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Quotes (11/28): Coughlin, Pierre-Paul, Richburg

Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: I guess Geoff Schwartz is looking a little better?
A: Yeah, felt good today.

Q: Was yesterday to just sort of give him rest or was it to the point where he couldn't…?
A: He was sore, so he rested. It was a good move. He felt a lot better today.

Q: Where's Jacquian Williams? We saw him back the other day and now he's not back there again.
A: He's not ready.


Q: Was there…? **
A: He's not ready. What can I tell you? As long as the symptoms exist, there are some symptoms… he's not going to be cleared. So… he's not ready.

Q: With Adam Snyder out, does that put Weston Richburg back in at left guard?
A: Yes.

Q: How has he responded to the past week when he was demoted?
A: Well. Well. Didn't like it. That's a good thing.

Q: Why do you say 'well?'
A: That shows me he wants to do it. He's competitive as heck and he didn't like it. Maybe we struck a chord there.

Q: How is Justin Pugh doing? What does he need to prove to you?
A: He was okay today, moved around better, so we'll see. Hopefully he comes in stronger tomorrow.

Q: Any feelings of nostalgia returning to Jacksonville?
A: Not nostalgia, we're hungry to win. That's all.

OL Weston Richburg

Q: Coach just told us he was pleased with your response to not being in the starting lineup last week and now getting back in there… How do you feel you reacted and why did you react the way you did?
A: I kind of figured out that I can only control what I can control and that is how I play. I was a little disappointed last week, but this week I wanted to come out and get better at what I could control and that is playing football. I just tried to come out and really work on my technique. Just tried to get myself better so when the time comes I am ready to go back in and play.

Q: Over your career, have you usually been a self-motivator or did you find people prodded you and sparked you a little bit?
A: I think motivation can come from all kinds of places. Sometimes you have to motivate yourself if there aren't any outside sources. With situations like last week, I was able to take motivation from that and use it as fuel.

Q: What was your mind frame during the game?
A: I didn't like it. It felt like preseason again. I just don't like standing there and not being able to help and play. I think that is why every player comes to the NFL, to play. They don't want to be on the sidelines. It was tough, but I was ready and they needed me there at the end, so I was able to get a couple plays in.


Q: Not that you would agree with the decision, but did any part of you look back and say, 'I could be doing this better…?' **
A: If you're happy with how you are playing, then you are hurting yourself, so I am always trying to get better. I said this week I wanted to come in and work on things that I saw I needed to fix. That is something I am going to try to do throughout my career, is always get better and find something I need to work on.

Q: Is there anything specific you looked at and said, 'This is the one thing I need to work?'
A: I wanted to focus this week on all the technical parts of it. I can hit and run and all that stuff, but it was footwork. Tightening things up and getting it to where it is a little better fitting into different plays. Tighten up footwork and making sure I am on my landmarks. Those were a couple of things I decided to do this week to try and get better.

Q: Can you tell that it made a difference?
A: Yeah, I think I definitely got better at some things this week. That is what the next week is for, to get better at something that I found.

Q: As disappointing as it was to find out [you weren't starting], was it something that you saw as beneficial?
A: It is the NFL. I guess that is what happens. They have to make some changes in the depth chart to handle certain situations. That was ultimately their decision. I don't have any say in it, so I have to be ready to be able to do what they want me to do.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Q: How are you?
A: I'm good, I'm great, how are you doing? RE: Happy Thanksgiving.
A: Yeah, that was yesterday, Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

Q: What do you see in Blake Bortles? He is a rookie quarterback who has completed a pretty good percentage of his passes, but he has also thrown a lot of interceptions.
A: You can't underestimate a team…mistakes or whatever. We've got to go out and play this game like we normally do.

Q: They throw a lot to Denard Robinson. What do you have to keep in mind when he is trying to leak out there?
A: Denard Robinson used to be my quarterback in high school. RE: For real?
A: Yeah, I went to school with him, he never had his shoes tied. I don't see how you can play like that, man.

Q: He's running pretty good now.
A: Yeah, he is doing a great job. We lived in the same neighborhood, grew up together.

Q: Wouldn't mind getting a hit on him, though?
A: Yeah, I am going to hit him. Hopefully I get him, hopefully he doesn't outrun me, but it is going to be a good game.

Q: What are your impressions of his athleticism and the way they are using him? He was a quarterback at Michigan, now he is a running back.
A: Yeah, we have to make sure we are doing our job right because he can throw the ball. You don't want him to do a bootleg or whatever and he throws the ball and it is an open receiver. He is a running back, but also he played quarterback at Michigan so he can throw the ball, so we have to look out for that.

Q: When you think about that, where you are now, and where he is now, anything you could have envisioned back then?
A: We are in two different positions. I am a defensive end, he's a running back. He is a great athlete. Coming from where we come from, that is a big thing, he is doing a great job. Hopefully he continues to do a great job and be a great football player. Like I said, this week is going to be a challenging week. They are not doing so good either, but we can't let our guards down and we've got to go and play some football.


Q: What would a win mean for you? **
A: We need a win. There is nothing more to say at this point. You've got to win, at least one game. That's starting this week. Play this game and win, it is nothing much to be said.

Q: How important is producing sacks to you? You know the situatuation, you're a free agent. Do some people look at sacks as a big number for the position you play.
A: It is really not all about that, but numbers don't lie. It is a lot more to it than just sacks.

Q: Does it mean anything to you these last 4-5 games?
A: I am still trying to get to the quarterback; I am still trying to get to the quarterback. I am playing the run very great, and be a great football player. I still have a lot of football left. That is basically it. Got five more games, we are not laying down. We are going to play it, play these games hard, and try to get a win this week.

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