it gets windy, that stadium holds wind better than the old stadium, so we have to do a better job of striking the ball, so that it doesn't move as much.

Q: Were you surprised how many were missed around the League in general? Is there an explanation for it?

A: Missed, blocked. Teams are rushing it harder than they have and it is a tougher kick, but some of those were blocked, they all weren't missed. But it is on the coaches and the teams to get that right. You have to have the points on the board because that thing sits there and stares at you.

Q: Do you like that rule?

A: It doesn't matter what I like or dislike. It is the rule, so we play by it and we go.

Q: Do you think it has had a good impact?

A: Yeah. It has made it a tougher play. It has made it, I guess you could say, a more exciting play, so if you get the opportunity to block it, it has changed the game because if a team blocks it and returns it for two it is a deciding factor, [like was seen during] New Orleans and Denver [game], so it is a legitimate play now. You have to be able to protect it, kick it and make it.

Q: Was it not a legitimate play before the rule change?

A: Well, I think it was so close as a coach. You would see some that weren't struck as well as they should have been and they were veering left or veering right and you are like, 'If that was 10 or 15 yards further away, that might not have made it.' But guys got away with it.

The other thing people have talked about, I think there is some merit to it, is the sudden change touchdown, whether it is a kickoff return, punt return, now all of a sudden the kicker is scrambling to get his shoe on and he wasn't in the net, so you have seen a couple of those. They used to be able to just go out there and mindlessly kick it, so they have to be focused. We have had that rule for two years, so we should be settled into it.

Q: Any concern with Robbie [Gould? It is a very mental position.

A: No, he is a veteran. He will bounce back. He struck the ball well today. I think it makes you look at it and make some adjustments, so I think he struck the ball well. We are always looking for a really good rotation, whether it is a snap, punt or kick. This practice field gives us more wind than we usually see in the stadium because there is more ground wind and it is wide open, so we should fare better.

Q: When a veteran has a bad day do you approach it differently?

A: Well, everyone is different in how you approach them. Some guys you jump them, some guys you put your arm around their neck. We looked at it, he looked at it before we even got to the meeting, and he knew what I was going to say and he agreed with it and we moved on.

Q: How do you think Dwayne [Harris] has played this year?

A: Up and down. I think he has pressed too much at times, tried to make too much happen. He made some poor decisions on fielding the ball which is something that we can't have. I think he just presses and wants to do so much. I think last year he played a lot of offense, so it wasn't as much of an issue, but there is a little too much pressing. I liked his coverage though. I thought he covered well last week.

Q: How do you address a guy when he is pressing?

A: Just talk to him. Tell him to just relax and let the game come to you. Make sure that we block better, but that is really the thing.

Q: The return at the end of the first half, was that what you were talking about with decision making?

A: No, it is one where he is not tracking the ball well or if it is a kickoff return, he is not catching the ball square coming out. That is the type of decision making, using the fair catch option when he has that ability, which he always has, so that he is not putting himself at risk for unnecessary shots.

Q: Do you think there are set rules on certain yard lines where you definitely don't want him to catch it?

A: Well, we talk about the eight-yard line, but I think someone asked the question a couple weeks ago, 'Do you catch it at the six?' You kind of let those guys use their best judgment because a lot of times if you let it hit at the seven, it is probably going to bounce, and then if they do a good job downing it at the two or the one, you could have had the ball at the seven and then you back your punt team up. So we line them at the eight and then they use – if they go back to the seven we are not going to yell and scream at them for fielding the ball.

Q: Same kind of a play on kickoffs, as far as the end zone?

A: Not necessarily. It really has to do with hang time and the clock. But we want to be able to catch those square so that the timing - kickoff return is a lot about space and timing, and if you are not catching it square coming out when you should, then you are taking some false steps and that affects the timing of everyone's blocks.

Q: Is that solely on him or does someone like Bobby [Rainey] need to help him out?

A: Bobby, a lot of times if there is an off returner back there, we want him to be the clear-thinking head on that.

Q: You have let up a couple big kickoff returns the last couple weeks. What do you attribute to that?

A: We just have to go faster. We have five or six rookies out there that have to step up. They are doing a good job, but I think sometimes they try to be too right. Sometimes you just have to trust what you see and just go and good things will happen. Offensive Coordinator Mike Sullivan

Q: On Adam Gettis.

A: A lot of the young guys have had to step up over the course of the past few weeks. We'll see where he's at. He's working hard, as much as he could this week.

Q: A lot of guys have had to rise up from the practice squad, particularly on the offensive line. How do you think they've responded to being contributors on an immediate basis?

A: I think, like you mentioned, it's a challenge. I think Coach Solari and Coach Wells do a great job getting those guys ready, getting as many reps as they can get; whether it's in our feet meets, or jog thru's and so forth. They'll be prepared and we do have great confidence.

Q: What have you seen from Gettis in the few snaps he's gotten in the games the last couple of weeks?

A: In the past couple of weeks, when he's had his opportunities, he has a finish mentality. He's a tough guy, he's a strong guy, and also very smart. He has good versatility, in terms of being able to snap the ball if necessary, or play on the inside. Confident that if he's given his opportunities, he'll make the most of them.

Q: It seemed like you guys had a nice run there with the continuity up front with the five guys, then all of a sudden the last couple of weeks there have been a lot of rotations. Has that affected what you guys are trying to do?

A: I think they've adjusted well. There are always insistences where you may have to adjust and take a look at it from a catching standpoint, particularly if there's a certain rusher who's presenting some problems, in terms of directing protection and so forth. In terms of any major adjustments or shifts, it has really caused those types of problems. As you mentioned, it would be great to have the same five and get that continuity, communication, awareness that comes into play when you have continuity, but the situation is what it is. It's the hand we're dealt and we'll make the most of it.

Q: In your mind, what has kept the offense from scoring at the level it did a year ago?

A: That's a great question. We've had opportunities throughout the season, whether it's been some of the turnovers that we've had, or early on we had some penalties that put us out of field position. Fortunately, the pass game the last few weeks, we've been able to be successful, to be able to get the ball in the end zone. It's hard to pinpoint one particular area as we've been able to get some more of the continuity, guys getting more comfortable with their roles and trying to find the matchups that we need.

Obviously, we want to get the ball to our playmakers, but then, whenever we can get the run game going, that should certainly help. We've had a little more success the past couple of weeks. It's really hard to put my finger on specifically one thing, other than just instances where we had a negative play or there's a turnover or just aren't quite on the same page. Hopefully, we can continue with some of the momentum we've had, particularly when we get down on that 30-yard line, 20-yard line, trying to get those touchdowns instead of field goals.

Q: In your experience, can an offense find it in the final six games of the season?

A: Certainly hope so. I think the most important football, the best football that any team needs to be playing is in late November, it's in December, so that they get a chance to play into January. We feel really good about the week that we had, in terms of preparation and the execution and the plan, and so forth. Hopefully we'll be headed in the right direction after Sunday.

Q: In your mind, where do you view the progression of the offense? Where are you now, and how much have you improved?

A: We still have yet to play that complete game or anything close to a complete game. Week nine was our first game of the year where we didn't have a turnover. It's hard to have the consistency to do the things you want to do on offense when we're turning the ball over, which we have, unfortunately, in those first eight, nine games of the year. It's also a matter of getting a consistency where we have the balance that we want, and we're able to go ahead and run the football, take some pressure off the line and then have passes occur on our terms, some of the play actions, which can do some more than explosive plays.

As we go back and look at every game, it just seems there's always a play here, and play there, where we're not quite as sharp from the details that we need to have execution wise, whether it's run or pass. I think there's great potential. I think we're far from playing our best football yet and so hopefully, based upon the week that we had, we can put it all together and can get things going in the right direction on Sunday.

Q: How do you think Will Tye has handled being the main guy at tight end?

A: Will has done a great job. He's a smart football player, he's competitive and one of the things that he's done a great job for us, is the production after the catch. It's not always flashy, but it seems like he'll catch that four or five-yard short route and next thing you know, it's a gain of 12 or 13. He does a good job separating. I think if he continues to work hard on the blocking aspect of things, and he's showing some improvement there, but I think he's responded well.

Q: Are you okay with seven touches in a game for Odell, or is your goal to try and give him more than that?

A: When it comes to Odell, obviously we all know he is a dynamic play maker. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the more we give him the ball, the higher our chances are of winning. He is seventh in the NFL right now, I mean, he's got 98 targets, so we're trying, and that's always a big part of our plan. I think the thing that is important to realize when it comes to that is really two things; number one, based upon where he's aligned, in formation, often times that can create some other opportunities in terms of the run game; shifting the front, getting some things that have created some openings that have helped us the past two weeks.

Secondly, opportunities for other guys. There is no more revealing clip or picture to have all of you guys take a look at, than the touchdown of Sterling Shepard. We put Odell in a specific spot and if you go back and look at that clip, the safety who was aligned to his side, it was a two high configuration, his eyes are right on Odell. Had he not done that, then it's one-on-one and he's got a touchdown in the end zone, and we can all see him enjoy the celebration.

But, because of his commitment to him and the corners commitment to him, that opens up the middle of the field and that created a touchdown for Sterling. There are certain by-products, if you will, based upon his alignment. While he may be not getting the ball, it certainly creates those opportunities. We definitely would like to get the ball in his hands as much as possible and want to be good coaches and know that what makes us good coaches is getting the ball and what helps us win.

Q: I remember asking in week one, two, three if you were seeing defenses change their coverages for Odell so that you can take advantage of it. You just mentioned that play. Is that something you knew going in that they would do, or you anticipated it after the fact?

A: You never know, but we had a pretty good hunch. Our specific thought process that landed him right there on that play was; A) they singled up, he's matched up, he's got leverage, he's got a lot of room, we're going to throw him the touchdown pass or B) they commit those two guys that could then open up the middle of the field, and based upon some adjustment that Eli can make, which he did, give us a chance to go ahead and score the touchdown. So to answer your question, it is something, especially once you get into week nine, ten, eleven, you get a sense of how teams are going to play premier receivers. We look at Pittsburgh tape, you look at Atlanta tape, how are they playing the Julio Jones', the Antonio Brown's, the Dez Bryant's, and see if it fits, if that have they have that in their arsenal. We can try to project as best we can how they will play us because that's obviously how they're going want to try and take away Odell. DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Q: Sometimes offensive players say that they get into a rhythm. Can you as a defensive player get into a rhythm?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Are you in one right now?

A: I am not in a rhythm. I am just playing ball. I will be, soon.

Q: What I am saying is it looks like the numbers are coming a little bit more.

A: I just think we are playing great ball, man. Everybody is playing together. Everyone is coming together and playing great ball. That is really it.

Q: Do you expect the knee to have an impact at all on Sunday?

A: Maybe just a little bit. But I am fine. I will be fine.

Q: Is that something that you have dealt with or been dealing with?

A: It is just an injury. It happened last Sunday, so I will be okay.

Q: Did you watch any of the games yesterday?

A: No. Who won?

Q: Cowboys beat the Redskins.

A: Oh, yeah? They did? So they are 10-1 now?

Q: Yeah.

A: Oh, okay. 10-1.

Q: I think that is the first time that the Cowboys have ever had a 10 game winning streak?

A: I am happy for them, man. (Laughs)

Q: Would you have preferred the Redskins won?

A: We don't care. We are going to take care of what we have to take care over here. I am not too much worried about the other teams. I didn't even know they played yesterday.

Q: Do you worry about overlooking Cleveland on Sunday?

A: No, because we are going to go out there and play our ball no matter what their record is because it could be the other way around. It is a game called football, you never know.

Q: Josh McCown has been in the league a long time. You won't be able to fool a veteran like that. Do you just have to try and get after him?

A: Of course. I am going to do what I have to do no matter what, who is in front of me or who is behind there, so I am just going to do what I have to do and the guys know that on the team. I am going to do my job on Sunday and I am ready for the run coming at me or the pass, getting after the quarterback.

Q: Are there times when you guys can tell as the game was going on that you were taking some of the steam out of the opposition?

A: Yeah, you can tell. You can feel it, but you have to make it happen. We can take their soul out of them at times. I feel like the person in front of me, I can tell when he has a little bit more energy in his tank or not and that is what pushes me to go harder, to go faster and to try to make plays. Basically who is in front of me, his condition, how well he conditions, if he is tired; because I don't come off the field. Unless I have a broken leg, I am not going to come off the field and that is why coach takes me out. Nine times out of 10 he is bringing me back.

Q: Do you guys get excited when you go against an offensive line that isn't the best?

A: No, this is the NFL, man. You have to be a pro no matter how bad your record is. Those guys are pros out there. We have been in the same boat. You still have to come to work and do your job, be the best at your job. This is a business, so I am pretty sure that they are going to give us their best shot which I hope. After that, just get after the quarterback.

Q: There haven't been many guys who have been in this position. You are one of the few who have. What do you guys tell those who haven't been in this position?

A: We are just trying to keep the ball rolling, man. We are trying to keep rolling here on the winning streak. The guys have to stay humble, forget what people are saying and just play ball. Do it for your family and when I say family, we talk about the Giants organization and the guys that are on the team and the fans too. So even though this is a road game for us, we bring the road warriors out and we have to for this game. I am pretty sure that each guy understands that and we have to do whatever it takes to win this game.

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