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Quotes (11/26): Beckham, Manning, McClain

WR Odell Beckham

Q: After your catch, have you gotten offers from people? Glove companies or anything like that?
A: No, I haven't gotten any crazy deals or anything like that from it. I guess if that comes, then it comes.

Q: How is your back?
A: It's good. Just took a nice knee right to the back, bruised it and it was just tight for the rest of the game. I was trying to loosen it up. Thankfully I got it loosened up.


Q: The replay shows you getting kicked in the head at the same time. You didn't have any head issues? **
A: No, but I did feel that. I definitely felt it in my back and my head. It was definitely my fault. I should have caught the ball and just got vertical, watching the film. I think that has a lot to do with experience. I'm still learning each and every day.

Q: People who have had back injuries, it can be different parts of the back. You said you had one before. Is this sort of the same area and same kind of pain?
A: No, I broke my back my sophomore year in high school. This is just a bruise to the bone. It's really nothing more than that. You get swelling around it and it tightens up all the other muscles.

Q: Did it affect you in practice?
A: Today? No. I was full-go today. It was sore after the game for sure and the next day and even yesterday, but it's feeling a lot better today.

Q: When you made that catch, I remember looking down on the field and seeing two flags going, 'Are they going to call offensive pass interference,' because you kind of yanked on his arm a little bit. Were you sure it was against him?
A: I definitely didn't think it was going to be pass interference on me. I just was worried if I were to have went out of bounds or not, because I know if I was the first one to be out of bounds, even forced out of bounds, you can't touch the ball first. I was really just hoping I didn't get that called.

Q: With everything that you felt by watching the replays, do you still feel the emotions of what happened in that moment and can you describe it because we really didn't get you to describe it after the game.
A: Words don't even really put that together, do it justice. It was one of those moments looking back on it and seeing the film and seeing the replay, I've got to thank the man above. Without him, I think he caught that ball for me.

Q: Have you been able to put it behind you, the catch? Obviously there's a lot of attention to it, a lot of pull on you now. Is that something you feel or is that something that's been hard to…?
A: It's definitely still there. There's no way of denying that. For the most part I'm just trying to get ready for this week. We do have another game coming up Sunday. You've got to put it behind you at some point.

Q: Did you know Vegas has already put odds on you making a one-handed catch this week?
A: I didn't even look into that and I wouldn't bet on it if I were you all either.

Q: Some people have said that it was a great catch but the gloves helped a lot. What do you think of that?
A: The gloves definitely do help. It's part of the game. It's football, you can wear gloves. I don't think it's against the rules but they definitely do help.

Q: Do you make that catch bare-handed do you think?
A: I have no idea. I'd have to be put in the situation again. Who knows?

Q: It's obviously an amazing moment that you'll carry with you for a while. Do you wonder what's next?
A: I feel like you just keep doing the little things right. Obviously a receiver is supposed to catch the ball with two hands, so any time the ball's coming your way, catch the ball and just keep continuing to get better each and ever day.

Q: Has your life changed at all? If you go out to lunch or something like that, is everyone like, 'Oh, there's Odell Beckham.' Anything like that?
A: Not really. I went to the mall just to do a signing and it was great to see the fans, kids waiting in line. It's a great moment to have, but like I said, you've got to put it behind you at some point.

Q: Did all the kids talk to you about the play?
A: Yeah. They were cute. They were smiling. They were just like, 'Wow, it was a great catch.' It just puts a smile on my face to have an impact on kids.

Q: Did David Tyree talk to you at all about the catch?
A: Yeah. He was like, 'You know, it may be better than mine.' And I'm telling him, 'No way, yours was in the Super Bowl. Period. Mine was just in a regular season game.' I still have to give hats off to him for that.

Q: Back when you were injured in training camp and there were questions, did you imagine that you'd have not only a moment like this but a season the way you're starting to have?
A: I definitely set high expectations for myself. I expect the most out of myself. I definitely expected to have a good season but I didn't know that it would be going the way that it is. It's a good feeling to be able to finally put the hamstring and all the other stuff that was around it behind you and just move forward.

QB Eli Manning

Q: Always good to jump back in with another game?
A: Yes, [we'll] get back and figure out how we can get a win. We did some good things, but we have to figure out how to play better and play a clean game and do whatever it takes to get the win.

Q: What kind of challenges does the Jacksonville defense present?
A: They are pretty talented defensively. Their front four, they get a lot of sacks. They are big up front. Their linebackers can really run. They have a good scheme. They get after some teams. They get after the quarterback. We have to be safe with the ball, protect the ball, and try to get into a good rhythm and down and distance and see if we can hit a couple big plays.

Q: The [Jaguars] are number one in the NFL in red-zone defense… What is that they are doing that makes it so difficult?
A: They kind of mix it up. Each game it seems like they have a different idea of what they are going to do. Not many teams run the ball very well against them down there. Teams are throwing it a bunch and they get a good rush. They have some good coverages and they change it up. They mix it up week to week and they are not real dependable in what they are going to do. They play fast. Not many teams are getting easy scores down there.

Q: The other thing that is noticeable looking at their defensive stats is the sack total… They have 33 and [Chris] Clemons is a pretty ferocious guy…
A: Definitely. He has been a good player for a long time. I have gone against him a few times and last week he was very good. I think he had three sacks in the first half. They do a good job getting pressure on the quarterback. Even if they are not getting sacks, there are other plays where they are getting into the lap of the quarterback and disrupting things. They are talented. They are talented up front and they have some big guys and do a good job getting to the quarterback.


Q: What is it going to take to get back into the win column? **
A: Just play a clean game. We can't have turnovers. We can't have the mistakes and we have to be able to finish. We have to finish strong in the fourth quarter and make the plays that we need down the stretch and get us a win.

Q: Mathematically, you guys are still in it… How important is it for you guys to finish strong to finish out the year?
A: Yeah, I think that is the point. Finish strong. We have to get this first win. It has been a while. We have been doing some good things and have been close in the last two. We played it right down to the wire. We had great opportunities, but we have to find a way to get over that hump and get a win.

Q: You have been involved in two of the greatest catches… When you think about those two catches, what comes to mind for you?
A: David [Tyree's] was in the situation of a Super Bowl and it was very impressive with a guy all over him. Odell [Beckham Jr.'s] was very impressive also. Both of them were tremendous plays and were pretty spectacular athletic plays and determination.

Q: How much does pride play in this as you finish the season out?
A: I think it is just the fact that we have a job. Let's play football and try to compete and go get wins. I feel like we have been competing and have been doing some good things, we just need to put it all together and find a way to get a win.

Q: Does this mean you can really find out what this team is made of?
A: Yeah, I think we've got some young guys in this locker room and some of it is their first time having to deal with this situation. You want to see the character in how they are going to respond, how they are going to deal with this scenario. We have lost a bunch in a row and it is Thanksgiving. There are some distractions, but this is the time where you have to grind and put it all together and make sure you are mentally ready to go play this game.

LB Jameel McClain

Q: Coach Coughlin talked about the importance of finishing. Is that what is missing from this team this year?
A: Definitely, I think that is obvious. We haven't completed a game and finishing is the most important part in football. The cliché statement is 'it's not how you start, it is how you finish.' It is really the most important part we have been missing out on.

Q: When you look at Jacksonville, Denard Robinson obviously is rushing well. What do you need to do in order to stop him…
A: Every time, man, stop the run, stop the run. Stop the bleeding and make their quarterback have to be great. That is what any NFL team, Dennard is playing some good football, doing some great things out of the backfield, running and catching. Definitely something we have to focus on and shutting that down and letting their rookie quarterback do what he does.

Q: Can you put your finger on what has been happening with the run, why you guys have been vulnerable there?
A: I could put a finger on it, but it is a family matter. I don't speak about family matters in public. We just have to fix the things we have to fix, we all have to do our jobs and focus on that. Like you said, not just finishing this season, finishing a game, we have to finish, and we have to focus on the fundamentals of the game…you've heard me say it a million times. It is really also true.

Q: Is there a certain point in the game where you say, "Ok, we can't let up now?"
A: It is from the start, it is from Monday, Wednesday that you can't give anything up. You've got to get after this game the way it is supposed to be treated. I don't think it is a point in the game where we are, "now, we really have to do something." We should have been doing something the whole time. We get that mentality, we get that attitude, and then it is lights out from there.

Q: Basically, if you start the right way you will be able to finish.
A: That is the complete opposite of the statement I said earlier. RE: If you start the right way, you will be able to finish.
A: True in a way, true in a way. Or you can start the week wrong and finish strong. It is a double….

Q: Is this really when you can find out about a team, players, character comes to a full front?
A: Absolutely, this is where I am judging you the most and you should judge me the most when you are fighting just for pride and just for respect and see how much pride and respect you have in yourself, you have in this organization, and you have in this city. We are going to go out there, give your all and give 100%, and whoever doesn't, I am going to be looking at them.

Q: In general, you will be looking around and seeing what is happening?
A: I will be looking around at everything, I will be looking at the players, I will be looking at the fans, I will be looking at myself extra hard to make sure I am doing everything to let everyone know I have no quit in me.

Q: Are you the type to pull someone to the side if you are think they are not doing what they are supposed to be doing, or approach them in some way.
A: I am the type of person to talk to people one on one; I am that type of person. How I handle it? I don't know, because I haven't had to come across many of those situations. I do speak to people one on one and we just talk as men.

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